Top 20 Masters Degree Scholarships For Public Health Students

A Master’s degree in health is the next level for any bachelor degree holder who seeks to strengthen his knowledge in the medical field. The good thing is, there are Masters Degree Scholarships for Public Health Students.

These scholarships are opportunities for Public health Students to Study Abroad. In this article, we will connect you with the basic information about Public health Scholarships.

Public health is a discipline that involves the science, art, and ways of disease prevention, elongating life and supporting human health through the planned organized efforts and well-informed choices of the society.

 The core of this discipline is to analyze the health of a population, and the threats to the health of the population.

Public health is an interdisciplinary field encompassing some of the following subfields biostatics, community health, behavioral health, epidemiology, mental health, and occupational safety.

The major aim of this discipline is to increase the quality of life of a population through the prevention and treatment of diseases.

This is achieve through the surveillance of health cases and health indicators, and also through the advancement of good and healthy behaviors.

Some of the initiatives of public health include encouraging and promoting handwashing, breastfeeding, and the use of condoms to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

The roles of public health as a discipline in health care

Asides from the major role of public health in seeking to improve the health of a population through different interventions, Public health also plays the following roles in healthcare:

The evaluation and the assessment of current healthcare services, if they are in line with the stated objectives of the health system.

  • Researching and identifying the most appropriate healthcare interventions.
  • Checking the effects of the interventions on the population, and then the cost-effectiveness of the said intervention.
  • Educating, informing, and empowering people about their health and wellbeing.
  • The world health organization (WHO) also identifies the following as core functions of public health practitioners.
  • Communicating evidence-based and ethical policy options.
  • Determining the agenda of research, and encouraging the creation, interpretation, and spread of valuable knowledge.
  • The setting of norms and standards, and also the monitoring of the implementation of the said standards.
  • Provision of leadership on critical health matters.
  • Monitoring of a population’s health situation, and assessing the trends.

Graduates of this discipline are called public health practitioners.

Below are some of the top Public health scholarships available to practitioners of this field.

1.Wellcome Masters Fellowship in Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Welcome masters fellowship in public health and tropical medicine is a fellowship scheme.

The scheme is mainly for nationals of low and middle-income countries. They offer them the opportunity to run a master’s degree program in a course related to public health or tropical medicine.

The scheme takes place annually, with the deadline every 31 August and the recipients get to study in any country in the world.

The research project should have a focus on a health priority in target companies and be within the Trust’s science remit.

The fellowship boasts of the following packages, an amount of £120,000, which includes student’s stipend, salary, fees and research expenses.

The duration of the fellowship, is 30 months. It comprises of two parts, with 12 months for the taught master’s course, and 18 months for the research project.

Who can apply?

Graduate students can apply for a Master’s Fellowship in Public Health and Tropical Medicine if they have the following requirements:

The Graduate students come from a low or middle-income country

The Graduate students proposed research places emphasis on a health priority in a low or middle-income country.

The graduate student must be at an early stage in their career, with limited research experience, but with an interest in research.

How do you apply?

Submit your application via the Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker.

For more information please visit the official website

2. AAUW (American Association of University Women) International Fellowships in the USA for Women

The American Association of University Women international fellowships for women is a body that awards scholarships to women in Public health who are not permanent residents or citizens of the United States.

The recipients are to study in an accredited institution in the United States. The application for this scholarship is on-going and the deadline is 15th November. The scholarship for the master’s program or professional fellowship is $18,000.

Who can apply?

Graduate applicants who want to apply for this scholarship must meet the following requirements:

Applicants must be citizens of any country other than the United States.

Hold an academic degree earned in an accredited institution.

Must be proficient in English language, with relevant tests to show their English proficiency.

Have the intention of returning back to their country to pursue a professional career.

For more information about this scholarship and other requirements please visit the official website

DAAD scholarships are one of the prestigious scholarships for public health students. It is open to international students who want to study a range of development-related postgraduate courses.

It is an annual scholarship with the deadline always around August –October.

The scholarship has the value of monthly payments of 750 euros for graduates students, payments covering travel allowance, accident, health, and personal liability insurance.

The duration for the scholarship is usually 12-24 months.

You can apply if you meet the following criteria;

For more information concerning deadlines and how to apply, kindly visit the official website

4. Edinburgh Online Global Health Scholarships

The University of Edinburg, United Kingdom offers fully-funded online masters scholarships for public health Students.

it is an annual scholarship. The scholarship package includes a full tuition fee, free participation in a summer school, payments towards internet usage and printing of materials, and project costs.

Application instructions:

Applicants who are eligible should apply for the program and after receiving an offer of admission from the university.

For more information concerning eligibility and how to go about the application please visit the official Website

5. The Glenmore Medical Postgraduate Scholarship at the University of Edinburgh

The medical postgraduate scholarship scheme at the University of Edinburg offers two scholarships for public health students yearly.

