15 Online Colleges in Dakota for International Students

Even while the numerous advantages of being able to optimize your energy and time make online college already appealing, its affordability makes it even more desirable. 

At online colleges in Dakota for international students, tuition cost is considerable. Other qualifying scholars in recognized nations can pay less through tuition reciprocity initiatives.

The thriving economy makes it a desirable location to learn and obtain a degree. In both populated cities and rural communities, Dakota is home to numerous colleges.

However, online schooling is the best option if you are a full-time worker or cannot leave your current city or nation but still want to attend a top-notch North or South Dakota institution.

Obtaining an online degree makes perfect sense for working individuals, couples, people with a disability, veterans, and regular folks who want a more self-paced approach. So advance your profession with courses at online colleges in Dakota. 

We’ve published this article on the 15 best online colleges in Dakota for international students to help you focus your search. Let’s begin!

Why Should I Study In Dakota?

Dakota’s components are present for vibrant and compelling student life. Its reputation as a frontier state makes it the ideal place to start adulthood, with its abundance of national parks and bustling towns and cities.

Students can experience countless miles of the unspoiled American wilderness, rich with various flora and fauna. This makes studying in Dakota lengthy yet fruitful. 

Generally, Dakota state university is one of the best universities for international students. They are ranked 238th out of 1,204 colleges and universities in the United States for international students.

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Are There Online Colleges In Dakota For International Students?

South and North Dakota provide various online degrees and courses for postsecondary students through several reputable online colleges. You can choose from multiple online colleges in Dakota for international students.

In autumn 2015, 13,096 North Dakota school students enrolled in online-only programs, according to the Distance Education State Almanac 2017. This was greater than the national median for this category, representing 24.3 % of the state’s college-age population. 

Additionally, there was a modest increase compared to North Dakota’s online-only enrollment for the fall of 2014. The majority of these online students—62 per cent—were from North Dakota, while 37% came from other states, and 1% were international students.

10,710 South Dakota college students enrolled in programs that could only be completed online in the fall of 2015, based on the Distance Education State Almanac 2017. This was greater than the national median for this category, representing 20% of the state’s college student population. Two-thirds of the South Dakota entirely online students were state citizens, compared to 33% out-of-staters and 1% foreign-born students.

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How Long Is An Online College In Dakota For International Students?

The length of courses at online colleges in Dakota for international students depends on the institution and the program you choose.

To finish Self-Paced, enrol in Anytime programs or join semester-based programs and adhere to the academic calendar. However, this can take three to nine months. Your transcript shows the same information for both online courses.

Many students who enrol in courses online and earn credit hours through distance learning complete their bachelor’s degrees in 12 to 18 months through select online universities and programs.

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How Much Does An Online College In Dakota For International Students Cost?

Historically, on-campus education has been more expensive per credit than remote learning, both in terms of the cost per credit hour and other expenses like accommodation, books, and lab fees. Online courses cost, on average, $200 per credit hour to complete for trainees in North Dakota and other MHEC member states.

The University of Dakota offers the most affordable online education in South Dakota at only $354.75 per credit.

The University at Sioux Falls, $390 per credit, is South Dakota’s most costly online university. However, students can apply for available college tuition scholarships in the country to curb these expenses.

What Are Online Colleges In Dakota Ranked For?

Regardless of your location, online colleges in Dakota for international students offer a nationally-recognized education because they are one of the best states with online universities. You will receive your education online in interactive courses taught by the same academics instructing on-campus courses.

International students have access to traditional four-year universities, community colleges, certification courses, and online apprenticeships as possibilities for higher education online. There are several possibilities available at online colleges in Dakota for international students who desire to take college courses online.

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reported in 2020 that there were 12 nonprofit 4-year institutions in North Dakota where students completed 6,082 distance education degree programs. Five of those institutions were nonprofit private schools, while seven were public ones.

What Are The Requirements For Getting Into Online Colleges In Dakota For International Students?

The prerequisites for getting into online colleges in Dakota for international students differ. You can find the exact requirements for your application on the College’s website.

