Farmers Auto And Home Insurance Review 2023: Everything You Need To Know

Being one of the country’s largest insurance companies, the Farmers insurance company offers a variety of discounts and offers its clients the choice of designing their coverage plan to their preferences.

Are you currently searching for an insurance company that offers impressive services in exchange for an affordable rate? Farmers insurance should be one of the companies to look out for.

This article will highlight everything you need to know about Farmers auto and Farmers home insurance, coverage, and everything you need to know before making an insurance decision.

Overview of Farmers Insurance

With an impressive percentage of positive customer reviews and insurance policy discounts, the Farmers insurance company has been able to set itself apart from other insurers in the country.

The Farmers insurance company is well known for its above-average customer service satisfaction level, getting back to its clients within short periods of time, and ensuring speedy payment of claims. The insurance company is available in 50 states in the United States and has over 21,000 employees.

Farmers Insurance offers a variety of discounts available for both their auto and home insurance users. They are considered to be more expensive when compared to other insurance providers. They are able to cover their high price by offering A-level services.

Discounts and savings available to Farmers clients depend on your location and selected policy coverage.

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Farmers Home Insurance Coverage

Farmers home insurance offers its clients a variety of coverage plans for home insurance. It combines the various available coverage plans with impressive customer service. Farmers home insurance costs more than average cheap insurance providers but the insurer makes sure to provide services worth every dime of your money. 

With a strong reputation in the insurance sector, it is one of the most recommended home insurance providers for you.

The Farmers home insurance enables you to design your coverage to meet your personal needs. Farmers home insurance offers you three different policy tiers which contain various coverages to suit your needs.

The packages offered by Farmers home insurance include:

1. Standard

The standard package is the most basic package offered by Farmers home insurance. The standard plan has coverages for liability claims, loss of use, and dwelling coverage.

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2. Enhanced

The enhanced packages come with more attractive policy limits and coverages. The Farmers home insurance enhanced policy will cover the cost of replacing your home belongings with zero depreciation level.

3. Premium

The Highest and third tier of the Farmers home insurance is the premium plan. It offers exclusive policy limits to its subscribers. Holders of the premium Farmers insurance plan can select guaranteed replacement coverage which functions by covering the total cost of rebuilding, independent of your policy limits.

Benefits of Farmers Home Insurance

Farmers home insurance has multiple benefits and endorsements which include:

1. Contents replacement cost

The Farmers home insurance offers a content replacement-cost endorsement. It works by covering the total expenses of replacement of any of your items in the scenario of a covered loss.

The content replacement cost of farmer home insurance is different from services offered by other home insurance providers as the latter provide reimbursement for the content’s depreciated value.

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2. Eco-Rebuild endorsement

This endorsement provides you with over $20,000 for repair, replacement, or rebuilding using green materials like bamboo when you experience a covered loss. 

3. Personal identity shield endorsement

The Farmers home insurance provides endorsement coverage for you in the case of identity theft. The Farmers home insurance is unique in its identity shield coverage because it provides credit monitoring for two people, advisory services, and annual identity reports in the scenario of you becoming a victim of identity theft.

4. Guaranteed repair program

The Farmers home insurance offers you an impressive benefit known as the guaranteed repair program. Policyholders who opt for any of the contractors in the Farmers guaranteed repair program network for their insured home repair are rewarded with a five-year warranty on the work.

Services offered by Farmers Home Insurance

Here is an outline of the services offered by the Farmers home insurance policy include:

  • Personal possession coverage
  • Home or property coverage
  • Liability or legal coverage
  • Medical expenses coverage (when accidents occur in the insured residence)
  • Loss of use or additional living expenses coverage

Farmers Auto insurance coverage

Looking for great services fused with beautiful customer service for your four-wheeled friend? The Farmers auto insurance should be one of the insurance providers on your radar.

The Farmers auto insurance is one of the top ten largest auto insurance companies in the United States. This insurance company offers all the general coverage plans of other major insurance in the country with side benefits and add-ons to attract more clients.

The various coverages available on Farmers auto insurance include:

1. Accident forgiveness

Opting for accident forgiveness coverage on Farmers auto insurance will prevent your insurance rate from increasing after an accident if you avoid any auto accident for three consecutive years, one accident will be overlooked.

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2. New car replacement coverage

The new car replacement coverage is an optional add-on and provides you with the opportunity of getting a brand new replacement vehicle if your new vehicle becomes wrecked score before hitting 24,000 miles or within two years of its model year.

