APPLY NOW: MBBS In USA For International Students 2023

MBBS courses in America’s medical schools are more focused on practical knowledge than just theoretical learning.

Studying the MD program in the USA will be an enriching experience for students with expertise, knowledge, and skills they gain through the course.

If one wants to set up an exceptional medical profession anywhere in the world then he/she can go for MBBS in the USA.


Though the medical education system in the USA is completely different than most European countries like Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, or Asian countries like China and Philippines, after a student completes his PG degree in medicine in the USA.

In the USA, the medical degree is known as MD (Doctor of Medicine) and it is not known as MBBS. The language of instruction is English for a medical course in the USA. The medical degrees in America are MCI, WHO, ECFMG and MCC approved. MBBS in the USA has proved itself as a benchmark in the field of clinical schooling.

Based on the selected specialty the requirements for becoming a doctor in the united states vary. The student needs to complete four years undergraduate studies, then he/she will spend another four years in Medical school with an additional three to seven residency training which is required before becoming a licensed practitioner.

Educational Pre-Requisites

Two degrees and also a clinical residency is required before you become a medical doctor in the united states. The General medical coursework is dealt with in these programs, and choosing an area of specialization has to be done during the residency period.

Why Should Students Study Medicine In the USA?

The quality of education in the united states is quite high that is the reason why several students dream of getting their education there. The medical degree obtained from a US university or college is recognized internationally, therefore you can get yourself a job as a medical doctor in the US or any other European country.

Getting admission here will really be a boost to your career as an international student since being admitted into the US MD program is highly competitive.

Career Opportunities

Earning a doctoral degree in the US opens you up to a wide range of opportunities, you can either choose to work as a medical doctor here in the US or anywhere in the world where you reside.

Some people thought can decide to go for further specialization in any of the medical fields or choose to work in any hospital, scientific institute, or healthcare sector.

Doctor Of Medicine (MD)

In a medical school, of the four years of training, the first two years are dedicated to book study and laboratory training, which helps the students to identify and treat illnesses.

The National Board of Medical Examiners administers the United States Medical Licensing Examination. The portion which is offered under their guidelines is taken by the students in the second year of medical school.

The clinical experience is offered during the last two years in medical school. Students work with physicians by attending to them and get trained. The second licensing test is issued during the 4th year of the med school.

The residence training too starts here. A few institutions have a different structure. The students can take a 6-year training and education program, which allows a compressed medical and academic education.

Top Universities In U.S Which Provide MD Courses

Most of these universities are licensed and rated highly in the list of best Medical schools by the US News of the year 2014. Some of those schools provide MD scholarships and programs to international students too.

Harvard University MD Program

Rank Number 1
For four years, the students read about biology, social behavior, and clinical sciences. The biological sciences receive focus for the first two years of study at Harvard University. The education’s venue is moved to various medical facilities that are affiliated to the university like the TMEC.

Financial-aid: Financial help is provided based on financial need and the funds being awarded to the respective students who attempt hard but cannot accumulate the funds. To know about the eligibility of international students for financial aid, please visit the website.

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University of Washington-MD Program

Rank No 6

The University of Washington’s MD program has experienced many changes for the past 38years. The university covers 5 northwestern states and is recognized by the WWAMI program.

This university provides consistent monitoring for excelling in clinical skills, patient-centered care, and professionalism. This is one university that consistently get the top rank by US News and World Report.

Financial Aid: Regardless of admission status, the deadline is applied. Regardless of the age of the applicant the parental status, marital status, and independent status should be provided.

Parental information does not affect the eligibility. However, it helps in determining the primary care loans, loans for disadvantaged students and the scholarship for disadvantaged students.

Online FAFSA application can be done. Please contact the University to know if the scholarships or funding is available for international students.

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Yale University MD Program

Yale University followed the traditional four-year program pattern to confer the Doctor of Medicine program. But, an optional application of 5 years (tuition-free fifth season) is given to those students who want it.

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International Financial Aid by Yale University for International Students

It is a need-based scholarship program, just like the US citizens are being evaluated, the same are the international students and the rules are same except for the loan sources. The financial aid award of Yale University is chosen based on needs. Please check the website for further details.

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Duke University School of Medicine-MD Program

Rank # 8

Placed on the top 10 ranks of US medical schools. The MD program from Duke university prepares its students pursuing a broad spectrum of a medical career, thus they are prepared to become the leaders of the field who can contribute to biomedical research, national and global health.

The students learn the fundamentals of the sciences in the 1st year, clinical clerkships in the 2nd year, and the 3rd year is all about the scholarly investigation, and they offer elective rotations in the 4th year.