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What Are The Best Online Colleges In Dakota For International Students?

The best online colleges in Dakota for international students are:

  • Augustana University
  • Black Hills State University
  • Dakota State University
  • Dakota Wesleyan University
  • South Dakota State University
  • University of Sioux Falls
  • University of South Dakota
  • Mayville State University
  • Minot State University
  • University of North Dakota
  • Valley City State University
  • Dickson University
  • University of Mary
  • Presentation College

#1. Augustana University

In the large city of Sioux Falls is where Augustana University is situated. It was established in 1860 by Swedish immigrants. 

Their programs are built on the foundation of its lengthy history and Lutheran heritage. According to U.S. News, the university is one of the best regional colleges in the Midwest. The Higher Education Commission has accredited it.

The online Master of Arts in Education is the sole online degree offered by Augustana. It is a 19-month curriculum without a thesis. The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education has approved this program. They provide five specializations: reading, special populations, STEM, instructional strategies, and technology.

Part-time tuition is $465 for in-state students and $465 for out-of-state students per credit. Full-time, in-state tuition is $465 per credit. Full-time, out-of-state tuition per credit is $465.

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#2. Minot State University

Minot State University is one of the best online institutions in the United States. Remote students are accepted into Twelve online bachelor’s programs at the approved university. The institution offers six online master’s programs to graduate students. The institution enrols 1,328 distance learners in total.

The public university enrols about 776 degree candidates. Remote students from throughout the nation digitally attend their classes. The institution offers its students career assistance, financial assistance counselling, and academic advising.

$287 is the cost of tuition per credit hour.

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#3. Black Hill State University

In 1883, Black Hills State University was established as a teaching college. BHSU, a public university with sites in Spearfish and Rapid City, teaches close to 4,000 students throughout its three colleges and now manages 80-degree programs.

The Bachelor of Business Administration online program at BHSU includes a general studies track and a management speciality option. Students majoring in available studies must take a capstone course and accrue 15 credits across three focus areas.

Additionally, BHSU provides online master’s degrees in reading, education curriculum and instruction, secondary education, sustainability, and strategic leadership. The strategic leadership program employs the executive cohort approach. The one- or two-year secondary education degree combines distance learning with two practica and a stint of student teaching to prepare graduates for teacher certification.

Part-time, in-state tuition is $466 per credit. Part-time, out-of-state tuition is $466 per credit. Full-time, in-state tuition is $466 per credit. Full-time, out-of-state tuition per credit is $466.

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#4. University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota grants numerous online bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. A bachelor’s degree in civil, chemical, electrical, mechanical, or petroleum engineering can be earned entirely online by students interested in pursuing an engineering degree. 

It usually takes at least six years for students to finish the semester-based engineering program after entering in the fall, springtime, or summer semester.

The recorded lectures are used in these certified engineering programs. In addition to the general studies, communications, psychology, sociology, social work, and an R.N. to B.S.N. program, UND also provides online undergraduate programs. 

Depending on the curriculum, students might need to participate in live online classes or go to a few campus sessions. Online courses are capable of receiving financial aid, and many of them do not have an out-of-state tuition cost.

The cost of tuition is $370 per credit hour.

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#5. Dakota State University

DSSU is a governmental, nonprofit institution of higher learning. Madison in South Dakota. Through the Higher Learning Commission, the university has regional accreditation. 3,145 pupils are registered there overall. Smith-Zimmerman Museum is located on the campus. Their learning methodology is distinctive in how it incorporates technology now and was established in 1881 as a school for teacher training.

Because they frequently run in sync with on-campus classes, Dakota State University’s online classes promote a sense of community. There are a total of 22 undergraduate program options available at D.S.U. Popular majors involve:

  • Elementary education and special education (B.S.E.).
  • Business administration (M.B.A.).
  • Doctor of science in cybersecurity.
  • Network and security administration (B.S.).
  • Educational technology (M.S.).

The Tuition fee is $471 per credit.

