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Are you planning to study in Europe? Do you nurse the ambition to study in the emerging European country of Latvia? Are you aware of the world-renowned University called the Riga Stradiņs University (RSU), located in the capital city of Latvia, Riga?

This article contains all you need to know about Riga Stradins University. This includes the tuition fees, courses offered by the University, admission requirements as well as Riga Stradins University ranking.

Brief Review of Riga Stradins University

The University was established and named after its founder Paul Stradins on September 1, 1950, in the largest city and capital of the country, Riga.

Riga Stradins University has undergone a series of changes since its establishment and it is currently a state-funded University with several academic programs offered.

Essentially, the University majors in science courses with a focus on undergraduate and postgraduate programs in fields like Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, etc.

RSU is currently emerging as an Institution of reckoning in the world academic sphere with a constant increase in world academic ranking.

Furthermore, Riga Stradins University ranking has soared over the years. Thus, the University becomes a preferred destination for international students applying abroad.

The University teaches its students in the native Latvian Language as well as in the English Language. This is a basic requirement for international students applying to study at the University.

As of 2018, Riga Stradins University has about 8,000 students made up of local and international students across the different fields of studies offered in the University.

Also, the University’s academic staff strength of 521 has responsibility for the teaching and supervision of the students. The basic faculties of the University included Basic Medical Sciences and Social Sciences.

The University has an excellent history in the field of health sciences, and it has been integrated into the healthcare system of Latvia. It also supervises and trains the country’s health care system staff.

The University offers international students more than what is obtainable in the classroom. Located in the capital and largest city of the country, Riga, with a population of 639,630, the city is an ideal location for an Institution.

The city of Riga features a blend of contemporary and classic architecture, making it a sight to behold for anyone. On a yearly basis, the city welcomes about 2.5 million tourists who come from around the world to savor the beauty of the city of Riga.

In addition, Riga generates over 50% of the country’s GDP with over 50% of the country’s jobs said to be localized in the city. These values make the city a preferred destination for international students and tourists.

The following sections contain Riga Stradins University ranking, tuition fees, courses and other useful information to students who wish to apply for a program at the University.

Riga Stradins University Admissions

Admission into the University is no tall order as it involves a simple process. However, we wish to inform possible applicants that the University receives tons of applications from students both locally and internationally and as such, Riga Stradins University admission acknowledges outstanding students.

The admission requires no entrance exam as prospective students apply online by completing an application form online with correct details about the applicants. After which online submission of the original documents of applicants follows suit.

The application portal of the University is usually open during the winter and summer applications.

To be accepted for an undergraduate program at the University, prospective applicants are required to have excelled in their secondary school studies with excellent grades in Biology and Chemistry. These two subjects are compulsory for students applying for the sciences.

Also, applicants who excelled in Physics and maths have the advantage to make the cut into the University.

Riga Stradins University acceptance rate pegs at 60 – 70%

Riga Stradins University Courses

The University offers several courses. Riga courses including;

Preparatory courses: The University offers preparatory courses with the aim to equip students to pass the centralized high school examinations

Latvian language courses: The University offers this course to aid international students so that they can get by the city of Riga and communicate with the citizens at least at a moderate level.

Additionally, they offer courses in the Latvian language to prospective medical residents applying to undertake their residency at the University’s teaching hospital as they would need to communicate with patients in their native language.

Professional development programs: This includes professional courses offered by the University to students applying to study at the University. These courses include but have no limitations to the following; Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Physiotherapy, etc.

For more information about the courses offered at the university, you can write the University through the email [email protected]

Riga Stradins University Medicine

Do you wish to study Medicine at Riga Stradins University? The University offers Medicine and Surgery to local and international students admitted into the medical discipline.

They offer subjects in English or the Latvian Language depending on which language you prefer and select.

Medicine at Riga Stradins University takes a period of 6years and the tuition fee is €12000 per year.

Riga Stradins University Dentistry

The University also offers Dentistry. The Department of Dentistry has limited slots for students as only 36 are admitted annually.

Riga Stradins University Dentistry runs for a period of 5 years and the tuition fee is 14000€- 15000€ per year.

Riga Stradins University Ranking

Are you curious about the University’s world ranking? RSU has made constant progress over the years to become a force among the world Universities, particularly in the field of healthcare.

Moreover, the University is currently the best University in Latvia and ranks among the best in Europe. The constant rise in ranking has made RSU a preferred study destination for academic tourists around the world.

Riga Stradins University currently occupies the 801 positions in the QS World University ranking system

Riga Stradins University Website

For more information about the University, please refer to the official University’s website www.rsu.lv


Are these universities accredited?

The Universities, including RSU are accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science with international experts present. 

Is it to transfer to RSU from any other university?

Yes, it’s possible to transfer to RSU from any another university.

What are the requirements to apply to this school?

There is an application fee of EUR 100.00, which is non-refundable.
In addition, once you have been officially enrolled, you also pay a registration administration fee of EUR 1500.00

What is the tuition at RSU?

The tuition cost for Riga Stradins University. $395-805 USD/Month.


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