How Can I Get A PhD In Finance Online | Schools, Requirements, Cost

Online PhD in finance programs has enabled educators to bridge distances with traditional students in an unprecedented way especially when it comes to cost and convenience.

To this end, renowned institutions and state universities currently offer an online doctoral degree in finance.

A doctorate in finance can be your ticket to the career you’ve always wanted. With this online finance degree, you are well suited for a leadership role or teaching in accounting, banking, wealth management, or finance.

In this article, we shall discuss on how you can get a PhD in finance Online; Schools that offer the course, Requirements, and Cost.

Why Should I Pursue An Online PhD in Finance?

A PhD Finance online program can be a positive step toward a rewarding career in academia or the finance industry.

Online programs are earning popularity as they allow students the flexibility to balance work, education, and family in order to earn their degree. Through video conferences, online courses, chat rooms, discussion boards, and email, students can earn their PhD Finance online degree and advance their careers.

PhD Finance online programs examine all aspects of finance such as the behavior of financial markets, pricing and valuation, and financial decisions in businesses and corporations.

Programs also equip students with the tools and skills necessary to conduct original research resulting in a dissertation, which must provide a significant contribution to the field of study.

Graduates of PhD Finance online programs have specialized knowledge in finance, a deep understanding of theory and application of theory, and the competence to conduct independent research in the field.

Take a look through the PhD Finance online programs below and you may find the program you have been searching for!

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Which schools offer Finance PhD Online?

Here’s a list of schools that offer an online PhD in finance.

1. University of Dallas

Studying at the University of Dallas gives you an opportunity to earn your DBA through a mix of online classes and time on the school campus in Texas.

This program is aimed at people who already hold management positions in the business world and want to develop further. Because of its flexibility, professionals can earn their doctorate while keeping their current job.

This general program includes courses such as Agile Organizations and Emerging Technologies. If you choose this university, you will take part in a colloquium, defend a dissertation and have the opportunity to do a teaching internship.

Average Graduate Tuition: $37,230


2. City University of Seattle, Seattle, Washington

The City University of Seattle offers an online option for completing the DBA or Doctor of Business Administration. This degree was created for graduates who are interested in becoming leaders in companies or working as management consultants.

It takes three to four years to complete the degree and there are no residence requirements for the online option. Students who go online will find that their education is supported by new technologies that allow professors to chat live with them during lectures and online office hours.

The degree requires 91 credit hours of coursework and a dissertation for the degree. The sample courses include industry analysis and market innovation, financial decision-making, and theories and trends in organizational development.

Average Graduate Tuition: $16,748 per year


3. Capella University, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Capella University offers two PhD programs in finance. The first is a doctor of business administration, which is an academic degree where students focus on research and business theories from a concentrated point of view within the industry.

This is perfect for students who are interested in becoming academics and enjoying research.

The second is PhD in Business Management which focuses on educating a student on the pragmatic aspects of the business world.

This degree is perfect for students who want to enter the business after graduation. Both degrees can be acquired online.

Average Graduate Tuition: $14,365


4. Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Walden University is a well-known online university that has made a name for itself with its business degrees. The school’s hybrid program allows students to learn from home, with only a few trips required for intensive stays throughout the study plan.

This degree requires 60 semester credit hours of coursework, a dissertation, and a few trips to the school campus where students get to carry out some practicals.

In this online program, you’ll find courses like tax management in a global environment, organizational management, and a seminar in international finance.

Average Graduate Tuition: $12,075


5. University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina

The University of South Carolina offers a hybrid doctor of business administration with a focus on finance. This degree was designed specifically for students interested in a career in government or teaching. It is not a practical degree for finance professionals.

Research also makes up a large part of the course. Many students build an academic portfolio based on the research projects they are conducting at USC.

While the place of residence has to be determined at the beginning of the course, almost all courses for this degree can be purchased online.

Average Graduate Tuition: $11,454


6. Northcentral University, San Diego, California

Northcentral University offers a PhD in finance online with no residency requirements, making it an ideal option for any student looking for an online doctorate in finance.

The DBA requires 54 credit hours of coursework and can be completed in just 39 months with no residence requirement. Students benefit from the learning of a group of experienced professors.

