20 Tips for Middle School: Survive Middle School 2022

A lot of kids go through very hard and trying times in middle school. The idle school determines to a great extent the progress and success of a kid’s life as they transmission to high school and
college. It also shapes them into the individuals they would eventually be as well as contributes greatly to their grades.

There is no surprise that middle school is associated with a lot of stress for students. However, in this article, I have pulled some amazing tips to help you survive the storms and turmoil of middle school.

Keeping to the 20 tips for surviving middle school I would highlight below would not only save your life but would also shape up your character as a person-way after middle school. So, without wasting your time any further, let’s get right to it. 

Why do you need tips to survive middle school? 

to survive middle school is really tough and most of the time there is no guide on how best to do it. You need tips to help provide a guide of sorts for you to make it through. With the tips I have
below, your journey through middle school is assured to be hitch-free.

With the right tips, you would make it through and come out the other end successful and
fit to take on whatever high school throws your way. 

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20 tips for surviving middle school 

Middle school can be quite tough, we all agree on that. Now I have picked out 20 tips that I found helpful while in middle school and I strongly believe they would help you too. So, here are the 20 tips for middle school: 

1. Know the school rules and obey them 

As a student, you have to learn the rules of the school and keep to them. This would go a long way to help keep you out of trouble and improve both your academics as well as your relationship with your teacher, other school staff, and your fellow students. It never hurt to obey the rule so why don’t you. 

2. Avoid drama and gossip 

In middle school, a lot of drama happens all
the time but it would be in your best interest if you avoided being part of it.

Drama can never turn out well for any of the parties involved. The same goes for gossip. Most gossips are false and you participating in them is just a way of spreading false facts about your fellow students.

If you are looking to have great middle school years, then I would strongly advise you to take the back seat when it comes to drama and gossip.

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3. Choose your friends wisely 

The type of friends you have in middle school would make or break you. Your friends most at times would determine what interests you and what your priorities are. Always make wise choices when choosing friends.

Go for friends that are like-minded as you, who are focused on studies, and are not bullies. Avoid bad friends and influences. As cool as they might seem now, they would only cause trouble in the long haul. 

This is another tip for middle school students.

4. Don’t succumb to peer pressure 

Peer pressure is a major part of middle school with your peers always trying to get you to do what everyone else is doing. Most of the times peer pressure pushes you towards negativity.

You might be pressured into breaking school rules, or skipping classes, or attending late
parties, or doing drugs, or even bullying. If faced with peer pressure, I would advise you to withdraw from the situation and/or immediate environment and save yourself.

Do not let yourself be bullied by peer pressure. 

5. Stay away from drugs and harmful substances 

Drugs are a normal part of middle school.

You would have to take your stand and say no to drugs. Drugs are bad and you know it. They have horrible side effects and can ruin your life for good if you do drugs.

You can become an addict or even worse get arrested for possession of illegal drugs. Don’t give it a try, don’t test it just this once. Run as far away as you can from drugs and disassociate yourself from anyone that uses drugs.

If you can report to the appropriate authorities when you come across a fellow student who uses illegal drugs. 

6. Try and get a hobby 

Hobbies are not underrated. Try and get yourself a hobby while in middle school. Hobbies are not only a good way to spend leisure but it is also an amazing way to make new friends.

Having a cool hobby makes you more interesting and exposes you to new people and friends who may also share the same hobbies as you. 

7. Stay positive 

Middle school can get really challenging at times. It can be messy and stressful too but you always have to stay positive.

Remember, it is all a phase and it shall surely pass. No need to beat yourself up and feel down and bad about it. Trust me middle school might feel like the end of the world but it isn’t.

Always face each challenge with a positive mindset and you would be glad you did. 

8. Love yourself 

Loving yourself is so underrated. This is one of the major hacks of middle school. The more you love yourself, the more confident you are, the more you resonate and glow. If you are confident about yourself and truly love yourself you would be a star in middle school.

