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Every Single mother struggles to pay bills and make ends meet, which is challenging in some circumstances. 

But on the other hand, some single mothers were able to scale through their higher education to prepare for better job opportunities. 

In contrast, others have already started their businesses and are attempting every possible method to make them grow. 

However, life can be pretty rough at times, especially for most single moms, since there will be various obstacles confronting them because of their children. 

Nevertheless, the goal of every single mother is to care for her kids and provide shelter, nutritious foods, quality health care, and hygiene with or without the help of governmental grants. 

However, this article will provide the top 20 housing grants for single mothers in 2023.

Note that these grants about to be listed will include governmental and non-governmental agencies in the United States. 

If you are a single mom struggling to make ends meet and have an easy life for your children, this article should bring you a solution.

How Do Housing Grants Help Single Mothers in 2023?

The complexity of getting a grant differs based on the kind of organization willing to give it out. 

As a result, there are several sources from which single mothers can apply for free housing grants in 2023.

For example, single mothers can apply for housing grants from governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, family, and friends.

Free government housing grants can help single mothers with certain expenses like rent, child care, or even food. 

Regarding housing grants from private organizations, they may help single mothers with daycare, groceries, or utilities. 

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How to Apply For Housing Grants For Single Mothers in 2023

There are various ways single mothers can apply for free housing grants in 2023. But it can also be difficult in some cases. 

However, you can be eligible to receive grants from specific sources like; the state government, nonprofit organizations, or private donors.

Meanwhile, note that some grants are based on particular needs like money for housing or child care. Other grants serve general purposes and may be used for several expenses. 

To apply for (free) housing grants for single mothers from any organization, contact them or consult via their websites to tender your application. 

Each organization has unique requirements to apply for single mothers’ housing grants. So, ensure you visit their website, check if you meet their needs, then apply.

Additionally, it is essential to research the kinds of grants an organization issue. So, find out more, and learn how to apply. 

List of The Top 20 Housing Grants For Single Mothers | 2023

Here’s an overview of the top 20 housing grants single mothers can apply for in 2023:

  • WIA Grants For Single Mothers
  • SNAP Grants For Single Mothers
  • FAFSA Grants For Single Mothers
  • HUD Grant For Housing Assistance
  • ADDI Grant For First-time Home Buyers
  • LIHEAP Energy Assistance
  • NIH Grants For Single Mothers
  • Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF)
  • Medicaid Grants For Single Mothers
  • EITC Grants For Single Moms
  • CDFI Program
  • SBIR Program
  • STTR Grant
  • NASE Grant
  • AAUW Grants and Fellowship
  • National Science Foundation Grant
  • WIC Grants
  • TANF Grant
  • Walmart Award Grants For Single Mothers
  • Sunshine Lady Foundation And Women’s Independence Scholarship

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Top 20 Housing Grants For Single Mothers in 2023

All single mothers may be eligible for housing grants from governmental or non-governmental organizations in 2023. 

These organizations seek to help single mothers unable to make ends meet by clearing certain expenses and paying utilities.  

Now, look at the top 20 housing grants that single mothers can apply for in 2023.

1. WIA Grants For Single Mothers

The United States government implemented the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). This act aims to aid workforce development at the state and local levels. 

Due to this exercise, single mothers prepare themselves for jobs and training classes to become part of society’s productive resources. 

This service is only provided to individuals over 18 years and above. Also, it serves as a perfect opportunity for laid-off workers, displaced homemakers, and those who were self-employed.  

The grant amount to be received differs based on the needs of each community. 


2. SNAP Grants For Single Mothers

The SNAP Grant is number 2 on our list of free housing grants for single mothers in 2023. 

This program from the United States of Agriculture aids low-income earners and their families regarding food and nutrition services. 

In addition, they help the needy pay for food to maintain good health. This grant is being offered through state agencies.

Another fascinating thing about this grant is that it connects the community and organizations to nutrition educators to help them understand more about what the platform is seeking to offer. 

However, the minimum grant amount is around $2,000. Meanwhile, individuals over 60 will receive at least $3,250. 


3. FAFSA Grants For Single Mothers

The FAFSA grant is one of the top free housing grants for single mothers in 2023. It becomes available after individuals complete the Free Application for Federal Students Aid (FAFSA). Also, it mainly applies to single mothers who are also students.

