15 Most Expensive Dental Schools In The World

When it comes to dental schools, there are varying degrees of tuition you can pay. If you will like to attend one of the most expensive schools, these our top 15 picks are for you. Be rest assured that the tuition is synonymous with the quality of education you’ll receive. Are you ready for the 15 most expensive dental schools in the world?

Let me tell you a bit of a story.

While the research for this article was being carried out, it came to my consciousness that some dental schools are ridiculously expensive. Yea, that’s how I felt!

Nevertheless, the quality of education you’ll receive from attending one of the most expensive dental schools in the world will not be the same as the cheapest dental schools.

Another factor that came glaringly is that some of the most expensive dental schools seconds as the best dental schools in the world. Just a few of them, though.

So, don’t be surprised when you see some of our pick in the aforementioned list.

Back to what we were saying, the serene learning enironment and quality of the tutors are top-notch.

Ok, here is our table of content below. It contains all we will discuss on the 15 most expensive dental schools in the world.

Why Should I Attend a Dental School?

Firstly, it is necessary to establish that you cannot become a dentist without attending dental school.

Moving on, for the sixth consecutive year, in the U.S  U.S. News & World Report “100 Best Jobs”, dentistry is among the top 10 jobs.

Consequently, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts employment growth of 7.6 percent, equating to 10,400 new dentist jobs through the year 2028.

So, why should you attend dental school?

  • It is a highly respected profession all over the world.
  • You get to help others by restoring oral health and vitality in the lives of patients.
  • Because of the tendency to earn a good salary. In 2018, the average net income for an independent private general practitioner was $190,440, and $330,180 for dental specialists, according to the ADA Health Policy Institute 2018 Survey of Dental Practice. Incomes vary across countries and depend on the type of practice, though. 
  • You can also start an independent practice. A survey revealed that 80% of dentists start a private practice.
  • The opportunity to work in a wide variety of settings, including private practice, teaching, research, and public health and administration.

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What Are the Tips on How to Choose the Best Dental Schools?

Bear in mind that whatever school you choose, you’d be there for four years. Because of this, consider the kind of experiences you want to have, the learning style, the programs you want to specialize in, and the cost you can foot.

Since dental schools are numerous, it may be a difficult task to narrow them down to only four.

Actually, the goal is to select the dental school that matches your learning style and will serve you the best.

The trick here is to ask the right questions; what kind of specialty programs do they offer? What is their curriculum and grading system? The clinical experience? Does the school use modern technology? Will the class be taken with medical students, and it’s like?

After attending dental school, you attend a dental residency.

The step-by-step application process for dental residency has been described in the post DMD vs DDS: Differences, Similarities, Degrees, Salaries.

Which Industry Can I Work in With a Dentistry Degree?

After graduating from dental school, you can proceed to do a dental residency or get a job. Whichever you choose, here are some career prospects you can follow with a dental degree.

Offices of Dentists

Owned and operated by dentists, private practice offices employ assistants, hygienists, and sometimes multiple dentists. These professionals work together to meet their patients’ ongoing oral care needs.

Average Annual Salary: $176,630

Outpatient Care Centers

Often owned and operated by corporations rather than individuals, outpatient centers may employ general dentists and specialists.

Average Annual Salary: $152,810

General Medical and Surgical Hospitals

Dentists working in hospital settings meet the oral care needs of individuals. Hospitals may also employ specialists, including maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists, and pediatric dentists.

Average Annual Salary: $138,480

Offices of Physicians

Some dental professionals find jobs in doctors’ offices, where they work closely with physicians and nurses to meet the oral and overall health needs of patients.

Average Annual Salary: $155,690

What Are The Most Expensive Dental Schools Admission Requirements?

  • Proficiency in verbal and written English is required
  • Dental Admission Test completed within 2 years of admission
  • A minimum of 50 hours of dental practice observation/shadowing
  • Three letters of reference
  • A formal interview (by invitation only)


A full academic year of coursework is required in all subjects except Biochemistry.

Required courses;

  • General Biology with lab
  • General Chemistry with lab
  • Organic Chemistry with lab
  • General Physics with lab
  • English Composition (Met automatically with Bachelor’s degree}

In addition,

  • Science coursework completed at a four-year school
  • A minimum of 96 semesters or 144 quarter units from an accredited school.
  • A grade of “C” or higher
  • Science sequences must be completed within five (5) years of admission.
  • Volunteering – a minimum of 50 hours in a dental setting is required
  • A science GPA of 3.3 or higher
  • DAT scores of 20 or higher
  • A Baccalaureate degree is preferred.

15 Most Expensive Dental Schools In The World

This post is not about ranking, and we are not going to list them serially. Notwithstanding, these chosen schools are both private and public universities.

