How To Disable Waiting Room In Zoom

To enable or disable waiting room during a Zoom meeting, follow these steps:

  1. As the meeting host, tap Manage Participants.
  2. Tap More at the bottom of the participants’ window and tap Put Attendee in Waiting Room on Entry to enable the feature.
  3. To disable the feature, tap More again and then tap Disable Waiting Room.


Why can’t I disable waiting room in Zoom?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to disable the waiting room in Zoom. One possibility is that you’re using an unsupported browser. Zoom only supports the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. If you’re using an older browser, you’ll need to update in order to use all of Zoom’s features.

Another possibility is that your organization has disabled the waiting room feature.

Can you bypass waiting room in Zoom?

Yes, you can bypass the waiting room in Zoom if the host sets the meeting to allow participants from your Zoom account and participants with specified domains to bypass the waiting room.

Once this is done, follow these steps:
1. Open Zoom and sign in to your account.
2. Click the “Join” button and select “Bypass Waiting Room.”
3. Click the “Join” button again and you’ll be connected to the meeting immediately.

How do I disable Zoom waiting room and passcode?

The Passcode is enabled by default and there’s no way for you to change that. However, as a host you have the option to disable Waiting Room when you want. Simply go to “Settings” after logging in to Zoom’s portal and toggle “Waiting Room” to disable it.

How do I get rid of the waiting room?

To get rid of the waiting room, simply disable the Attendee in Waiting Room on Entry option in your Zoom application.

How do I admit participants in Zoom automatically?

To admit participants in Zoom automatically, click manage participants once you are logged in to the Zoom application. In the Participants pane, either click “admit for individual attendees” or admit All to let in everyone who’s waiting.

How do I join a meeting without waiting room?

To join a meeting without waiting room, you will have to bypass the waiting room in Zoom. To do this:

1. Sign in to Zoom.
2. Join or click a link to a Zoom meeting
3. Enter the meeting directly bypassing the waiting room and having access to fully participate in chat and screen sharing as the host allows.

How do I allow people to enter Zoom without admit?

To allow people to enter Zoom without admitting them:

1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
2. Click Meetings.
3. Schedule a meeting, or select an existing meeting and click Edit this meeting.
4. Under Meeting Options, check Allow participants to join before start time and choose how long before you want to allow them to join.
5. Click Save.

Can the host hear you in the waiting room Zoom?

No, the host cannot hear you in the Zoom waiting room.

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