They help with tuition fees, books, and other academic expenses, extending to accommodation. Before applying, every individual must show that they’re in financial need and must also be a college student.  

Furthermore, the amount of money you can get under this program depends on your financial condition. But the average amount goes around $9,000 per year. 


4. HUD Grant For Housing Assistance

This is among the best housing grants for single mothers in 2023. The program provides grants to virtually all organizations and groups across the country. 

Therefore, most of the money received from HUD is primarily used to build housing and support those having trouble sorting out their accommodation. 

However, receiving funds depends on the organization and groups specializing in helping people in a community. Therefore, granting amounts solely depends on what the organization or group needs it for. 

Hence, the grant would be received by HUD, which runs a background check, processes some information, and determines how much single moms should receive.


5. ADDI Grant For First-time Home Buyers

Single moms face challenges when getting a suitable house comes with down payments and closing costs. 

So, this is where ADDI comes in to help single mothers, mainly first-time buyers. They assist them with purchasing a home by settling down payments and other costs.  

Moreover, the eligibility applies to every single mother who happens to be a first-time home buyer. 

But, the grant received must be used to purchase a house or home. Hence it satisfies the need for accommodation. 

The grant amount here is based on the individual’s income and the down payment rate. 


6. LIHEAP Energy Assistance

LIHEAP Energy Assistance housing grant deals with energy bills.

Since most single mothers can’t pay every housing bill alone, the program provides grants of up to $200 monthly to low-income households.

All single mothers can apply for these housing grants by checking their household income and the program’s eligibility criteria online. 

You can also contact the program’s hotline for inquiries. 


7. NIH Grants For Single Mothers

The NIH program awards grant to single mothers to assist them financially regarding initiatives and enhancing health and well-being. 

Single mothers in the health industry and others want to do research in medicine and public health. 

So, the program also provides training, fellowships, conferences, and construction on these. 

Kindly note that this program will only consider specific projects relevant to public health and appeals to the NIH institute and center. 

Additionally, the funds to be granted will be based on every program. 


8. Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF)

This program helps families willing to be self-sufficient. The government allocates block grants in each state to provide service and certain funds to families meeting the eligibility criteria.

There are several services that families or single mothers can receive—job training, education, counseling, and emergency funding. 

Meanwhile, the eligibility requirements vary in each state since most grants are meant for single mothers, not fathers.

At the same time, applicants must be in their final three months of pregnancy or have children who are dependent on them. 

They must also be a resident of the state in which they submit their application, a citizen of the United States, or an eligible non-citizen.


9. Medicaid Grants For Single Mothers

The Medicaid program ensures that families and single mothers are awarded grants that come from free and low-cost health insurance. Every low-income family in the United States is eligible for this program. 

Still, the eligibility requirements will vary from state to state, all using the Federal Poverty Level to calculate eligibility. For granting amounts, the benefits for recipients are set by each state. 

According to the US Federal Government, all states must offer specific services.


10. EITC Grants For Single Moms

The EITC grant is made especially for single mothers in the United States. Thus, it will be one of the best housing grants for single mothers in 2023. 

The program works by allowing low-income earners only to pay a little tax. 

This is why with the EITC grant, what the government does is lower the tax responsibility in the form of a tax credit. 

However, applicants must have social security and earned an income the previous year for the eligibility requirement. 

You can learn more about this program through their website or contact any officials. 


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11. CDFI Program 

The CDFI program is backed by the government, which also serves as a financial institution. 

It further gives out loans and financial assistance to low-income families, especially single mothers. 

Those who meet the criteria are eligible for financial aid from the program. Additionally, eligibility requirements may vary from time to time.

Single mothers with incomes below the poverty line or who have experienced financial issues in the past and have one child under 18 years of age are eligible for the CDFI program.  

Other financial assistance programs include job training, energy assistance, child care assistance, and housing. Therefore, we consider it among the top housing grants single mothers can apply for in 2023.


12. SBIR Program

Small companies are essential to employment creation and are the backbone of the US economy. For this reason, the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program is crucial. 

