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If you want to improve your core strength, posture, and coordination, taking online ballet classes is exactly what you need, especially as a beginner. To become a ballet dancer, you don’t necessarily need to go to a Julliard school in New York or any dance school; you need a laptop or TV screen, internet, and space, and from the comfort of your home, you are good to go.

You do not need any ballet or dance experience. Your professional ballet teacher can help you learn the basics of this most graceful of all dance styles, including barre work, centre exercise, and, if you have space, allegro (jumps) and pirouettes (turns).

In this article, we shall extensively look into the online ballet classes available for you to take from the comfort of your home.

Online Ballet Classes in 2023

This course is designed for students to continue their knowledge of ballet terminology with slow and thorough exercises to understand proper body positioning and positioning better.

It is recommended that ballet shoes or socks be worn with clothing such as a leotard or tank top that will allow the teacher to see body alignment. Students can use a countertop or furniture such as a chair instead of a bar.

Can I learn Ballet online?

There are several online options for bringing the studio into your home, including online ballet class platforms, YouTube videos, and even professional dancers who live-stream themselves, teach classes, and do workouts.

While a dance class is the best way to learn Ballet, you can make basic Ballet moves at home if you can’t take a class or want extra exercise. Before you dance, warm up and stretch so your body is ready.

Then learn the positions in Ballet and practice basic Ballet moves until you master them.

What do the best online ballet classes offer?

The best online ballet classes are available either live-streamed, on-demand, or one-to-one and include everything from classic ballet routines and cardio ballet workouts to guides on improving technique and form.

Who Should Take Online Ballet Classes?

Whether you’re new to Ballet or about to become the next Misty Copeland, anyone can take ballet classes online, regardless of age or skill level. Balancing could be an excellent option to lengthen and strengthen your body instead of focusing on increasing your heart rate.

How much do Online Ballet classes cost?

Online ballet class prices may vary. Some courses are offered for free, while others may require a subscription fee to have on-demand access. Memberships range from roughly $15 to $100 monthly, with discounts for longer subscriptions.

Most courses offer a free trial,, or you can download classes for a small fee before becoming a member.

How do I choose the best online ballet classes?

You can choose the best online ballet courses based on budget, skills, and overall experience. Whichever platform you choose from the list, you will be taught by experienced professional trainers who can help you develop your ballet skills.

Best Online Ballet Classes in 2023

There are courses for those who want to try Ballet for the first time and those who wish to become professional dancers. Let’s look at the different online ballet classes you can enrol for;


Combining dance and video, Dancio was founded in 2017 by Choreographer and dancer Caitlin Trainor Dancio offers Ballet and other dance styles, such as modern and contemporary dance. So if you love to practice Ballet but are also looking for other opportunities, Dancio is the one for you.

An online portal with over 85 recorded dance courses lets you learn from well-known dancers such as Julie Kent, Wendy Whelan, Khalia Campbell, and Laura Halzack.

The best thing about Dancio, however, is the live classes – the program offers 30- or 60-minute private lessons with various teachers. You can opt for a one-to-one lesson or a group course. Private Sessions cost between $ 50 and $ 350.

Dancio charges a monthly subscription fee of around $ 20 for unlimited streaming of all classes. Otherwise, buying a class a la carte will cost you around $ 5 with 48-hour access for rental.

Best for those who love Ballet, modern and contemporary dance, Dancio is a great online platform for beginners to advanced learners. It is known for its extensive library of content and the option of one-to-one tuition.

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The Ballet Coach

With over 25,000, Sarah Du-Feu offers free ballet courses on her YouTube channel, The Ballet Coach. From lessons for toddlers and beginners to intermediate-level dancers, The Ballet Coach has something for everyone.

Most of their courses are taught live on YouTube but are recorded and posted on their site for free to watch at any time.

Classes typically last around 25 to 45 minutes, from performing basic steps and stretch to ballet fitness and sessions for medium/adult dancers.

This is an excellent option for those who want to immerse themselves in Ballet without spending a dime learning the steps and techniques.

Suppose you’d like to dig deeper into your practice. In that case, The Ballet Coach has a program on their website where you pay around $14 per month (or about $135 per year) for access to three different live adult classes per week as regular tutorial videos.

The Ballet Coach has a vast library of free live courses available to everyone on their YouTube channel.

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MasterClass with Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland’s Master Class is a 17-part course that focuses on everything ballet-related, including own strength, plies, tendus, and much more. The total duration of the lesson is one hour and 46 minutes, each challenging you to perfect your form and technique under the guidance of one of the greatest ballerinas in the world.

