How to Win the Chevening Scholarship 

Winning the Chevening Scholarship doesn’t come easy. It takes lots of preparation, thorough research, and most importantly, professional guidance.

All that you need to win the Chevening Scholarship is contained in a simple How to Apply and Win eBook. Get the eBook HERE and seal your chance of winning the Chevening Scholarship in 2023.

Chevening scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships in the UK available to international students.

Because it is a fully-funded scholarship available to students from developing countries, the numbers that apply each year is so large. This makes the scholarship quite competitive.

The numbers may not be frightening if you meet all the eligibility requirements. However, meeting the eligibility requirements alone does not guarantee you winning the Chevening scholarship in 2023.

Can you write winning scholarship essays? Can you adequately calculate your total work hours? How about perfectly relating your work experience, educational qualifications, and future career to Chevening’s goals?

These and other salient scholarship application tricks that have made Chevening scholars over time are what you’ll get in the How to Apply and Win the Chevening Scholarship eBook.

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What Do You Need to Win the Chevening Scholarship?

The biggest step to winning anything is to understand the workings of such a thing. This is the same for the Chevening scholarship.

You have to understand what the scholarship is about, what the scholarship committee looks out for in future awardees, how many awards the committee gives, etc.

So far, Chevening has awarded over 50,000 scholarship awards to students from various parts of the world. However, yearly, they award a minimum of 1,500 scholarships. For the 2021/2022 cohort, Chevening received 68,000 scholarships from 168 countries and awarded only 1,800 awards.

For the 2023 cohort, the number of applications Chevening received was larger. While they round off the total number of awards, they awarded to over 1,500 we know it wasn’t above 1,800 because that’s the limit.

The question now is how did Chevening strip down over 70,000 applications to 1,800? The checklist for unqualified applications, when reversed, is what you need to win the Chevening scholarship and here they are:

  • Ensure to meet all the eligibility requirements;
  • Understand what the program you selected would do for you and your country;
  • Fill in the right information;
  • Make adequate research about the Chevening scholarship; and
  • Get a professional guide or alumni to assist you in your application.

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Qualities you need before applying for Chevening Scholarship

To become a Chevening scholar, you must be eligible to apply for the scholarship. That means you won’t be able to apply if you don’t have the necessary qualification requirements.

That been said, you must also have some important qualities. These qualities are what distinguish them from other scholars.

First, you must have leadership qualities. Even if you are not a leader, you must demonstrate leadership potentials.

Leadership potential doesn’t necessarily mean that you must have a political position you are spearheading, you must be proactive, have a problem-solving quality, and be an innovator.

Secondly, communication skills. This is very important because if you can’t communicate effectively, you can’t lead well.

No leader is an Island, you must interact and meet people, so your ability to communicate effectively with them distinguishes you.

Then, have a concrete plan. Have a plan that answers questions that have to do with the scholarship. You must know why you need a Chevening scholarship and what you intend to do with the reward if you win.

Finally, work experience. Chevening Scholarships require that applicants have at least two years of work experience. This can be full-time or part-time employment, voluntary work, or internship; paid or unpaid.

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What You will Get from the How to Apply and Win eBook

The How to Apply and Win the Chevening Scholarship eBook is first and foremost your professional guide to a successful Chevening Scholarship application.

It is a compilation of all the painstaking research that you should have done on your own. It is also a pictorial guide of the whole scholarship application process and a treasure chest full of useful tips.

You’ll get the following value from the How to Apply and Win eBook:

  • A clear understanding of all the eligibility requirements you should meet as well as the documents you should gather;
  • How to select the right course that matches your work experience and Chevening’s objectives;
  • How to gather the right kind of job experience you need and calculate to the required work hours;
  • A step-by-step procedure on how to fill the Chevening online application;
  • The Dos and Don’ts of the Chevening Scholarship application;
  • A perfect understanding of writing winning essays for the four essay sections through modeling the samples of essays from past winners;
  • How to avoid the common Chevening scholarship mistakes that rookies make; and
  • The best strategy to employ in preparing for the Chevening scholarship interview.

There are several factors that determine if you’d win the Chevening Scholarship this year. The How to Apply and Win eBook for Chevening Scholarship will ensure that you meet 90% of these factors.

How prepared are you to add the extra effort that constitutes the remaining 10% that will win you the Chevening Scholarship?

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An Offer that You Can’t Resist

The How to Apply and Win the Chevening Scholarship eBook saves you the cost of making mistakes in your application.

It also saves you the cost of hiring an expert to guide you all through the process or bugging alumni with calls.

Then talk about the time it takes for the intensive research you need to get you started in your application.

If you can quantify all these in monetary terms, it should take you up to $100 to get your application as professional and accurate as possible.

But do you need to do all this research yourself, bug some alumni (who may have tight engagements) with calls, or pay a consultancy company some good cash when you can get it all packaged in an eBook for $6.49?

Don’t forget that the eBook is yours once you get it and never out of reach when you need it.

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