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#6. Valley City State College

Several fully online degrees are available from Valley City State College. Business education, business process integration management, technical and vocational training, English schooling, history training, professional communication, and technology education are just a few of the bachelor’s degrees in these fields that fall under this category. 

Additionally, VCSU provides an online Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in music, enabling students to complete their degree requirements online. However, music majors must enrol in ensembles and lessons for credit at VCSU or another institution or university and move the credits to VCSU. 

Before being admitted into the program, music aspirants must submit an audition. Additionally, VCSU provides advanced degrees in education online.

Per credit (in-state) tuition is $212 while Per credit (out-of-state) tuition is $371.

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#7. Dakota Wesleyan University

Mitchell, South Dakota, is home to Dakota Wesleyan University. Established in 1885 by Methodist pioneers,it is a 4-year private institution connected to United Methodist Church. 

The university has less than 900 students enrolled in its programs, resulting in small class sizes. 2015 saw the launch of the Institute of Online Adult Learning. All of the university’s programs, including those offered online, place a strong emphasis on a faith-based curriculum.

Dakota Wesleyan University uses an all-asynchronous course delivery methodology that gives distant learners the most freedom possible. In addition to offering expedited eight-week courses, the school has a welcoming transfer policy. Business Administration (M.B.A.), Education (M.A.), Nursing (R.N. to B.S.N.), and Bachelor of Arts are popular online degrees (degree completion).

The cost o tuition is $375 per credit hour.

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#8. South Dakota State University

This is the biggest and longest continuously running university in the state, having been established in 1881. 13 undergraduate degrees may be earned online, including bachelor’s and associate’s degrees, in various disciplines, including geography, nursing, psychology, sociology, and medical laboratory science. 

The institution also provides a wide range of graduate degrees in fields like agricultural education, dietetics, English, human sciences (available with four majors), mass communication, and nursing. There are also numerous undergraduate and graduate certificate programs offered online. 

The Desire2Learn online course platform provides access to all distance learning courses. The system is described in several video courses and manuals. On the university’s website, prospective students can take an online assessment to see if they are a good fit for distance learning.

The tuition cost is $355 per credit hour.

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#9. University of Sioux Falls 

This Christian liberal arts college, founded in 1883, is situated in Sioux Falls, the largest city in South Dakota. It has a connection to the American Baptist Churches, U.S.A. Online certificate, bachelor’s, and master’s programs are available at U.S.F. 

Students can enrol in online degree programs in various disciplines, including business, management, nursing, healthcare, and health administration. Online degree completion and expedited programs in accounting, business, and health administration are perfect for people juggling a family, job, or other commitments. They are entirely accessible online.

The price per credit hour for tuition is $395.

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#10. South Dakota State University

South Dakota State University is the state’s oldest public university and flagship institution. It was established in 1862. The only law school and medical school in South Dakota are located there. The university’s several colleges offer associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs online. 

Among the popular fields of study are business management, public health, addiction studies, dental hygiene, nursing, social work, kinesiology, and sport management. There are also various online certificate programs and an online Ph.D. in the health sciences. 

Academic support, I.T. support, disability services, and library services are all available to online learners. The Desire2Learn platform provides coursework, and instructional videos are available.

Per credit cost of tuition here is $470.

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#11. Mayville State University

Mayville State University, a public university with its main campus in Mayville, North Dakota, is one of the top online universities. Seven hundred sixty-five students are enrolled online for the institution’s remote learning courses.

During an online degree, distant students finish their education in an online classroom setting. Students may complete internships, practicums, and other on-site requirements in their neighbourhood with the assistance of the program advisors. 

Students who enrol online gain access to student services designed just for them, including academic counselling, career guidance, and online tutoring. The institution’s experiential learning programs aid graduates’ transfer to the workforce.

The cost of tuition is $326 per credit hour.

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#12. Presentation College

Presentation College (P.C.), a private, co-education Catholic university with a headquarters in Aberdeen and a satellite campus in Fairmont, Minnesota, was established in 1951. The college’s academic programs have more medical courses.

