25 Free Summer Online Classes for College Students in 2023

Summer online classes are sought for a variety of reasons. You can be a student who wants to improve his or her grade, a parent who wants your child to be more active during the summer, or a college student who wants to help the university.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, enrolling in online summer classes is the best way to get ahead.

As a college student, taking a summer class online can help you make the most of your summer, whether you live near the school or across the country.

However, with so many online summer programs to select from, it might be tough to find the appropriate one.

Here are the top 25 online summer classes available, and if you’re on a budget, don’t worry; these summer programs are completely free.

This list is in no particular order or ranking, although these 25 have some of the broadest options available.

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Can You Take College Online Classes Over the Summer?

The answer to this is yes!

Taking college summer classes online is a fantastic approach to achieving various educational objectives.

Summer classes are generally met with apprehension by students. After all, who wants to spend any of their valuable summer time enrolling in a school?

On the other hand, it’s occasionally unavoidable.

If a college student in your family is missing credit and you don’t want to make it up during the regular school year, summer school is the way to go.

But summer classes or school online, on the other hand, are much better.

Why? Because the learner will have a lot more flexibility in where and when they learn, such as from the comfort of their own home, rather than having to go to a physical school building during the day when they may be working a summer job.

All they need is an internet connection and a computer (desktop, laptop, or tablet).

Students enrolling in online summer classes can take the course or courses (up to two) they need without attending a physical class. This means fewer disruptions to many usual summer activities. However, they must still set aside the time necessary to finish the course successfully.

So, if you have a college student who would benefit from online summer classes, we encourage you to consider it immediately.

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What are the Types of Online Summer Classes?

There are two types of online classes: synchronous and asynchronous.

Synchronous classes virtually “meet” at a predetermined time. In addition to completing work outside of class time, students log into the course together to engage.

Asynchronous courses give students a flexible time window to finish their classwork and readings.

Both deliver content to students the same way an on-campus course would; they have the same learning goals and grant the same academic credit.

What are College Online Summer Classes Like?

Summer is rapidly approaching. While everyone looks forward to the warm weather, many students are gearing up for online college classes.

Students who have never attended an online school before may be curious about online college summer classes.

We’ve got the rundown for you.

To begin, let us define what online summer classes is not.

Most college students do not lose their summer because they participate in online summer programs.

On the other hand, students can choose their schedules, move at their own pace, and enrol in summer courses from anywhere with an online connection.

They can take advantage of all that summer offers while continuing to study full-time.

Meanwhile, college summer classes aren’t simply for those who need to make up credits. While online credit recovery courses are a terrific way to spend the summer, they aren’t the only thing available through an online school.

College students can receive a head start on difficult academic courses through online summer school, ensuring they are well-prepared for college.

While we deliberate on what online summer classes are like for college students, students who attend an online school should expect significantly more independence than those who follow a traditional school.

At the same time, students will have a lot of control over how much time they spend on courses, how quickly they complete their work, and how they organize their

Students might expect to prioritize organization during their online education.

It’s important to stay organized in more than just online college courses if you want to succeed.

Because students do not interact face-to-face with teachers or classmates, keeping track of their courses, homework, and teacher/peer communication is up to them.

How Do College Online Summer Classes Work?

It’s often common for students who have never attended an online school before may be curious about how online summer school works.

We’ve got the full breakdown for you.

In contrast to regular learning throughout the school year, college online summer school frequently necessitates a separate application and admission process.

Because online education allows students to work from virtually any location at almost any time, the separate program will allow online school corporations to track, record properly, and grade students so that each student obtains the credit(s) they have earned.

Before moving forward with an application, online college summer class providers will almost certainly require prospective students or parents to create an account.

This ensures that all parties involved are safe and secure during enrollment.

Then, prospective students or their parents will fill out an enrollment application, which usually includes basic information about the student, his or her family, internet connection, and why the youngster wants to join the program.

If their student has been successfully enrolled in the online program, the student and parent(s)/guardian(s) will be informed.

Students must also decide which summer courses they want to pursue during this process.
Depending on the program, math, English, social studies, science, and other subjects are frequently offered.