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3. Loss of use coverage

The Farmers loss of use coverage is similar to the rental car reimbursement. The Farmers loss of use coverage will cover all expenses relating to your transportation when your car is receiving covered repairs.

4. Roadside & Towing assistances

The farmers auto insurance has optional coverage in case you ever get stranded and need towing assistance. This optional coverage is a 24/7 service that offers the following services:

  • Battery jump-starting
  • Locksmith assistance 
  • Winching 
  • Towing assistance 
  • Flat tire change

5. Customized equipment coverage

The optional coverage, customized equipment coverage are available to people who enjoy customizing their vehicles. This coverage will cover your customized parts in case of theft or damages. 

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6. Original equipment manufacturer

This coverage is also known as OEM. It covers the use of original materials for repairs of any insured car less than 10 years 

7. Spare part coverage

This coverage covers expenses for the replacement of any car spare part that develops a fault and needs a change.

8. Windshield and glass coverage

The Farmers auto insurance offers coverage for replacement and repairs of glass and windshields with zero deductibles.

The Farmers auto insurance with its various coverages and benefits is a good choice if you drive a classic or exclusive automobile as it will help alleviate the cost involved in proper maintenance of these vehicles.

Below is a list of other standard auto insurance coverage offered by farmers:

  • Collision coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage
  • Liability coverage
  • Medical payments coverage
  • Personal injury protection

The Farmers auto insurance has an interesting feature for Uber, Lyft, and other app drivers known as Rideshare. The Ridesharing insurance will extend your auto coverage through the initial phase of ride-hailing.

Pros and Cons of Farmers Auto and Home Insurance


  • Numerous coverage options to select from.
  • Ideal for properties or homes less than 14 years.
  • A low percentage of customer complaints.
  • Ideal for drivers who need coverage for ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft.
  • Good for recently purchased vehicles. 
  • A high amount of available discount.


  • Doesn’t offer auto insurance in all states.
  • Not ideal if your car is a financed car.
  • More expensive than most cheap insurance companies.
  • Does not offer gap insurance. 

Farmers Home Insurance Discount

Farmers have an impressive amount of discounts available to their users. The availability of the discount varies and depends on your selected policy, location, and various other factors. Users are usually restricted in the no of discounts they can opt for.

The various discounts offered on the Farmers home insurance are

1. E-policy discount

This discount is available to subscribers of the e-policy which is an electronic document delivery system.

2. Bundle discount

Available if you bundle other Farmers insurance policies with a Farmers homeowners policy.

3. New home discount

Available to users who are insuring a property that is less than 14 yearss old.

4. Affinity discount

Do you belong to a group that has partnered with Farmers insurance in the past? If yes, then you’re eligible for the affinity discount.

5. Protective device discount

Fit your home with a fire alarm, indoor sprinklers, and security devices to qualify for this discount.

6. Underwriters Laboratories approved roofing materials discount

Constructing your roof with asphalt or fiberglass materials which are considered impact resistant by the UL qualifies you for this discount.

7. Home safety discount

Eligible clients own homes with windows, roofs, or foundations which are strengthened against natural disasters.

The farmers home insurance also has discounts available for specific states and people like:

  • Arizona retirement discount
  • California earthquake discount
  • Nevada HOA Gated community discounts
  • Alabama fortified home discounts

Farmers auto insurance discounts

There are various discounts available to users of the Farmers auto insurance, they include:

  • Multi-vehicle discount
  • Good driver discount
  • Discount for being part of a professional group
  • Multipolicy (bundling) discounts
  • Good student discount
  • Homeowner discount
  • Discount for driving an alternative fuel vehicle
  • Discounts if your car has certain anti-theft features
  • Discount for paying for your policy in full
  • Paperless discount for enrolling in electronic document delivery
  • Electronic payments discount
  • Older driver discounts (after completing a driver safety course)

The Farmers auto insurance also offers a discount to members of a specific occupation or business group. Eligible occupations include accountants, police, scientists, engineers, military personnel, and many more.


The Farmers home insurance and auto insurance have created an impressive reputation for themselves with their variety of coverage plans and numerous discounts. They are also known for their longstanding customer satisfaction record.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Farmers home and auto insurance available nationwide?

Farmers home and auto insurance is available in over 50 states in the united states.

How are Farmers home insurance rates?

With its impressive services, the Farmers home insurance offers a higher than average home insurance rate. It has an average annual rate of $1,760

What are the Farmers home insurance well known for?

The Farmers home insurance is well known for its impressive customer service and variety of coverage options.

Is the Farmers insurance worth it?

Yes, despite offering above-average rates the Farmers insurance lives up to its worth.


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