It aids small firms in discovering fresh, creative ways to complete their tasks more effectively, swiftly, and affordably.

One of the primary federal funding sources for small firms is the SBIR Program, which is accessible to organizations of all sizes and sectors. 

The program offers cutting-edge, creative research initiatives that may result in new goods, procedures, or services. And the SBIR Program might be ideal if you own a small business and are searching for methods to enhance it.


13. STTR Grant 

Low-income single mothers and their children who reside in households with earnings below 200 percent of the poverty threshold are given financial help through the Single Mothers and Their Children (SMACC) grant. 

Applicants must have a child under 18 and live in one of the US states or the District of Columbia. 

They should also have an annual household income of no more than $34,000 to qualify for the award.


14. NASE Grant

NASE is included in the housing grants that single mothers can apply for in 2023. The National Association of Single Mothers and Fathers (NASE) sponsors it. 

These grants can offer money to cover various costs, including daycare, rent, or energy bills. NASE additionally assists with its initiatives for information and education. 

Please consider requesting a grant from the NASE if you are a single parent with trouble paying your bills.


15. AAUW Grants and Fellowship

AAUW offers grants and fellowships to support single mothers and their kids. 

Awards are presented in various categories—education, work, and health. Merit-based AAUW grants vary from $250 to $5,000. 

However, a minimum 2.5 GPA and being a single mother with children under 18 are requirements for application.


16. National Science Foundation Grant 

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has unveiled a new grant program specially intended to support single mothers in their pursuit of research excellence. 

A research project directed by a single mother who is an exceptional scientist can get up to $50,000 per year for three years of funding under the “Single Moms as Scientists” (SMS) Grant Program.

The SMS grant program supports creative, excellent research projects headed by single mothers to boost the quantity and quality of scientific discoveries.


17. WIC Grants

The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program can help you financially if you’re a single mother. 

Pregnant women, new moms, and their kids under 18 who are living in poverty can get financial aid through the WIC grant program. 

Again, you must meet specific income standards and other eligibility conditions to qualify for a grant.

Additionally, numerous grants are available through the WIC grant program, each with unique eligibility criteria. 

You will discover additional details about the various grant programs on the WIC website.


18. TANF Grant

Single mothers have access to various grants that can assist with multiple costs.

The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) award is one of the most popular grants. 

This assistance can cover rent, groceries, energy, daycare, and other expenses. 

Additionally, you can use TANF grants to pay for additional requirements like clothing and transportation.


19. Walmart Award Grants For Single Mothers

Walmart provides funding to single mothers worldwide. In addition, numerous organizations support sustainability, women in business, and the hungry. 

Also, Walmart offers grants through four main programs. The eligibility requirements for each grant program vary, so it’s essential to check the website for more details.


20. Sunshine Lady Foundation And Women’s Independence Scholarship

The Sunshine Lady Foundation offers a Women’s Independence Scholarship Program. 

This program provides funding to single mothers who have experienced intimate partner abuse so they can pursue higher education with accommodation. 

They won’t need to rely on someone who exploits them for financial support if the foundation helps them find a better career. 

Therefore, all applicants must be single mothers who have experienced intimate partner abuse. And they must spend at least a year apart from the relationship. 

Finally, they must be a citizen of the US, demonstrate financial need, be enrolled in college or university, or show a strong desire to begin. 

Grant amounts vary based on each woman’s circumstances. It also depends on how much it will cost them to get their desired degree.



How Do I Apply For the HUD Homes?

To apply, get in touch with the state’s housing authority. Then, fill out the application in writing. Include every member of your family. Also, give proof of your income—pay stubs, and describe your living situation.

What is the purpose of a housing grant?

A housing grant intends to assist you in paying for temporary or long-term accommodation. It can pay for services related to subsidized housing or even help you purchase a home. Not just low-income single mothers can qualify for housing assistance.

Are housing grants for single mothers worth it?

Housing grants are substantially better than loans because they don’t require repayment—the stability and security you and your family need may be provided by receiving a housing grant.


A few free housing grants and programs are available to single mothers to help them get by in 2023. 

At the same time, gifts for single mothers can help with various expenses related to utilities, transportation, and food. 

So if you’re a single mother who needs accommodation, this article should provide a solution.



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