The institution’s P.C. Virtual system offers a total of seven online programs: a bachelor’s in radiologic technology, an L.P.N. to B.S.N. (completion), an R.N. to B.S.N. (complete), a bachelor’s degrees in health science and healthcare administration, and a master’s in family nurse practitioner. The college uses the online learning management system Moodle to deliver coursework. The same advising and counselling services that are available to on-campus students are also available to online students.

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#13. University of Mary

Four online undergraduate business degrees specializing in accounting, human resources, management, and marketing are available through the University of Mary Online Center. Liberal arts and organizational leadership degrees are also public online. 

The university offers 15 online graduate degrees, including a Master of Project Management, a Master of Counseling, and a Master of Strategic Leadership. Their online M.B.A. program provides five specializations in accounting, healthcare, executive, energy management, and human resources management. Full-time students can complete the program in as little as 18 months.

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#14. Dickson University

Dickinson State University, one of the best online colleges in North Dakota, offers a variety of degree opportunities for prospective students. The nonprofit school’s liberal arts and professional studies programs are open to distance learners. Working adults who must juggle duties can conveniently complete approved degrees through remote enrollment.

The university provides 120-credit bachelor’s programs that take four years or less to complete. A master’s program can be finished online in around 24 months. Non-traditional students can earn their degrees through live and recorded classes. Participants in the program finish their assignments by the deadline. Teachers combine classroom education with hands-on learning experiences like practica or internships.

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#15. Bismarck State University

For students who desire to obtain an Associate in Applied Science degree, Bismarck State University offers roughly 20 online programs. For students who desire to work in the energy industry, there are several options available. Electric power, nuclear power, and oil-producing technologies are available options. The college also offers an online Bachelor of Applied Science in Energy Management degree program. Online programs for business degrees include those in business administration and management. Acquiring an associate degree in a subject like geographic information systems, information processing, or computer support is an option for students who wish to work in the technology industry.

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How To Apply For Online Colleges In Dakota For International Students

Many Dakota university degree courses, including associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, include online courses. These steps will guide your application for online colleges in Dakota for international students:

  • Look for universities that provide online courses.
  • Read about the objectives of online courses and what you should learn from them. In your quest for online colleges, compare the institutions that offer the same courses.
  • After you have selected the college you wish to attend for your online programs, follow the admissions procedure. For administrative purposes, you may require the institution to designate you as a degree- or non-degree seeker.
  • Choose and sign up for your online courses. Students have access to their online accounts at the majority of colleges. You can access the most recent list of open online courses after entering the school’s website.
  • Before the start of the chosen online classes, pay the tuition. However, most universities give grace period to students to pay up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is North Dakota a decent place for international students to study?

UND offers a range of cultural, extracurricular, and academic programs to its 1,000+ foreign students from 97 different countries.

Which online university is the simplest to enrol in?

Antioch University provides an online liberal arts degree program in Culver City, California. Because it adopts a well-rounded, generalist approach, it is probably the most accessible online college—or an “easy” selection. Up to 75 transfer credits are accepted for the university’s online B.A. in Liberal Studies program.

Can you trust the University of North Dakota online?

In the Top 361 Online Bachelor’s Programs list, the University of North Dakota is listed at position 147. Schools are rated based on how well they perform against a set of generally recognized quality measures. Learn more about our school rankings here. 

Are online universities reliable?

Although online universities are gaining popularity, potential students may still doubt their legitimacy. The value of an online degree is equal to that of a traditional degree. Statistics indicate that few employers even distinguish between the two sorts of degrees.


Although some degree courses are entirely online, others require you to complete some work online and the rest in person. 

We hope this article has satisfied your quest for knowledge on the best online colleges in Dakota for international students.

Most online courses are asynchronous, allowing students to view lectures, finish readings, and submit assignments on their schedules. It is a practical way to study. We hope you have already decided on the Dakota law school you want to attend; now you need to apply and show your interest.



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