The award for full-time master’s degree study in human medical programs, which includes public health. The scholarship holds annually, with the deadline for the yearly application around June each year.

The scholarship is open to eligible international students. The benefits comprise of tuition fees of about £21,200.

How can I be eligible to apply?

You are eligible to apply if you already have an offer of admission from the university and you have accepted the offer of studentship.

So if you are eligible to go ahead and complete the online application form. Please note that you will not be to access the online application form if you did not apply to the university and have full ease authentication.

For more detailed information please visit the Official Scholarship Website

6. Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

The commonwealth distance learning scholarship is only open to Commonwealth countries.

They focus on those from developing commonwealth countries, the scholarship is for a part-time master’s degree program online, on selected courses, including public health offered in the United Kingdom universities, it’s an annual scholarship with the deadline for application late June.

The scholarship is valued as a full-tuition scholarship, with payments for other costs accrued in the duration of the program.

How can I apply?

To apply for the scholarship candidates must meet the following requirements

  • Must be a citizen of a commonwealth country, and permanently residing in that country.
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree with at least 2:1 standard.
  • You should be unable to cater for their education without the aid.
  • You have to take the necessary steps to secure an admission in your chosen in a United Kingdom university, alongside also applying for the scholarship, most UK universities have their own requirements and different application dates.

For more information on this scholarship please visit the official website

7. Civil Society Leadership Awards

The civil society leadership awards are funded by the open society foundation, the scheme provides fully-funded master scholarships for public health Students who have demonstrated all-round excellence, and show a deep commitment to being leaders of positive change in their societies.

The recipients of this scholarship get to study in various countries which include, but are not limited to France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States.

This scholarship is given annually, with the deadline for applications mid-May. The awards are for a target group of countries, from Africa and Asia.

The scholarship includes full support for tuition, program-related travels, monthly stipend, accommodation and other expenses, health insurance, educational materials, and all other expenses accrued during the course of the program and application

For one to be able to apply for this scholarship one must meet the following requirement

  • You must be a citizen of an eligible country.
  • Demonstrate maturity and show potentials for leadership.
  • Have a bachelor’s degree, and show professional excellence in a relevant area.
  • Hold a proof to show their language proficiency.
  • Must show a clear commitment to return to their home country, and contribute to their society.

For more information, about the scholarship  guidelines and how to apply please visit the official website

8. ADB Scholarships

The Asian development bank ADB scholarship is a joint scholarship for public health Students with the government of Japan.

ADB provides the opportunity for citizens of member countries to advance their studies at the postgraduate level in the fields of management, economics, science, and technology, public health included, the awardees get to study in New Zealand, in the participating institutions.

It is run yearly with the deadline for applications in late July.

The scholarship package includes fully funded tuition fees, transport to and from New Zealand, health insurance, stipend and a special research grant.

For on to be eligible to apply, he/she must meet the following requirements

You must:

  • Be a member of the target countries.
  • Have already secured admission at an approved institution.
  • Possess a good standard bachelor’s degree certificate, with at least two years of professional work experience.
  • Hold a mastery of the English language.
  • Be under the age limit of 35 years.
  • Have the intent to return to the home country after completion of studies.

It is noteworthy that it is only after one has gained admission and received a placement offer from an acceptable academic institution, that one can apply for the scholarship, for more details on this scholarship Click here

9. Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship

This is a scholarship scheme that is jointly run by the government of Japan and the world bank (JJ/WBGSP).

It is open to men and women from target countries, in possession of relevant professional experience, and with a record of supporting their country in areas of development, who want to obtain a master’s degree in development-related courses, public health included.

An annual scholarship, with the application deadlines around mid-April. The awardees get to study at universities in Africa, the United States, and Japan.

The scholarship package includes full tuition, monthly stipend, to and from University airfare, health insurance, and travel allowance.

Am I eligible?

Yes, you are if you meet the following requirements:

You are a member of the target nation.

Hold a bachelor’s degree that was obtained at least 3 years before the application deadline date. Applicant must not be related in any way to anyone working in the World Bank, nor be a staff either.

Please note that you must have an unconditional offer of admission from one of the participating Universities. Please it is important to visit the official website for more information

10.  Nottingham Developing Solutions Scholarships

This scholarship for public health students is funded by the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom.

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it was developed to aid international students who have the desire to obtain a master’s degree from the university and want to make an impact in the development of their country. It is an annual scholarship, with the application deadline in late April.

The awards are directed towards study in the faculty of engineering, medicine, and health, science and social sciences. A whopping number of 105 scholarships are given out, with 50-100% tuition funding.