This frequently entails pre-planning during the school year, long ahead of the registration/enrollment deadline.

Once summer classes begin, students and parents must use whatever online portal the summer school program offers to keep up with all assignments, evaluations, and instructor interactions.

Any online education program’s purpose will always be to help students succeed, and courses are structured to help them succeed.

Even if online education does not allow for face-to-face contact, students and parents may rest certain that they will receive exceptional one-on-one assistance with any difficulties.

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How Many Online Classes Should I Take in the College Summer?

The number of classes a college student should or can take in the summer is mainly determined by his or her academic and economic ability.

Most students would only take two summer sessions because they are much more condensed and have a higher workload than typical semester-long classes.

It’s also important to consider the classes and the student’s abilities in that topic.

Summer college is a fast-paced environment. Thus, any research-oriented classes should be avoided.
Most colleges have two summer sessions (summer one and summer two, respectively, starting after Memorial Day and July 4th).

Classes are 3–5 hours per day, 2–4 days per week. Plan on spending 4 hours daily in a classroom and 2 hours at home on reading and coursework.

One class per summer session for a four-day-a-week course and two classes for a two-day-a-week course would be an excellent decision and healthy balance.

25 Free Summer Online Classes for College Students in 2023

1. Harvard University: Free Online Learning Courses

Here is one of our best non-traditional online summer programs.

Harvard Summer School offers various online academic opportunities for college and adult students.

It offers a demanding academic program for students of all ages.

Harvard Summer School, the United States’ oldest academic summer school, provides a unique opportunity for intellectual inquiry and cultural enrichment through Harvard University’s extraordinary facilities.

If you’re right about using your summer to improve your credit, you can join them for three or seven weeks.

Select an online course and participate from any location on the planet.

You can either live on campus or study online. Join an overseas program or earn college credit by taking one of our 400+ courses.

Choose the summer activity that best suits your needs.

Enrol Here

2. Summer Online Courses | Yale Summer Session

Yale Online Summer Session courses are given during the summer as a way for students to get Yale College credit without having to attend a physical classroom.

The coursework is comparable to summer session classes given in person in New Haven, and much of the learning is synchronous.

ECON S115E, for example, is an online course with the letter “E” after the course number.

If approved by the department, these courses may be utilized to meet distributional requirements and, in certain situations, major requirements.

As a college student, you stand to enjoy the following:

  • Earn Yale College credit
  • Developed and taught by Yale faculty
  • Small class sizes; extensive interaction with professors and peers
  • Evening classes available

Enrol Here

3. Summer Session Courses & Programs – Cornell University

Summer Session at Cornell University offers hundreds of normal Cornell courses taught by excellent university professors.

Enrollment is available to all adults, including undergrads, high school students, professionals, alumni, and anyone interested.

Most classes include 3-, 6-, or 8-week terms, allowing time for travel or a summer work.

Small classrooms allow you to get to know your teachers and meet intriguing people worldwide during summer sessions.

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4. Summer Online Classes (Traditional Undergraduate – Eastern University

Are you spending the summer at home? Want to make up for lost time or decrease your load for the next year?

Whether you’re an Eastern University student, a college student, or a high school student wishing to get a head start, we urge you to enroll in one of the many online summer classes.

Courses that meet current general education requirements and electives that may meet some major needs are available.

Register through myEastern like you would for any other semester.

Enrol Here

5. Online Classes | UCLA Summer Sessions Online

Online courses provide an alternate option to your academic needs, whether you will be working full time with fixed hours or want to study from the comfort of your own home.

Also, online UCLA academic courses have the same unit value and UCLA degree credit as on-campus courses, and transcripts do not specify whether a class was taken online or on campus.

Various online courses, including GE and upper-division electives in different academic areas, are available during the summer.

Enrol Here

6. Summer Online Classes | Berkeley Summer Sessions

Berkeley Summer Sessions has several online classes available.

Interestingly, their learning environment allows you to set your study schedule while allowing you to benefit from the quality and greatness of UC Berkeley classes from the comfort of your own home.

Even if you cannot visit Berkeley physically, you can still benefit from UC Berkeley’s finest.

