Study in United States: Tuition Fees, Admission Requirements and Scholarships 2022

The United States has always been a country with one of the most advanced notable University systems in the world. Giving interested students the opportunity to work with some of the most educated and intelligent minds in their various fields of study in all programs. Here is Study in United States: Tuition Fees Admission, Requirements and Scholarships.

Students can always stay connected with their teachers, as well as provide the best advanced equipment and resources available for their students to conduct different research. Being home to several reputable Colleges and Universities, students who study here get nothing than a world-class top-quality education.

Find out more about Admission processes, cost of study, and how to apply. This informative guide also contains lists of available scholarships for international students who are in need of funding for studies across all program levels.

Admission Process To Study in United States Tuition Fees Admission Requirements and Scholarships

Universities in the United States have a certain different specific method of applying than your home country. Therefore, international students are always advised to apply early in order to set a schedule and plan to begin your studies once offered admission.

There are basically two steps in applying for an American College/University.

  • Through the Common application or applying directly via the university’s website by completing an online application form. In most cases, it is advisable for international students to apply directly via the university’s website which is usually quick and convenient.
  • After applying to your desired choice of institution, you are required to send recommendation letters and personal statements to the school you are applying to either by mail, directly from you or from your former school’s admissions office.
  • Also, have in mind that most Colleges/Universities in the United States strongly require international students to prove their intelligence academically by taking Standardized tests.
  • Applicants from non-English speaking countries must also demonstrate a proof with their English efficiency through TOFEL or IELTS exams as part of the admission process.
  • The total points or scores in these tests play an important role in determining if you are fit enough academically to be admitted. And most graduate programs are required to take GRE or TOFEL exams in order to be considered for admission and funding.
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Cost of Study

Though the cost of study in the US may be alarming, it’s very important to note that the quality of education received is world-class. Thus, it is necessary to plan early and check the bottom-line information on fees, accommodation and funding before making up your mind.

Tuition fees for international students range usually from five thousand dollars ($5000) to fifty thousand dollars($50,000) per year depending on the program type and field of study and may also include some additional fees too.

This shouldn’t be disturbing as they are lots of support plans and financial aids for students in need of financial assistance through scholarships, loans, and grants for all programs.

Cost of Living

The cost of living for an international student varies according to the city and the lifestyle the students wishes to adopt. There are basically two accommodation options offered once admitted, either you choose on-campus accommodation which can sometimes be high or off-campus accommodation.

For an average student, the cost of living per year can amount to between eighteen thousand dollars ($18,000) to twenty thousand dollars ($20,000). Daily personal expenses on foods, clothing, transportation also adds a lot. But that depends on how you choose to live. Grocery bills are usually between twenty Dollars to forty Dollars, fresh produce is more often expensive.

How to apply to study in United states

Once you have made the decision to study in the United States, it is important to note that sending your application and transcripts to your desired schools is an advantage.

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When applying, you can request a copy of the application form by mail or complete the form online. It is advisable to shortlist about three to five Universities and select wisely the one that appeals to you in your area of study and location.

Once the application has been completed, you are required to pay an application fee in order to get your application attended to as most schools don’t waive application fees for international students. Result transcripts, recommendation letters, and personal statements must also be submitted in time.

The more you can prove to show intending university of your true potentials, the higher your chances of admission through your personal statement essays.

Once your application is successful, you will be offered an official formal University acceptance letter. You are now required to send a copy of your international passport data identification page, a bank statement showing a sufficient amount of funds for study for a year. After this has been submitted, you will be issued with an I-20 form, this form has to be completed and signed by your sponsor. This form is highly important in order to apply for an F-1 student visa.

Scholarship Program to study in United States

It is important to note that though the rate of available scholarships has grown, they are highly competitive.

Below are few lists of scholarships offered by the government, Universities/Colleges and as well as private individuals.

  • Full Bright student program scholarship.
  • Humphrey fellowship program scholarship.
  • American University scholarship program.iv. Emory College scholarships.
  • Iowa State University International merit scholarships.
  • Michigan State University International Scholarships.
  • New York University Wagner scholarships.
  • Oregon University scholarship.
  • Berea college scholarship.
  • Tortuga Backpacks study abroad scholarships.
  • The NextGen scholarship fund.
  • Rotary Peace Fellowship.
  • Mandela Washington Fellowship for African Leaders.
  • Master Card Foundation Scholarship.
  • Harvard University scholarship.
  • University of Arkansas International scholarship.
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Make the right decision by joining the community of thousands of international students in the United States today.


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