Here they are;

  • University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry
  • Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of the University of Southern California
  • Loma Linda School of Dentistry
  • Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine
  • New York University College of Dentistry
  • The University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine (UPenn)
  • Karolinska Institute
  • University of Hong Kong (HKU)
  • King’s College London
  • Tokyo Medical and Dental University
  • Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
  • Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine
  • University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine
  • Harvard University Dental School

#1. University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry

Located in scenic San Francisco, the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry is a nationally respected school of dental arts.

As a private university, they offer the nation’s only dental program that can be completed in three calendar years. This means dental students will only pay tuition for three years instead of four years at all other dental schools.

It is one of the most expensive at $114,720 annually, tuition for its dental programs. This tuition is for the 2023 academic year. Here is a breakdown.

Estimated Educational Expenses

CategoryFirst YearSecond YearThird Year
Books and Supplies$2,900$800$800
Estimated Total$137,655$127,308$126,141

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#2. Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of the University of Southern California

This is another of the most expensive dental schools in the world.

They have been in existence since 1897. Ostrow has shaped talented students into outstanding dentists and dental hygienists.

Take a look at the tuition. Asides from this, there are other indirect costs for your welfare and accommodation.

Direct CostsYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
Instrument Management System Fee$4,848$4,848$4,848$3,212
Dental Equipment$10,160$3,211$0$0
Dental Loupes & Light$1,500$0$0$0
National Boards$0$435$0$435
Health Insurance$2,200$2,200$2,200$2,200
Disability insurance$53$53$53$53
Student Health Center Fee$813$813$813$813
Scrubs Fee$420$0$0$0
Dental Gown Usage Fee$165$165$165$110
ASDA/CDA Dues$93$93$93$93
Topping Student Aid Fund$16$16$16$16
Graduate Orientation Fee$55$0$0$0
Grad Student Programming Fee$86$86$86$86
Total School Costs$122,154$113,065$109,419$74,448

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#3. Loma Linda School of Dentistry

This is another school on our list of the most expensive dental schools. It is an excerpt from Loma Linda University.

The school has been in operation since 1953. Her values are based on the Christian faith.

The program lasts for four years.

Tuition for the 2023 Academic Year

Books & Supplies$1,164$2,210$1,260$600
Misc (e.g., Boards, Licensing exam, Uniforms)$1,800$600

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#4. Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine

Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine is a private dental school located in Downers Grove, Illinois.

Basically, studying at this university requires 4 years of study time.

Although The same organization owns midwestern Illinois and Midwestern Arizona, they operate independently and feature separate curricula.

For example, dental students take the NBDE Part I after their first year at Midwestern Arizona, while students in Illinois take the same board exam after their second year.

Also, Midwestern Illinois facilitates the CRDTS exam, while WREB and NERB are offered in Midwestern Arizona.

First and second-year dental students work with skilled and experienced preclinical faculty to learn critical-thinking skills and dental procedural skills on mannequins in the CDMA’s Simulation Clinic. 

 Third and fourth-year dental students in D3/D4 pairs with guidance from skilled and experienced clinical faculty to provide oral health care for an assigned family of patients in the Midwestern University Dental Institute. 

Upon graduation from our four-year program, you will be well-prepared for your direct entry into dental practice as a competent, confident, and competitive clinician and well-prepared to build your career as a member of tomorrow’s healthcare team.

As one of our top 15 most expensive dental school in the world, the College of Dental Medicine-Illinois Program has the cost;

ExpenseFirst YearSecond YearThird YearFourth Year
Student Services Fee$687$687$687$687
Technology Fee$$1,028
Student Equipment Fee$1,075
Instrument Rental Fee$2,440$2,440$2,440$2,440
Supply Fee$5,289$5,289$5,289$5,289
Simulation Lab / Clinic Fee$6,348$6,348$6,348$6,348

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New York University College of Dentistry

NYU’s College of Dentistry offers students an integrated experience combining rigorous coursework in the behavioral, biomedical, and clinical sciences with extensive clinical practice. 

The NYU College of Dentistry is the third oldest and largest dental school in the United States.

NYU Dentistry offers specialty training in the following dental specialty areas: endodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, and prosthodontics, as well as in implant dentistry; conducts an extensive continuing education program; and is home to the only dental school-affiliated dental hygiene program in New York State.

The fees are as follows;

CategoryClass of 2023Class of 2022Class of 2021Class of 2020
Health Insurance*$4,432$3,912$3,912$3,912

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#5.The University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine (UPenn)

Students who attend this dental school which is on our list of the most expensive dental schools in the world, will pay an exorbitant amount.

Using the 2023 academic calendar, students in their first year through the fourth year will pay a total of $128,752; $122,999; $129,157; $122,314, respectively.