Online classes are subject to the regular Summer Session fees.

For Summer 2023, Berkeley Summer Sessions is thrilled to offer many online classes.

For more information, click the link below.

Enrol Here

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7. College Online Credit Courses | Georgetown University Summer

Get a head start and earn college credit at Georgetown this summer.

Through a combination of lectures, class discussions, and virtual guest speakers, GU’s college credit online courses help you adapt to the collegiate learning environment.

You’ll be able to take classes with current undergraduate students, learn from prominent Georgetown instructors, and participate in a tough curriculum that will help you succeed in college and beyond.

Meanwhile, if you want a more challenging academic experience, you can enrol in two courses per session and earn up to 12 credits (a full semester at most universities).

Students who finish two courses in a single session will be awarded a Summer Honors Intensive Certificate at the end of their studies.

Some college credit courses are available online during the eight-week Summer Cross Session.

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8. Summer Online Classes | Spelman College

Spelman College offers online summer courses to ensure that Atlanta University Center students (Spelman, Morehouse College, and Clark Atlanta University) receive the same high-quality education they do throughout the academic year.

In comparison to the academic year, Spelman’s online learning courses continue to be offered at a discounted pricing.

Above all, Pell grants can be used to pay for college.

Enrol in these courses to get ahead, stay on track, and catch up!

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9. Summer Session | Online Classes | University of Illinois

The summer online classes at the University of Illinois allow you to continue your education, stay on track for graduation, and gain useful skills like time management and goal setting.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign undergraduate students and non-degree students worldwide can take courses given by Illinois instructors.

They also encourage students from other institutions to participate in our summer session.

You’ll be able to register for classes at the same time as the fall 2023 registration.

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10. AU’s Summer Online | Anderson University

Summer Online Classes at AU allow you to stay up with your academic schedule while giving you extra time to participate in campus events in the Fall and Spring.

Take advantage of some free time this summer to enroll in a few classes and get a jump start on the academic calendar for next year.

You can continue your adventure from the comfort of your own home with their online summer classes.

Most importantly, Summer Online at AU has the following advantages:

Convenient and cost-effective AU Core Curriculum courses are accessible in various formats.

Take the courses you require from professors you are familiar with.

Enrol Here

11. CUNY Summer Session–The City University of New York

CUNY Summer Session has 18 different alternatives to choose from, giving you the most flexibility, convenience, and schedule.

If you’re yet to understand their summer session, CUNY Summer Session is a reduced timetable designed to help students catch up or get ahead on their studies throughout the summer.

It’s a fantastic way to earn up to 15 credits in under two months.

Also, the Summer Session tuition is a fraction of what private universities charge. Those that qualify can also receive financial help.

Using their worldwide search feature makes finding the class you want at the moment you need it simple.

Find information about the campus, a term, or a topic area.

You can even look for courses that don’t require any textbooks.

Enrol Here

12. Summer Sessions | University of Pittsburgh

Whether you’re a first-year student, a student from another country, a graduate student looking for a world-class program, or a transfer student looking for a place to call home, you’ll find a community at Pitt that is changing the world.

Through Pitt’s summer sessions, you will grow in all areas.

Summer Sessions at Pitt allow you to do the following:

  • Take classes from the comfort of your own home.
  • To complete your degree, delve into upper-level courses.
  • During the academic year, enrol in classes that fill up rapidly.
  • Concentrate on just one class at a time.
  • Select a session that corresponds to your summer plans.
  • Complete all of your general education requirements.

In addition, Pitt provides a wide range of upper-division courses that can be difficult to find elsewhere.

They even have classes available online.

Register today if you’re a student at another institution or university and want to take Pitt coursework this summer.

Enrol Here

13. Online Summer Classes – University of Colorado Boulder

Summer is an excellent time to enrol in an online course since it allows you to lower your course load in future semesters or explore topics of interest without disrupting your summer activities.

You can receive credit toward your degree whether you plan to stay home, work, intern, or travel.

Hundreds of online classes are available for enrollment at CU Boulder throughout the summer.