This MasterClass is an excellent option for ballet dancers just starting or trying to move up to the intermediate range. All lessons are pre-recorded, so that you won’t find live one-on-one lessons on this online dance platform.

In addition, the course is more of a way of learning the techniques and skills related to Ballet than offering a real ballet-inspired workout like barre or cardio ballet.

Misty Copeland’s course is part of the MasterClass range. Membership costs around $ 180, which lasts for a year and gives you unrestricted access to all MasterClass series until cancelled.

For those who want to learn more about skill, technique, and form, Misty Copeland’s MasterClass is for you; you can learn new moves from one of the best ballerinas in the world.

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American Ballet Theatre

The renowned American Ballet Theater (ABT) offers virtual online courses for adults (ages 16+). While you don’t have to be a ballet professional to take lessons at ABT, the company recommends beginner ballet classes to understand ballet vocabulary.

The theatre offers three grade levels, with multiple live streams occurring most days of the week.

The beginner ballet course lasts 90 minutes, costs around $15 per class, and is ideal for those just starting with Ballet or trying to relive their past ballerina days. The course focuses on alignment, the fundamentals of technique, and the quality of movement.

The Intermediate / Advanced Ballet, great for dancers looking to improve their skills at home, is available for $10 for 60-minute and $15 for 90-minute classes. Aimed at those with a solid ballet education and knowledge of ballet vocabulary, this course focuses on coordination, quality of movement, and technical strength.

After all, the Body Conditioning for Dancers course lasts around 45 minutes and costs around US $10 per session. This exercise is all about bodyweight exercises that will help you gain lean muscle mass while improving balance, flexibility, and endurance.

Registration opens 14 days before the start of the course and closes two hours before the beginning of the system. Once you’ve all enrolled, registered attendees will be emailed Zoom information 30 minutes before the class.

Not only are you guaranteed high-quality instructors in every class, but we love that you can pay per session instead of a monthly or annual fee.

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The Ballet Spot

The Ballet Spot offers a variety of ballet classes taught by professional coaches, including cardio ballet, full-body barre, Ballet breathe and flow, ballet sculpture, Broadway ballet, and more.

Classes with The Ballet Spot are provided through video conferencing so the teacher can teach and criticize your form alongside other class members.

Live lessons range from 30 minutes to an hour, costing around $14 per session. You can also purchase live stream class packs – five of these cost around $60, while 10 cost around $110.

The Ballet Spot also offers on-demand lessons at about $5 each for a 24-hour loan, or you can purchase unlimited access to more than class recordings (one week complete) for about $25 per week.

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Sadler’s Wells

The London-based arts institution has launched free, daily online dance classes and workshops for people of all ages – taught by some of the best artists in the business, and all of them can be viewed through a new online platform, Digital Stage.

An excellent way to stay connected is through dance wherever you are.

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STEEZY focuses on urban dance styles such as a house, dancehall, krump, breaking, whacking, and heels. The user interface allows you to view the teacher from multiple angles, slow down, repeat a certain step, or watch yourself dancing on the screen next to the teacher to compare your technique.

 After a seven-day free trial, the plans are offered monthly or annually; at $19.99/month or $99.99/year.

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Operation: Tap

Tap stars Anthony Morigerato, Ayodele Casel, and Mike Minery founded Operation: Tap to offer online courses for beginners to advanced professional tap dancers.

A subscription offers fun bonuses, like technical challenges and videos of original tap productions every Tuesday – along with behind-the-scenes footage;  $ 15-40/month.

Of course, you’ll also want to ensure a solid faucet floor at home before you rip open your hardwood. Check out these options from Stagestep and Harlequin.

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Veyette Virtual Ballet School

For interactive personal ballet coaching, visit the Veyette Virtual Ballet School. It was recently launched by Miami City Ballet’s soloist Lauren Fadeley and her husband, former Pennsylvania Ballet director Francis Veyette.

Your one-to-one classes on Skype will focus on proper technique and healthy thinking. Veyette and Fadeley also offer small-group studio and competitive coaching classes and mentoring sessions for students and parents. Private lessons are $100 / hour.

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CLI Studios 

CLI Studios works directly with dance studios to offer live or recorded masterclasses, continuing education for faculty members and competitive choreography.

The program was co-founded by a group of commercial stars like tWitch, Allison Holker, and Teddy Forance, and the faculty roster reads like a who’s who of the industry.

There are currently more than 150 hours of training available online. However, starting at $100 a month, CLI will also live stream some courses for free.

