How to Pursue Higher Education in the State of Maryland

This small, yet beautiful state has a variety of different wonderful things, which is why those who have visited it have stated that they’ve had an unforgettable experience. Maryland is a state filled with pride and culture, hence, it’s easy to fall in love with it.

Besides kind and warm people, breathtaking beaches, divine nature, and fantastic street art, this state can boast of having spectacular universities and colleges that are capable of providing young people with everything it takes to become an educated and knowledgeable people.

Additionally, it is home to fifty-five degree-granting, accredited institutions, which is why many young people today want to pursue higher education precisely here. If you’re one of them, yet you’re unsure which college or university to choose, below, we’ll talk about the most popular and reputable institutions in this state to help you make the best possible decision.

Top Colleges And Universities In The Lovely State Of Maryland

1. St. John’s College

Let’s start with this one. Many consider it to be one of the best colleges in Maryland, but there are also those who define it as the most strict college in the United States. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how anyone defines it, what matters is the fact that it’s definitely one of a kind.

So what do we know about it? It is a private college that was established in 1696 in Annapolis. This year, it ranked 11th for best undergraduate teaching, 67th for national liberal arts colleges, and 47th for best value colleges.

Those who are avid book lovers will definitely fall in love with this institution, due to the fact that you’ll be reading and analyzing some of the most famous and biggest books in history and you’ll get yourself familiar with the works of Austen, Plato, Woolf, Einstein, Du Bois, and many others.

Instead of dealing with majors and various lectures, here you’ll thoroughly explore philosophy, science, politics, math, literature, etc. Additionally, this college community has more than 1000 students, divided into two campuses, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Annapolis Maryland.

2. Johns Hopkins University

Founded in 1876, this university is defined as the first research university founded in the USA. It has a flagship campus in Baltimore, along with satellite locations in Singapore, China, Columbia, and Italy. 

Those who are familiar with this institution, have a tendency to say that it is known for its inventive ideas, spectacular discoveries, and generally inventive people and methods they are using. 

Furthermore, this isn’t just a university where you will get the chance to learn many useful things, but it is also a place where you’ll be able to evolve as a human being in many aspects of your life.

Here, you will get the opportunity to reveal crucial information about the oldest living ancestors, and if you have an eco-friendly mindset, then you can also work on creating beneficial ways to recycle plastics. 

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2. Carroll Community College

This community college was established on values of community responsibility, respect, action, reflection, opportunity, leadership, and learning. One of the most popular websites when it comes to schools and colleges has given this institution an overall grade of B. 

Besides that, this website has also stated that it considers Carroll Community College to be among the best five community colleges in this state. Additionally, this community college provides more than sixty associate degrees in subjects, such as performing arts, writing, science, engineering, communications, advanced manufacturing, social sciences, wellness & fitness, and many other subjects. 

Out there, you will not only get the chance to obtain a degree of your choice, but you will also be able to acquire various certificates that are going to help you further enhance your skills and become a bigger expert in your field. 

Moreover, as a student at this community college, you will not only have top-notch class instruction but you will also be provided with limitless chances and possibilities to practice everything you’ve learned so far within your community. 

4. Washington College

Located in Chestertown, this college was established back in 1782 and is one of the oldest colleges in the USA. According to some statistics, around 1,500 students attend this Washington College every year.

A vast majority of them are drawn to this institution due to the fact that it has amazing financial support, along with cost-effective tuition prices. Additionally, it gives academic tuition scholarships to people who do not live in the USA and to full-time, high-performing people. 

Furthermore, application materials for students normally involve a recommendation from the counselor, official transcripts, SAT or ACT scores, and a high-quality, personal essay. Moreover, their academic catalog features bachelor’s programs in human development, engineering, world languages and cultures, and psychology. 

Besides that, Washington College also provides a business management degree that students can enhance with minors in finance, marketing, and data analytics. 

5. Notre Dame Of Maryland University

This is a private Catholic college, established in 1895 in Baltimore. Certainly, degree programs that are high-in-demand out there are Liberal Arts and Humanities, Nursing, Business, and Biology. 

For so long this college has been known to be an eminent institution that supports and believes in Catholic values and holds a powerful research focus in every single program. What’s great about the Notre Dame of Maryland University is that it offers its students with first-class, career-focused programs that can be developed to fit into their schedules. 

Additionally, it provides young people with more than forty undergraduate degree programs, twenty-six master’s degree programs, a couple of certificates, and four doctoral programs. 

5. Loyola University

Now, if you’re looking for a place that is going to offer you the type of education that will help you master the tools and gain skills that are necessary to properly lead, learn and serve in this modern world, then you should definitely opt for this university.

Namely, this institution is everything Jesuit education is supposed to be: strict, communal, focusing and working on different values, and definitely spiritually uplifting. No one says that your journey here is going to be easy.

In fact, it may be a little bit challenging and overwhelming, however, bear in mind, that it will also be one of the most life-changing experiences you’ve ever had. Professionals who work here are going to help you thrive in every way, become more skilled, confident, resourceful, and dedicated to changing different lives, including yours.

Furthermore, this institution is going to give you a new perspective on the future and life in general, so as soon as you graduate from it, you’ll be capable of facing a variety of different obstacles without having any issues. 

7. Bowie State University

Established back in 1865, in the beginning, this was the first historically black university in this state. For the time being, it has more than 6,000 students. Bowie State University has more than fifty-five academic programs at your disposal, including bachelor’s tracks in fine arts, sports management, computer technology, and nursing.

If you’re interested in becoming a clinical scientist, or portal engineer, you can always attend their bioinformatics programs that are going to properly prepare you for these careers. Additionally, this university offers master’s programs in management information systems and counseling psychology.

Here, skilled nurses can obtain a master of science in nursing in order to gain access to advanced practice roles. Candidates who are interested in Bowie State University should submit their SAT or ACT scores. 

Now, if you wish to transfer here, then you must collect at least twenty-four college credits, along with a minimum of 2.0 GPA. 

8. Stevenson University

Here’s another private college that was established relatively recently (in comparison to the ones that were previously mentioned), in 1947 in Stevenson. This university has twenty-nine undergraduate programs, and another great thing about it is the fact that students can get access to pre-professional programs, like law, dentistry, physical therapy, medicine, veterinary science, and pharmacy.

The most popular programs at this private college are Business, Nursing, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration, Corporate Communications, Psychology and Liberal Arts, and Humanities. 

What’s safe to say is the fact that Stevenson University truly cares about its students and is doing everything it helps them gain the necessary knowledge and skills so they can easily pursue their careers. 

Another great thing about it is the fact, that a vast majority of graduates (around ninety percent of them) are either pursuing graduate degrees or are already working after approximately six months from graduation, which is great news!

9. Towson University

This is a first-class public university situated in Towson, in the Baltimore Area. It is for sure a huge university, with an enrollment of more than 17,000 undergraduate students. Candidates who are interested in enrolling in this institution must keep in mind that the competition is very high out there. 

Furthermore, the most famous majors at Towson University include Psychology, Business, and Communications.

Choosing the right college or university is definitely one of the biggest decisions you are ever going to make. That’s precisely why we dig up some useful details so we can provide you with in-depth information that will help you pick the best higher education for yourself. 

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