Are you apprehensive about enrolling in an online course during the summer? The CU Boulder Division of Continuing Education recorded a webinar about being an online student.

Enrol Here

14. Summer Classes | Quinnipiac University Online

Quinnipiac University offers a wide range of summer courses to assist students in completing their degrees as quickly as possible.

These courses allow you to learn effectively while balancing your summer activities, whether taking a mandatory major course to catch up or a program elective to lower your course load during typical semesters.

All summer courses are open to all students, including those from other universities.

Enroll Here

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15. College Summer Programs & Classes | Northwestern SPS Summer Session

Progress toward your degree, concentrate on a single course or branch out into a different field.

Summer Session allows Northwestern University students to enrol in more than 250 undergraduate courses, including intense sequences that allow students to obtain a full year of credit in biology, chemistry, physics, or a variety of foreign languages.

Summer courses are offered in a variety of formats, ranging from two to ten weeks in length, and are taught throughout the day, evenings, and weekends.

When required, the University reserves the right to cancel classes, including those for insufficient registration.

Enrol Here

16. Summer Sessions | Pace University New York

At Pace, summer is the time to go places.

Pace provides various options for you to take the next step, ranging from college programs to professional courses for English language learners.

Summer Sessions at Pace University are a great option to get extra credits and finish your degree in four years.

You can start working sooner, go to graduate school sooner, and save money in the long run if you finish your degree in four years.

Pace University offers over 600 summer courses, ranging from two to six weeks and beginning on various dates, to help you expedite your degree.

Fortunately, this summer, all classes will be available online.

Enrol Here

17. Online/Distance Ed Courses | Boston University Summer Term

Summer Term at Boston University attracts over 7,500 motivated students annually from the United States and worldwide.

You can attend classes in person or online this summer thanks to BU’s Learn from Anywhere (LfA) hybrid teaching approach.

Summer Term is available to everyone. Therefore, all you have to do is register to take summer classes.

There is no need to apply!

BU offers nearly 700 graduate and undergraduate summer courses spread across two six-week periods, allowing you to meet your academic goals while still enjoying your other summer activities.

Enrol Here

18. Summer Sessions – Montclair State University

Welcome to the Summer Sessions at Montclair State University. We offer undergraduate and graduate degrees during May, June, July, and August.

Current MSU students, visiting students, and high school students are all welcome to enroll in classes.

The following are some of the advantages of signing up for Summer Sessions:

Undergraduates receive a 12% tuition discount, while out-of-state students pay the in-state cost.

Flexible schedule possibilities – You may take a summer course without having to go to campus thanks to a number of online courses. You can arrange study time in your calendar.

Enroll Here

19. College Summer Programs at Adelphi University

This summer, join the Adelphi learning community and save money with special summer rates.

Summer at Adelphi is the ideal time for current, prospective, and visiting students to keep on track, catch up on classes, and explore new areas of interest, thanks to lower summer costs.

Over 200 online, hybrid, and in-person courses are available to help you get ahead, catch up, or master new skills.

Adelphi has cut course fees for this summer to make it more affordable for you and your family.

Summer classes have many advantages:

  • Top Faculty in Small Groups
  • Outstanding Student Support
  • Affordably priced, easily accessible, and adaptable
  • Create a schedule that reflects your interests.

Enrol Here

20. Summer College Courses – Greater Boston | MassBay

Summer classes at MassBay are open to everyone, even if you have no plans to pursue a degree here.

Make the most of your summer at MassBay, whether taking a few courses for credit to transfer back to your college or university or starting a new degree.

You’ll pay significantly less than everywhere else in the area, with a credit of $224 for Massachusetts residents.

For Summer 2023, all programs will be available online or via a remote connection.

Whether you want to take a few classes to transfer to a college or university, or you want to start a new degree, MassBay’s summer courses provide you with the flexibility you need at an affordable price.

Enrol Here

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21. Online Summer Classes at Ohio University | Ohio University

Summer programs might offer you a leg up on the competition or keep you on track towards a degree that will open doors to a world of possibilities.

Summer options at Ohio University allow you to continue your study all year long!

