How To Add Certifications To LinkedIn

  • Tap your profile picture, then View Profile.
  • Tap Add section.
  • Tap Recommended, then Add licenses and certifications.
  • Fill in the relevant details and tap Save.


How do you add certifications to your name on LinkedIn?

Select Edit Profile by hovering your cursor over Profile at the top of your webpage. Click Add certificate after scrolling down to the Certifications section. Fill in the required fields and then click Save.

Should I put my certifications on LinkedIn?

Your LinkedIn profile is a representation of your professional background and achievements. However, if you have acquired a professional certification, it is vital that you include it in the Certifications area of your LinkedIn profile.

How do I announce my certification on LinkedIn?

Create a new post to share your Certificate of Completion. Write something that is particular to your course achievements. Share your key takeaways, as well as what you’re proud of having accomplished, or a new talent you’ve learned and the influence it’s had on your company.

How do I put Certifications after my name?

To list your credentials;
Include your academic degrees.
List your professional licenses.
Add your state designations or requirements.
Include your national certifications.
List any other certifications you have.

How do I add a PDF certificate to LinkedIn?

Navigate to the directory containing the PDF file you wish to upload to LinkedIn, click on the PDF, and then select “Open” to begin the upload. When the file has been uploaded to your LinkedIn profile, a “Success” signal will display.

Where should I list certificates on LinkedIn?

In the introduction section, click Add profile section. Add licenses & certifications after selecting Recommended from the dropdown menu. Enter your information in the fields provided in the Add license or certification pop-up box that displays. As you put in the Issuing organization section, a list of companies will emerge.

Can you put MBA after your name?

You can include MBA after your name in your business card when meeting new clients. I would not recommend using them daily, just on those occasions. When you have already built a relationship with a client, there is no need to remind them about your qualifications continually.

How do I add Certifications to LinkedIn from Coursera?

To add your certificates to your LinkedIn profile,
Students will receive an email notification of their completed courses, along with a reminder to update their LinkedIn profiles.
You’ve just added your profile Course to your LinkedIn profile by opening the email and clicking the “Add to Profile” button.

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