The target group of internationals is those from Africa, India or one of the commonwealth countries

You can apply for this scholarship if you:

  • Come from the target nation
  • Is classified as an international student for fee payment purposes
  • Have not studied outside the home country before
  • Holds an offer of admission from the university

Applicants must have gotten an offer of admission before they can apply for the scholarship.

For more detailed information please visit the official website

11. Common Wealth Shared Scholarship Scheme at UK Universities

The Common Wealth shared scholarships for public health Students at UK universities is offered to citizens of commonwealth countries who wish to obtain a master’s degree, and who would otherwise with this fund not be able to afford one.

This is a joint scholarship that is jointly funded by the UK Department for international development and participating in United Kingdom universities.

The scholarship is run yearly with application deadlines at mid-April, over 200 plus scholarships are given out yearly, and the awardees get to study in participating UK universities, the scholarship is usually tenable for a year, covering tuition fees, airfare to and from the United Kingdom, and other allowances, to apply for this scholarship you must:

  • Come from a Common Wealth country
  • Permanently reside in a Common Wealth country
  • Hold a bachelor degree of at second class upper division

When applying you should apply to study a public health master’s course at a participating UK university, all applications are to be made through the chosen university.

The application must be done using the CSC’s Electronic Application System in addition to other applications that are required of you by your university.

For more information please visit the official website

12. Australia Awards Scholarships

The Australia awards scholarships is a scholarship that targets nationals of countries located in the Indo-Pacific region, to enable them to study at the undergraduate or postgraduate level in participating Australian universities, this scheme is run annually, with the deadline at the end of April, the fields that these scheme covers have public health inclusive.

The scholarship covers the full tuition fees, airfare, living expenses. Overseas student insurance, language course fees etc. the scholarship is on for the minimum duration necessary to complete the program

Who is eligible?

  • You are eligible if you are:
  • A citizen of the target country
  • At least 18 years at the commencement of the scholarship
  • Not an Australian citizen or a permanent resident
  • Not married or engaged to anyone who holds or is eligible to hold Australian or New Zealand permanent resident or citizenship at any time application process etc.

The deadline of application varies for most companies, so to be more informed please visit the official website

13. Westminster International Scholarships

The University of Westminster, United Kingdom offers internationals scholarships for public health Students that are fully funded to study for a full-time master’s degree program at the university, in any course except MBA, the scholarship comprises of full tuition, living expenses, accommodation, to and from airfare to the University.

For one to be able to get this scholarship one must be an international student that holds a full-time offer to study for their masters at the University of Westminster, the main criteria of focus are first-class honors bachelor’s degree, serious financial need of the scholarship, and the individuals show development potential.

To apply for this scholarship, you must have gotten an offer of admission from the university. To start the application process you will need to download and complete the scholarship form and submit it with other relevant documents via post.

This is a yearly scholarship, with the deadlines for applications around October. For more information, it is of utmost importance that you visit the official scholarship website

14. Netherlands Fellowship Programme

The Netherlands fellowship program (NFP) is a scheme that caters to professionals who are nationals of the 51 NFP countries.

The aim of this scheme is to facilitate capacity building within organizations in the 51 member countries, by training and educating their professionals, it offers master’s degree programs and other programs at participating Dutch Universities that offer qualified NFP programs.

The chances of getting this scholarship is very high if you live and work in Sub-Saharan Africa and/or if you are a woman.

The scholarship is meant as a supplement to the salary that the fellow will continue to receive during the period of study, a stipend to cover travel cost, visas, fees, health insurance, and research projects.

To be able to apply, one must meet the following criteria:

  • A national of the target country
  • Not be in the employ of an institution that has its own staff development programs such as multinational companies, multi-lateral donor organization, international NGO’s
  • Have an official or valid passport

For more details about the application process please visit the official website

15. Australia Awards Masters Scholarships for Africa

The Australian government is the sponsors of this scholarship, it offers the opportunity of a lifetime for eligible African candidates to bag their master’s degree scholarships in participating in Australian universities in Australia.

it’s an annual scholarship. The deadline is around Nov-Dec.

it focuses on different countries’ priority fields of study, public health inclusive the target groups for these scholarships are African countries, and a list of them can be found at the official site.

The scholarship covers full tuition fees, airfare, stipend for living expenses, health insurance and so on.

One can be eligible for this scholarship if they meet the under listed requirements

  • You must be within the age range of 25-50 years
  • Must possess at least 3 years post-graduate work experience
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Must not have had a master’s degree or in the process of getting one
  • Must be willing to return back to home country
  • You must meet the country and the scholarship scheme eligibility criteria

Each country has its own deadlines for application, but the deadlines all fall around November –December, for more details please visit the official website here:

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16. ARES Scholarships in Belgium for Developing Countries

This is an annual scholarship that is sponsored ARES, handing out 150 master degree scholarships to nationals of target countries, the recipients get to study in participating universities in Belgium, the eligible courses for master’s degree programs range from agriculture, economics, human rights, information technology to health courses, public health inclusive.