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If you want to try a new style while stuck at home, Learntodance.com has free online step-by-step guides on everything from tango to Irish tap dancing.

Or, you can purchase a complete course with a premium advanced training subscription for between $37 and $147.

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Learn new choreographies with easy-to-understand tutorials on DancePlug. There are combinations and technical exercises in classical styles such as theatre dance, poetry, contemporary, Ballet and jazz.

The website also offers strength and conditioning training. Plans start at $8.25 / month for an annual membership.

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1on1 Ballet

The famous National Ballet of Canada star Svetlana Lunkina is behind the 1on1 Ballet app. The AI ​​technology records your movement – such as the position of your body in space, speed, angle, and angular velocity – and compares it to a professional ballet dancer doing the same exercises to help you analyze and correct your work.

The app currently offers 59 different exercises. It’s available on Google Play and the Apple Store with in-app purchases.

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The Dancer’s Workout®

For the next several weeks, The Dancer’s Workout® will offer a free one-hour online class daily at 11:45 am Eastern Time.

The fitness classes are taught by UNCSA ballet alum Jules Szabo and combine Ballet, jazz, contemporary dance, and strengthening exercises for conditioning. Registration is required.

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TMilly TV

Tim Milgram is one of the most famous video directors in the commercial dance world, so the online courses on his TMilly TV website offer high-quality images.

They are also run by some of the big names in the industry, like Brian Friedman and Julian DeGuzman. Plans are $9.99 / month, $49.99 / six months, or $89.99 / year. With the code “dance” ag” you “will receive a 50% discount in the first two months.

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Supersteps Academy

If you’re ng for popping, locking, whacking, or hip-hop workshops, the Supersteps Academy has live classes and access to replays. You can also sign up for one-on-one mentoring with a teacher.

Unlimited access is £12 / month, or you can pay for individual live sessions as you see fit.

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ARC Dance Masterclass Series

Seattle-based ARC Dance Company offers remote masterclasses from dancers from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Dance Theater of Harlem, Les Grands Ballet Canadiens, American Ballet Theater, and other companies.

The Remote Master Class Series offered through Zoom begins with the former Pacific Northwest Ballet star Carla Korbes. The hour-long classes are small, so the dancers can get corrections in real time; $10 per class.

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Universal Ballet Competition

The Universal Ballet Competition gathers world-class ballet stars every weekend for a series of interactive classes via Zoom, where students can get real-time corrections and participate in a 15-minute Q&A after class.

Teachers include big dance names like Francesca Hayward, Isabella Boylston, and Desmond Richardson. The 90-minute intermediate and advanced courses include Ballet Technique, Pointe Barre, Men’s Men’s, Contemporary, and Variations.

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Dancewear brand Zarély launched MYSENSEI to offer one-on-one training and mentoring with current and former professional ballet dancers, such as Jurgita Dronina, Pascal Molat, and Sona Kharatian. Depending on the teacher, the courses cost between $60 and $150 per class.

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Dance Break

Dance Break allows you to sign up for Zoom courses or book one-on-one sessions with professional dancers in the concert and commercial world.

In addition to classes in different dance styles, you can also do Pilates or stretching exercises. Drop-ins cost $30.

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Basic Ballet Guide

This course is aimed at absolute beginners. In this course, you will learn the basic concepts of French Ballet, the positions of arms and feet in Ballet, and the basic bar exercises.

  • The participants know the basic concepts of French Ballet.
  • You will get to know the exercises that are part of ballet lessons.
  • You will be introduced to basic ballet steps.
  • You will learn to correct common mistakes and maintain correct posture during exercises.
  • You warm up effectively with barre-au-sol exercises.

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Learn the Fundamentals Of Ballet

Each section of this course is broken down into short videos to demonstrate the movements and allow you to follow them easily.

In the first section, we learn the basic positions of the hands and feet. The second section demonstrates ballet practice on the barre. The third section is an introduction to centre practice, including pirouettes. The fourth section focuses on jumps and the Curtsee.

This course has been carefully designed so that you can feel safe whenever you enter the ballet studio, whether at home or abroad. This course is for anyone new to Ballet and wanting to learn the basics.

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Choosing the best online ballet course depends on your needs and skill level. For beginners, The Ballet Coach or Misty Copelands MasterClass may be your best bet.

At the same time, intermediate to intermediate dancers find the American Ballet Theater’s adult is ideal for learning from the pros.

For those seeking more exercise, The Ballet Spot might be the best option considering it has many different cardio and barre ballet classes. Finally, if you love Ballet but want a little more variety, Dancio is a solid option.



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