How To Get Gum From Shoes

Stepping on a wad of gum can be quite a sticky situation for our shoes. Whether you’re strolling down the street or dancing through the park, gum has a sneaky way of finding its way onto our beloved footwear. But fear not! In this article, we’re diving into the smart and straightforward ways of saying goodbye to gum on your shoes. No need for stress or complicated methods – we’ve got you covered with easy-to-follow tips that will have your shoes looking fresh and gum-free in no time.

How To Get Gum from Shoes

Here are a few simple ways to get that gum off your shoe so you can enjoy your walk or run without a sticky, stubborn distraction.

1. How to get gum off shoes with ice

This technique works because subjecting the gum to ice causes it to solidify, facilitating its removal.

Using ice provides two alternatives based on the time available.

If you’re pressed for time, rubbing a single ice cube on the affected area for 10 to 20 minutes should suffice, making the gum easier to detach.

For a more effective approach, place the item with the gum in a plastic bag, ensuring the plastic adheres tightly to the gum. After leaving it in the freezer for two hours, the gum can be peeled off along with the plastic.

2. Use peanut butter

Rather than causing the gum to harden, peanut butter has the effect of softening the sticky substance, making it easier to peel off.

To implement this method, begin by applying two spoonfuls of peanut butter onto the gum.

Within approximately 20 minutes, the gum should regain a pliable consistency, making it easier to scrape away.

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3. Spray Shoe with WD-40

Another unexpectedly useful household item is WD-40. Often associated with bicycle chain maintenance, WD-40 is also effective for eliminating gum from hair and shoes.

Similar to the ice method, WD-40 operates on the fundamental principle that freezing the gum facilitates easier removal.

This freezing approach might be a more convenient choice for solidifying the gum, as it eliminates the need to hold a cold ice cube or wait with your shoe in the freezer for results. Additionally, the gum should harden more rapidly when using WD-40.

4. Use Dry Sand

If you happen to step on gum while outside, utilize your environment for a remedy. Dirt or dry sand can assist in gum removal. Make an effort to cover the gum with the earthy substance. Grab a stick or another object that can be employed to scrape the gum off your shoe. It may be necessary to repeat this process several times until the dirt dries out the gum, allowing the mixture to lift off entirely.

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How To Get Gum Off Suede Shoes

When it comes to getting gum off your suede shoes, other methods are in order. After all, when ice melts, which it tends to do when you’re rubbing it against your shoe for 10 minutes, it turns into water. Since water is also not too great for your suede and can cause stains of its own, freezing away your gum may not be the best method.

Rubbing peanut butter on the sensitive surface may also cause further damage to the suede so softening the gum seems to be out of the question too.

On the other hand, using a credit card or knife to carefully scrape away the gum without scraping the top layer of your suede should be your first step. After that, using a special eraser for suede shoes will be your best bet at returning them to their original look.

FAQs On How To Get Gum from Shoes

Can I use ice to remove gum from my shoes?

While ice can be effective, it may not be ideal for certain materials, and the melting ice could lead to water stains. It’s essential to consider the material of your shoes before using this method.

Are there natural alternatives for removing gum from shoes?

Yes, dirt or dry sand can be used to coat the gum, making it easier to scrape off. However, it may require multiple attempts until the gum dries out and lifts off completely.

Does WD-40 remove gum from shoes?

WD-40 is effective at removing gum from shoes. Spray WD-40 directly onto the gum, as well as the areas around it.

How long does it take to remove gum from shoes using different methods?

The time required to remove gum can vary depending on the method used and the type of material. For instance, freezing with ice may take about 10-20 minutes, while using dirt or sand may require multiple attempts until the gum dries out.


Whether it’s using ice to freeze and scrape, the power of peanut butter, or even the trusty credit card method, there’s a solution for every shoe type. So, the next time you find yourself in a gum-induced dilemma, remember these handy tricks and step forward with confidence. Your shoes will thank you for the care, and you’ll be back to striding gum-free in no time!


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