Are you a student at another university who is thinking about taking classes at OHIO?

With so many alternatives and flexible scheduling, making a decision is simple!

OHIO is the greatest place to end your summer vacation.

Get a head start on your degree, or explore the vast options outside your local university.

Multiple sessions and start dates provide you with all the flexibility you need to get the most out of your time.

Enrol Here

22. Summer Courses | Stonehill College

Summer classes at Stonehill are cheap, allowing you to obtain college credit without jeopardizing your summer work or holiday plans.

Stonehill’s summer courses are completely online and asynchronous, giving you the freedom to enjoy your summer vacation while still completing your prerequisites.

Stonehill University provides several 5- and 8-week online courses.

Enrol Here

23. Online Summer Programs – Emory University

All students enrolling in in-person courses on the Emory campus during the summer of 2023 (including labs and undergraduate research work) must complete the onboarding procedure and pass weekly COVID-19 screening testing.

Note: You cannot enrol in an online course while participating in an Emory summer study abroad program. You can enrol in a summer school course before or after your departure.

These criteria apply to both on-campus and off-campus students.

Please visit the Emory Forward website for detailed information on the onboarding procedures, including how to visit campus and schedule a screening exam.

Enrol Here

24. Summer Sessions | Villanova University

For Summer Sessions, current Villanova undergraduate and graduate students and visiting students from other universities are invited to join the Villanova community.

Choose from various subjects to get your summer classes, connect with our outstanding instructors, and interact with your classmates.

You might also enroll in a specialized program such as the Villanova School of Business Summer Business Institute (SBI) or the Engineering Entrepreneurship Summer Institute (E2SI) or pursue a Philosophy minor entirely online.

The bulk of Summer 2023 courses are entirely online, with some in-person and hybrid choices available.

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25. Wake Forest’s Summer Session – Wake Forest University

Summer session opens up a world of possibilities. Make plans to graduate early and include an internship in your program.

With Wake Forest summer classes, you’re sure to stand among your mate. Their one-of-a-kind summer study abroad program allows students to travel and take foreign courses without the time commitment of a semester-long program.

This is a fantastic approach to getting forward in your academic career.

Besides, summer credit can help you achieve your educational goals, no matter what they are.

Summer classes are available for current high school students who want to earn credit toward their future degrees.

Enrol Here

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How Long Do College Online Summer Classes Take?

The length of summer classes online varies. It depends on the school you enrol in.

However, the semester system is used in most American schools, with each class lasting about 15 weeks.

Summer sessions, on the other hand, are usually only four or six weeks long.

How Much Do College Online Summer Classes Cost?

Because there are fewer students but equivalent overhead costs, summer classes tend to be more expensive than courses taken during conventional semesters.

As previously stated, summer classes run faster than other sessions because there is less time to cover the same amount of information.

Each online university summer course credit hour costs roughly $300 to $400.

Furthermore, numerous classes have application costs ranging from $30 to $50.

Others charged fees for “online courses” or “technology,” allegedly to cover the costs of learning management systems and other computer-related infrastructure.

FAQs on Summer Online Classes

What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous online classes?

Synchronous classes “meet” virtually at a predetermined time. In addition to completing work outside of class time, students log into the class together to engage. At the same time, Asynchronous courses give students a flexible time to finish their classwork and readings.

How do I spread my summer online classes?

Most colleges have two summer sessions, starting after Memorial Day and July 4th.
The classes are 3–5 hours per day, 2–4 days per week. So, you can spend 4 hours per day in a classroom and 2 hours per day at home on reading and coursework.
One class per summer session for a four-day-a-week course and two classes for a two-day-a-week course would be an excellent decision and healthy balance.

Do I have to lose my entire summer for the online classes?

Most college students do not lose their summer because they participate in online summer programs. You can choose your schedules, move quickly, and enrol in summer courses from anywhere with an internet connection.


Taking summer sessions classes is a terrific option to finish the credits you need and lower your course load during the year, whether you have a double major or a difficult term coming up.”

Discover the various paths to a successful and meaningful life at online summer schools above.

See what occurs when your skills and goals mesh with what they know and have to offer.


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