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Finding Aid for International Students

This is a need-based grant for both new applicants and returning students. Thus if you are a returning student reapplying every year is required. Though the application process is reminded for the returning students.

it is a limited funding program that is based on the number of applicants and the newly applied students are taken into consideration too.

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The University Of Arizona MD Program

Rank # 68
The College of Medicine- Tucson offers the MD program and this program is designed to train highly talented physicians to make them dedicated and efficient to enhancing the care for the patients.

The state of medical knowledge advancement is another goal of the MD program. Students who graduate from the College of Medicine- Tucson come out skilled in modern medicine, apart from diagnosing, treating and preventing disease.

Financial-aid: the University of Arizona presents various scholarships, grants, and loans. Most of the scholarships are for Federal student aid, that can be implemented through the FAFSA site.

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John Hopkins University MD Program

Rank No 3

International students can take MD courses at JHU after meeting up with the requirements and must have a year’s work experience in the approved university of the USA. Moreover, non-US students have to pass the TOEFL examination also. JHU is a well-known university for the training of medical students and is dedicated to the making of many great future medical leaders.

Scholarships:  For motivating students to get enrolled in the JHU MD program offers a plethora of scholarships for US resident students. American Medical Association, Association of American Medical Colleges, Baltimore City Medical Society Foundation, Howard G. Lapsley Memorial Scholarship Fund, Maryland Graduate and Professional Scholarship and many more offers some of the external scholarships.

International students or Non.US students are also provided with the funding received under the JHM International Scholarship. Financial aid is provided on the basis of need and merit and the number of scholarships for international students is quite limited. However, there is also a provision of getting financial assistance as an institutional loan. Visit the website for further details.

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Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University MD Program

Rank- #34

The Einstein College of Medicine invites both the US and international students to pursue their world-renowned MD Program. At Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, students can gain innovative education for excelling in both medicine and science fields.

The solid curriculum and the hands-on clinical training of the medical college provide a solid foundation for building a career in the medical science fields.

However, international students outside of the US and Canada have to complete at least 1 year in the formal science programs recognized by an accredited American university or college. Moreover, both the internal and international students have to undergo the MCATs by November month previous to the matriculation year.

Scholarships – International students are not eligible for the U.S federal loans and scholarships; however, they would get the benefit from the Einstein scholarships and College loan funds. The scholarships are limited and depend on the stupendous performance of the student.

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University of Minnesota, MD Program

Rank # 34
The University of Minnesota offers its MD program at two campuses- Twin Cities and Duluth campus. The MD program has offered a revised curriculum by integrating clinical learning and basic science in all the four years of the course.

Right now the University of Minnesota is accepting international students based on the high competition. Only two foreign students out of 300 applicants are given admission and they have to take up the full responsibility of financing their education.

Scholarships – the University of Minnesota offers scholarships for the domestic students and one of these is a Non-resident Tuition scholarship for the students living outside of Minnesota. Other scholarships for internal students are the University of Minnesota Foundation, University Grants, and Medical School scholarships.

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Emory University School of Medicine, MD Program

Rank #24
Emory University offers competitive domestic and international students to join their MD program. The aim of the Emory MD course is to develop competent and world-class physicians who are ultimately human at heart.

International can get admission in the Emory School of Medicine after clearing the TOEFL and Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). Around 10-15 international students get admission every year in the Emory MD program.

Scholarships For international students, Emory School of Medicine does not offer any financial aid. However, for domestic students, there are a plethora of scholarship options available and some of these are the Alumni Medical School scholarship, Claudia Adikson Medical scholarship. Apart from these other scholarships are based on Need, Community service, and merit, and eligibility.

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Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth College, MD-PhD Program

Rank #18 
Geisel School of Medicine has been ranked at 18 and offering an MD-PhD dual degree course for both internal and international students. Regardless of the citizenship status of the students, the Medicine school believes in providing training to future healthcare leaders. 

With the help of the MD-PhD program of Dartmouth College, the students get the full advantage of both the courses for understanding the healthcare system on the whole.

Scholarships – Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth College, is quite generous in giving equal financial help to both internal and international students.

Apart from meeting the standard admission requirements international students should hold the proper visas and must have completed 3-years of full-time study in the US or Canada’s college or university. Please visit the website for further details.

All the Benefits of Studying MBBS in USA

  • Quality of medical education in USA is excellent. If one wants to be an expert doctor then he/she should choose MBBS in USA.
  •  MBBS colleges in USA have a noticeable and high reputation all around the world.
  •  Doctors from USA have great demand and respect all over the world.
  •  The medical education in USA is taught completely in English medium.
  •  To secure admission to MBBS course in USA, students are not required to pay any additional capitation fees other than the course fees.
  •  Students who study MBBS in USA and want to practice in India are not required to give any MCI Screening Test.
  •  Many of the top medical universities in USA offer scholarship facilities to international students which depends on the merit of the student.
  •  Students can seek a part-time job while studying medicine in USA.
  •  Top medical colleges in USA offer a stipend to students from the beginning of the MBBS program in USA.