Average Graduate Tuition: $10,368


7. University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland

The University of Maryland awards an online PhD in finance to students. The degree offers students the opportunity to accept research projects and work on dissertations from the comfort of their own homes.

The courses are usually offered in an asynchronous format and research projects are monitored via online office hours and phone calls to the school. This degree consists of 36 credit hours of coursework, a dissertation, and at least one research project of the student’s choice.

Sample courses include finance theory, international finance topics, and empirical studies of industrial organizations.

Average Graduate Tuition: $10,181


8. Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas

Kansas State University offers an incredible opportunity to students interested in doing a PhD. in personal financial planning. This cohort program allows students to do most of their coursework at home.

This program format gives students the feeling that they actually know their classmates and professors, and at the same time enables them to continue their careers and training.

This degree requires 90 credit hours of coursework in four different areas of competence: research, profession, support, and electives.

Sample courses include income tax, money and relationships, and an introduction to financial therapy.

Average Graduate Tuition: $9,874


9. Trident University, Cypress, California

Trident University offers a doctorate in business administration that is awarded entirely online. This program is designed for scholars and professors of tomorrow.

With five options, this degree opens up opportunities for academic research, especially in the financial sector. The degree requires 45 credit hours of coursework, a research project supervised by the department, an aptitude test, and a dissertation.

Sample courses include auditing, financial management, and economic growth and development.

Average Graduate Tuition: $9,000


What are the Career Options for an Online Doctorate in Finance Degree?

Earning an online doctorate in finance prepares an individual to work either in the finance industry or somewhere outside where your financial competence will be required.

Finance graduates possess analytical skills and advanced knowledge of financial principles that allow them to hold high-level positions in major companies, in the government, or in academia.

Let’s look at the following career which you can feature in with a PhD in finance online

1. University Professor

The first and most common career option is that of a university professor. They work in colleges and universities, developing course syllabi and content, teaching students, and completing original, scholarly research for inclusion in journals or books.

Nearly all college professor jobs require candidates to hold a doctoral degree in the field in which they aspire to teach.

Median Annual Salary: $76,000

2. Financial Manager

The responsibility for the financial health of an organization or business falls to the financial manager, who monitors and reviews activity, supervises others in the finance department, forecasts future data, analyses trends, and helps executives make final decisions regarding expenses and profits.

Median Annual Salary: $125,080

3. Personal Financial Advisor

Personal financial advisors work one-on-one with clients, assessing their needs and advising them on topics like investments, savings, taxes, or insurance. Clients may specialize in a single area, like retirement planning, portfolio building, or risk management, or they may handle a variety of cases from day to day.

Median Annual Salary: $90,640

4. Researcher

Another academic-related option is that of a researcher. While many professors do research while teaching, and indeed this is common, there are some think tanks and firms that hire researchers who work solely in the field of finance.

This enables the researchers to work on their projects without being distracted by school requirements.

Median Annual Salary: $45,640

What is the Average Salary for a Doctorate in Finance?

The average salary for a doctorate degree holder varies according to career choice.

Most academicians with a PhD in finance earn average salaries ranging from $59,000 to $100,000. The discrepancy can be explained by the different levels of the professors; There are assistants, employees, and permanent professors.

For professional positions holders such as a financial or investment analyst, the salary can also vary by $75,000, and some additional benefits and bonuses.

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Is an Online Degree the Same as a Traditional Degree?

When it comes to online or traditional financial doctoral programs, the main difference is the mode of delivery. The content remains the same, and so does the accuracy of the program. You can choose an online program, an on-campus program, or a hybrid mix.

Nowadays, most doctoral programs do not distinguish between paths to the same degree. This means that the school does not distinguish which degrees were awarded online and which were awarded in the traditional format.

It is believed that for a student who has earned his doctorate in finance, it shouldn’t matter whether he did it traditionally or used online options.

Is Accreditation Important for Online Ph.D. In Finance?

With regional accreditation bodies covering the entire United States, there is no excuse for a college not to be accredited.

The three main accreditation bodies you should look out for when looking for an online financial PhD program:

  • AACSB – The Association for the Promotion of Collegiate Schools of Business International
  • ACBSP – Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs
  • IACBE – International Assembly for College Business Education


An online PhD in finance doesn’t only offer students the flexibility of study, it offers the student access to the required knowledge for a career upscale. Therefore, do well to make the best out of this opportunity.


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