How to Win the Gates Cambridge Award

I hate begging people to move their lives forward. In fact, I’m really pissed that I am writing this letter on how to win the Gates Cambridge award to you right now! I just want to stop right here and go do something else.


I know you might not be like every other lazy ass student waiting for an opportunity to dumb into their lap. Probably, you need help and you’re willing to do what it takes.

So, let’s agree. I would show you one sure gateway on how to win the Gates Cambridge award to study at the University of Cambridge without having a dollar in your pocket.

Yes, I Can Show you How You Can Study At the University of Cambridge Without a Dollar!

What do you need to do for me? Nothing that you haven’t done before. Well, something that you do every day.

Just imagine how amazing it is to study at a University with alumni members like;

Charles Darwin – Master Scientist & Innovator responsible for many innovations in fields like Physics

Charles, Prince of Wales – The Heir to the British Empire and oldest and longest-serving heir apparent in British history

Emma Thompson – She is an English actress, screenwriter, activist, author, and comedian. She made features in popular movies such as Men in Black, Harry Potter and Henry V.

It is downright exciting cause you to know the opportunities these people can present your way just when you mention you studied at the University of Cambridge or you show up at an Alumni gathering.

What Does Your Dream Mean To You?

Of course, we all dream differently. I don’t expect you to have big dreams but if you do, then I’m not wasting my time writing this letter on how to win the Gates Cambridge award to you.

You Must Have Guts to Make Your Dreams Work!

And of course, your first big hit is an opportunity to be among the best progressive and innovative minds in the world. Just imagine how awesome your future can be when you decide to be in an environment that does not only enable it but sustains it as well.

“School is a Scam” is an incorrect third world view sponsored by an inadequacy to use their knowledge and create solutions to the problems of the world.

For example; The United States of America sustains its position at the most powerful nation in the world and we can boldly say that having the best seven universities out of the top ten in the world is a good reason.

Of course, the University of Cambridge is one of the top ten schools in the world and you can’t walk into that school without a good grade and a FAT BANK ACCOUNT.


I Can Show You How To Study At the University of Cambridge Without a Dollar!

A strategy that will help;

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  • Set Up Your Professional Career
  • Get You Connected to Professionals in Different Areas
  • Exposure to Global Opportunities
  • Build International Recognition & Relevance

Why You Should Give Me Your Attention or Stay in Your Desperation

Taking action is the major difference between people who have achieved success and people who still talk and dream about it.

Let me tell you what brought me to this place.

When I was younger, I dreamt of becoming an engineer, then a lawyer and a chemist. But Today! I’m doing one thing – Connecting People to Paths that make them Progress – and I love it. It’s thrilling, exciting and fun.

However, I still know this journey is not for everyone and that’s why I’m not happy about this, yet I’m still doing it.

Our team has helped over 1,359 students gain opportunities in scholarships and grants amounting to nothing less than $21.3 million in less than five years.

Our blog page where we share opportunities is among the top 7,000 websites in the world with six to seven-figure unique visitors leveraging our platform every single day.

These unique visitors come from over 72 countries in every continent of the world. In addition, we also have local programs that empower young, skilled individuals who seek education in Africa.

So, when I say;

I Can Show You How To Study At the University of Cambridge Without a Dollar!

I’m not making empty promises or trying to make an audacious statement. I’ve done it before and I don’t need to prove anything to you again.

You Can’t Get This Money Elsewhere

In my career, I’ve come across a lot of study abroad opportunities but I haven’t met anyone as unique as this.

An opportunity to study in one of the best ten universities in the world?

This is just too good to be true…but it’s TRUE.

So as a beneficiary of this opportunity, you get;

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  • The University Composition Fee at the appropriate rate.
  • A maintenance allowance £17,500 for 12 months for a single student and 4 years for a PhD student.
  • One economy single airfare at both the beginning and end of the course inbound visa costs & the cost of the Immigration Health Surcharge.
  • Academic development funding – from up to £500 to up to £2,000, dependent on the length of your course, to attend conferences and courses.
  • Family allowance – up to £10,120 for a first child and up to £4,320 for a second child. No funding is provided for a partner.
  • Fieldwork – you may apply to keep up to your normal maintenance allowance while on fieldwork as part of your Ph.D. (the Trust does not fund other fieldwork costs as these should be funded by the University Composition Fee).
  • Maternity/Paternity funding – if you require it, you may apply to intermit your studies for up to 6 months and continue to receive your maintenance allowance during this time
  • Hardship funding – for unforeseen difficulties.

Where else can you see such benefits just for an opportunity?

It’s rare and almost impossible to find.

Let Me Show You How To Win The Gates Cambridge Award

This Is Where You Miss Out

Everyone including those who missed out on this opportunity read up to this point, but something destroyed them.

They didn’t take action! Hence, they didn’t know to win the Gates Cambridge award

What Do You Need To Do?

As I said earlier, it’s something that is not difficult. I need your commitment to this cause.

How do you commit?

You do that by clicking this link.

If you don’t click that link, you probably wasted the last 7-10 minutes of your life reading this and that’s how you will continue to waste your life with INACTION.

But if you truly want to transform your journey, click that link and pick up for a little token the gift that will help you make your journey to the University of Cambridge.

It’s a material that helped so many people gain admission into the University of Cambridge under this opportunity.

And I only want you to commit with a token of $6.49 – the cost of sweat pant or a lip balm.

Don’t sweat out your progress, take this opportunity NOW.

Once I get about 3,000 orders, I will pull it down and that won’t take me up to 22 hours.

Will you make the 3,000?

Click here.

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