Among our list of most expensive dental schools, UPenn is the best dental school for Orthodontics.

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#6. University of Hong Kong (HKU)

The HKU Faculty of Dentistry is the only dental school in Hong Kong and is considered to be the premier center for postgraduate dental education and training globally.

QS ranks it the second-best dental school in the world.

It is top on our list of the most expensive dental schools worldwide.

The Faculty is equipped, amongst many other things, with a Simulation Laboratory for dental students’ self-practice, a fleet of modern research laboratories, and comprehensive and advanced library holdings.

Their tuition is  US$65,100.

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#7. Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMD) is a relatively small public higher education institution in Japan founded in 1928. A graduate program will cost 4,712 USD/year. 496,800 USD/year. 535,800 USD/year.

 It has four systems of graduate education and research: Medical and Dental Sciences, Health Sciences, Biomedical Sciences – Education Division, and Biomedical Sciences – Research Division.

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#8. King’s College London

This is another top-listed, most expensive dental school in the world.

The UK tuition fee for the 2023 academic year is currently £9,250 per year. While the international fee is £43,500 (US$55,800) per year for international students.

Basically, KCL is the largest dental faculty in Europe and is rated 1st in the world for dentistry.

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#9. Karolinska Institute 

The Karolinska Institute is a research-led medical university in Solna within the Stockholm urban area of Sweden. The Department of Dental Medicine (Dentmed) creates dental care for the future through state-of-the-art education and meaningful research.

In addition, the University Dental Clinic offers a student clinic open to the public where students practice supervised by experienced instructors.

Actually, this is another top 15 most expensive dental school in the world.

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#10. Oregon Health & Science University

This is another school in our top 15 most expensive dental schools.

The School of Dentistry shares the mission of the Oregon Health & Science University to provide educational programs, basic and clinical research, and high-quality care and community programs. 

Students get to have clinical excellence in the clinic owned by the scjhool.

First-year dentistry students pay the tuition of $45,216 for an in-state resident or $72,976 for non-residents, not including fees annually.

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#11. Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Tufts University School of Dental Medicine was established in 1868 as Boston Dental College and was incorporated into Tufts College in 1899. 

Furthermore, the curriculum is so broad, and students are exposed to begin seeing patients in April/May of their second year. 

Total Billed Costs$96,370$95,843$90,423$90,293

Then, for international students,

Total Billed Costs $65,950$99,983$99,853

An additional charge of $6,036 per semester will apply to students in their final two years of dental school.

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#12. Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine

You’ll gain skill and confidence at GDSM through experiential learning opportunities, the state-of-the-art Simulation Learning Center, hands-on clinical experiences starting in your first year, and our unique 10-week externships.

The Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine offers a four-year Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) program and a two-year Advanced Standing program for internationally trained dentists. It also offers advanced certificates and degrees in all recognized specialties.

Basically, the tuition of this top-listed most expensive dental schools in the world is written yearly from the first to the fourth year as;

Total tuition 1st year 2nd year3rd year4th year

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#13. University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine

This is another most expensive dental school with Tuition: of $28,667/per semester plus a $5,100/per semester special fee. Total of $33,767 per semester (6-semester program).

In other words $202,602 is paid.

In addition to tuition and special fees, a laptop computer with certain specifications is required to be purchased by all students for school study and training needs.

Students within the School of Dental Medicine are able to pursue a four-year degree, a combined master’s and certificate program, as well as two residency certificate programs.

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#14. Harvard University Dental School

This is another school top on our list of the 15 most expensive dental schools. Harvard school of dental medicine has an annual tuition of about $124,652, the highest tuition for the 2023 session.

Located in the heart of Boston’s Longwood Medical Area, Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM) ranks as one of the country’s preeminent dental medicine schools.

HSDM is the only school at Harvard that offers direct patient care, with the Harvard Dental Center welcoming more than 25,000 patients for over 57,000 dental visits every year

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15 Most Expensive Dental Schools in The World FAQs

What is the most expensive dental school

The most expensive dental school is the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry at $137,655 per year, followed by the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of the University of Southern California at $122,154. Harvard University is reasonably high this year at $124,652.

How long does it take to get a dental school certification?

You can get the dental school certificate in four years. But, the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry GIVES AN ACCELERATED PROGRAM IN 3 YEARS.

Do dental students start practicing on time?

Yes, they do. In fact, most of them own clinics where students can start practicing as early as their second year in dental school.


If you’ll love to attend an expensive dental school that gives you all the educational and experiential knowledge you can ever imagine, then go through the post thoroughly.

You can as well visit the schools website to get more information on the programs you love and their specific admission requirements.

We have brought you the basics. Apply as applicable.

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