You won’t be easily bullied or manipulated by peer pressure. Loving yourself is the greatest tip for surviving middle school. Not just surviving middle school but also surviving life as a whole. 

9. Don’t be afraid to ask questions 

If you have a question to ask, then let your voice be heard. In middle school, you might be shy or trying to fit in and as such you don’t ask questions when you truly want to. That is so wrong. Always ask questions in situations you are confused about.

Never be shy or ashamed of the question you ask. Stick to it, be bold, and ask questions be it about academic problems or lifestyle choices. You can always ask your teacher or at times your

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10. Always take notes 

As sharp as your brain might feel, never underestimate the power of taking notes. It helps you pen down important details you wouldn’t have remembered ordinarily.

Taking notes in class also helps you remember things the teacher might have said that might not be in the text or areas you might need to concentrate on when reading up on your own. Taking
notes would save your life more than you think in middle school. 

11. Give your assignments and homework top priority 

Always prioritize your home works. don’t leave them for later or for the last minute just before the deadline. Do them now.

The less assignment you have piled up, the less tense you would feel towards the deadlines and the better the work you did would be.

Your home works are a major part of your grades while in middle school and shouldn’t be played with. 

12. Study hard 

The main point of middle school is to learn. Studying should be a priority to you while in middle school. Study hard and get your grades up. These grades would help as you move further in life to high school and college.

You also need the knowledge to improve yourself as a person. In all you do, never forget to study hard and get your grades to be excellent. 

13. Don’t let yourself be bullied 

Bullying is very rampant in middle schools.

It is your responsibility to protect yourself from bullies and not let yourself be bullied. Bullies prey on fear and would attack you if they see you are insecure or scared. Build your self confidence and esteem. Stand up to bullies and report bullying to the right school authorities. Say no to bullying. 

14. Sleep well 

You would need as much rest as you can at night. Always stick to your curfew and go straight to bed. Avoid late at night so as to avoid feeling sleepy while in school or class.

Try as much to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. Sleeping well would keep you refreshed and energetic to tackle tasks in school. 

This is a very important tip to survive middle school.

15. Always eat good food 

Good food would always beat the junk. Eating good food keeps your energy level up. It also helps with your growth. If you want to be the tallest person in the class, having a well balanced diet is a good place to start.

Never go for the junk. Avoid late-night snacks too. Good food keeps your health, strong and full of energy. 

16. Make achievable goals for yourself 

Setting goals for yourself is a great thing to do in middle school. It keeps you focused and gives you a finish line for you to run towards. As you set your goals don’t forget to make them achievable.

Don’t over-stress yourself and always keep it real. Nothing too extreme and nothing too mediocre.  

17. Pay attention in class 

While in class give the classes a 100 percent of your attention. Paying attention in class would help you learn a lot of new things. It would also help with your grades. Paying attention would also help you in situations when a teacher asks you a question.

You would want to answer correctly and save yourself the embarrassment of getting it wrong. 

18. Try out extracurricular activities 

Extracurricular activities aren’t a waste of time. Pick an activity or find a club that you find interesting and be part of it.

Would you prefer to be part of the sports team? Then you should totally give it a try and not hesitate. It would make your middle school year exciting and interesting. 

19. Be orderly 

Being orderly and arranged would be very helpful in middle school. Always having your things all over the place would lead to a lot of these things going missing. Try and protect your books and other items by keeping them arranged and orderly. 

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20. Taking some risks are okay 

As scary as it might be, not all risks are bad. There are some calculated risks you can take. Put yourself out of your comfort zone, try and have an adventure. It might expose you to some
interesting facts that you might find interesting or love completely. It might even shape your life, help you make better decisions, or set you on a better more exciting path than you previously were on. 

Frequently asked questions 

Yes. School rules are no joke and should be obeyed. 

Joining a school club is a great idea that would help you survive middle school. 


The above tips would definitely help make your middle school life more interesting and less tedious. Always remember, middle school is not the end of the world, only a phase. And like every other phase it too would pass eventually. 



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