The target countries eligible for this scholarship includes Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Ecuador, Haiti, Madagascar, Morocco, Niger and Vietnam.

The scholarship covers tuition fees. Allowance, travel expenses, living accommodations, and health insurance.

If one is to be deemed eligible for this scholarship, he must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a national of the target country
  • Must reside and work in their home country
  • Has at two years professional working experience
  • Has a fluency in the French language, and is committed to learning the language in order to actively participate in daily life in Belgium

For more information concerning the application process and guidelines visit the official website

  The deadline for applications is usually early February.

17. Eira Francis Davies Scholarship at Swansea University

The Eira Francis Davies Scholarship is offered to female students resident in target countries, who are admitted to pursue a course at the undergraduate or postgraduate level within the college of human and health sciences at the Swansea University, United Kingdom.

The target group for this scholarship are women from developing countries as listed by the World Bank; this is a full-tuition scholarship, covering all expenses.

To be eligible for this scholarship you must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold an offer of admission from Swansea University in the target field of study
  • The female must show academic excellence and in need of financial aid
  • Must hold a bachelor degree with at least second class upper division
  • Be a full-time new degree-seeking applicant, from a non-EU country
  • Must have accepted the offer of admission
  • You must not be eligible for other financial support from Swansea University.

Those in need of this scholarship can apply for it after they have been offered admission in the target field of study, and they have accepted the offer application deadlines are usually around July, for more information about this scholarship please visit the official website.

18.Taiwan International Higher Education Scholarship Program

The Taiwan ICDF international higher education scholarship program is a scholarship scheme by the Taiwan government that aims to support partner countries to attain sustainable development via education.

This scheme provides citizens of partner countries to be able to bag an undergraduate, masters or doctoral degree as the case may be in participating universities in Taiwan. It is an annual scholarship with a deadline for application mid-march.

This scholarship covers fields of science and technology, engineering, public health and medicine, agriculture, humanities and social sciences.

The Taiwan ICDF scholarship provides its awardees with a full scholarship that encompasses return air ticket, housing allowance, full tuition, health insurance, and a monthly stipend.

Eligibility criteria

For one to be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a national of the target countries
  • Must meet the regulation set by the national immigration agency
  • Satisfy the admission requirements of the participating university, to study under the scholarship

To apply for this scholarship applicants must fill an online application, for more details on how to apply, and the target countries please visit the official website

19.Taiwan Government Scholarships for International Students

The Taiwan government through the ministry of education offers international students the chance to enroll in a bachelor’s, masters or doctoral degrees in a wide range of courses public health inclusive in Taiwan colleges and universities.

The reason behind the scholarship is to encourage brilliant and exceptional international students from around the world excluding internationals from Hong Kong, Macau, and China, the opportunity to get degrees in Taiwan.

In the process, these scholars will get familiar with the academic environment in the country, thereby promoting good relations between Taiwan and other countries of the world. It is an annual scholarship with deadlines for application on the last day of March.

The scholarship covers full tuition and subsistence allowance; all other fees are paid by the recipients.

One is eligible for this scholarship if they meet the following requirements:

Must be a foreign national with excellent academic records and of good moral standards

Must have applied directly to universities listed under the Association of Taiwan Scholarship Program Schools before the deadlines specified for each university elapses.

For more information on how to apply for this scholarship please visit the official website

20. The John Hopkins School of Public Health Scholarships and Tuitions

The John Hopkins School of public health is a foremost authority in the field of public health, and awards scholarships to all students both international and U.S citizens alike.

They give their students various scholarships, and the admission application to get into the school also serves as the scholarship application, so only the best of the best get the scholarships, the review process for the scholarships is extremely rigorous, and candidates who opt to submit their application without a standardized test score are usually at a loss.

Other eligibility factors include the applicants having a strong professional background, leadership potential in the public health field, and having excellent academic records.

The school offers both part-time/online and full-time students scholarships.

List of scholarships for online/part-time students

The Bloomberg fellows – This is a full-tuition scholarship, that includes a small stipend, offered to individuals who currently work in the United States with organizations to fight against violence, addiction, and other health challenges.

The Welch scholarship- all-new online/part-time MPH students are going to receive this scholarship.

Scholarships for full-time Students

The Bloomberg fellows – This scholarship which includes a full-tuition scholarship and a small allowance

The Sommer scholars program– This is a highly prestigious award-giving to exceptional students who show the potential to be future public health heroes, it is a full-tuition scholarship, with living allowances, and a total of 12 recipients get to receive this.

Other scholarships which range from partial to full-tuition scholarships are also given out by the school, the names of these scholarships are:

Peace corps Coverdell fellows

Reed frost scholarship

Endowed student funding

For more information on more application details and deadlines, please visit the official website

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