MBBS Course Duration in USA

The duration of the MBBS course in USA differs from the standard course duration in other countries.

  • In USA, MBBS is known as MD (Doctor of medicine).
  • After completing a 4 years bachelor’s degree a student gets qualified as MD.
  • The medical colleges in USA have a residency program where students can choose their respective areas of specialization after completing MD, which is of 3-4 years. A residency program is nothing but a PG level program. The duration of the residency program depends upon the specialization chosen by the student. Because different specializations take different time periods to complete. A General surgeon requires 5 years whereas a Paediatrics requires 3 years, on the other hand, a Neurosurgeon needs 7 years.
  • During the course years, students need to give USMLE exams 1, 2 and 3 at appropriate steps. After USMLE exam 3, the student’s MBBS degree gets completed. And hence, the total course duration of an MBBS course in the USA is between 7 to 9 years.

About MCAT Exam

  •  USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination) defines the system of medical education in the USA.
  •  MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is the basic entrance exam for getting admission to top medical schools in USA.
  •  AAMC (Association of American Medical colleges) conducts and monitors the exam and also publishes the results for the same.
  •  However, qualifying in MCAT is very difficult as any other medical entrance exam. The local students who wish to study medical courses in the USA, take part in this exam. Scoring good marks in the MCAT exam and getting admission to a top medical college in the USA is the dream of every American student.
  •  Only after completing the pre-medical program, Indian students and students from other countries can give this MCAT exam.
  •  Though the MCAT exam helps for securing admission in the best medical colleges in the USA, it is the most difficult and even very expensive way to pursue an MBBS degree.

Medical Education in the USA Accredited by

  •  Medical Council of India (MCI)
  •  Ministry of Education, USA
  •  World Health Organization (WHO)
  •  Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)
  •  World Federation for Medical Education (WFME)
  •  The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER).

Syllabus for Studying MBBS in USA:

USMLE approved curriculum is followed by most of the top medical colleges in USA. A USMLE approved medical college always proves to be better than other medical colleges in USA. Thus, medical students should always find USMLE recognized medical college.

  •  The basic science course is USMLE Step 1. Its curriculum covers subjects such as Skin and Related Connective Tissue, Respiratory System, Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems, Gastrointestinal System, Musculoskeletal System, Cardiovascular System, Renal/Urinary System, Endocrine System, Reproductive System, etc.
  •  The combination of clinical knowledge (CK) and clinical skills (CS) is the USMLE Step 2. At this stage, hands-on experience can be gained by the students on clinical rotation. USMLE step 2subjects include – Gynaecological Disorders, Nutritional, Abdominal, Digestive Disorders, Congenital Abnormalities and many more along with the mental disorder.
  •  The last stage of the USMLE syllabus is the USMLE Step 3 that is where students need to take a residency program by choosing any of the specializations. USMLE curriculum includes clinical rotation through which students can get a chance to interact with patients and can gain hands-on experience.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS Admission in the USA

Students who want to get an admission in a top medical college in USA, students should fit in the following eligibility criteria:

  • He/she should have obtained minimum 50% marks in 12th standard from any recognized Indian central or State Board with Biology, Physics, and Chemistry as compulsory subjects.
  • If the percentage of a particular student is less than 50% then they have to give the Entrance test.
  • If the student does not have Biology, Physics, and Chemistry at their 12th standard then they need to go through a pre-medical year.
  • Good scores in IELTS or TOEFL are required as proof of English proficiency.

MBBS in the USA after 12th

  •  In spite of having a strong desire to pursue MBBS program in the USA after 12th, the lack of information causes many students to fail in getting admission to this most competitive course in the most competing country
  •  Medical study in the US is different than MBBS in the UK. The medical studies which European countries offer for international students have an almost similar pattern as MBBS in the UK.
  •  Not only the European countries but also countries like China, the Philippines, Georgia, and Russia offer similar patterns for studying MBBS.
  •  But to study MBBS in the USA is a completely different thing. That is the reason why students who have the passion to study medicine in the USA fail as they lack proper information and guidance.
  •  Thus, how to study the MBBS course in the USA is the major question that always comes in the minds of aspiring students.


Being a medical doctor is one of the most noble professions one can ask for and your potential of becoming an efficient one increases manifold if you have earned your degree from a US Medicine School or University.

Not all the universities or medical schools are open for global education but still, you can choose some colleges from the above list to grab the international scholarship opportunities and carry on medical education in the US. we believe that this article has imparted you do well to share with your friends.


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