Top 15 Driving Schools in Columbia SC |  Review

South Carolina has one of the highest numbers of vehicular accidents caused by distracted driving in the United States. Eating, texting, grooming, and talking on the phone are some things teen and adult drivers do while driving in Columbia.

Thankfully, the Top driving schools in Columbia, SC, work to implement strict and anti-distracted driving rules shown to discourage certain risky driving practices.

If you are interested in the Top driving schools in Columbia, SC, this article is for you. Here, you will find why you should consider these driving schools, the cost, duration and requirements. Let’s dive right in!

Why Consider the Top Driving Schools in Columbia, SC?

Being able to drive legally is a significant achievement in anyone’s life. The Top driving schools in Columbia, SC, ensure this goes as smoothly as possible. Some of the advantages you would enjoy are-

Self-paced Education

One of the most notable advantages of the Top driving schools in Columbia, SC, is the ability to learn at your speed. Unlike typical driver education programs, there are no rigid timeframes for courses.

You have complete control over how much time you spend on each topic. The course allows you to study when you are ready, learning more effectively and remembering more information.

Most of these schools offer online education.

These schools recognize that life might be hectic for many teenagers these days. So they make things easy for you by allowing you to study traffic laws online.

Some provide online driver’s education courses, from registration to certification. All you need is an Internet-connected device, and you may study at home or wherever you like.

Comprehensive course content that meets states standards

The Top driving schools in Columbia, SC, intends to provide students with the knowledge necessary to obtain a driver’s license and become safe drivers. It is comprehensive and meets SCDMV and state requirements.

The course curriculum covers all you need to know to pass your DMV knowledge test on the first try. More significantly, it includes everything you need to know about driving safely in Columbia, SC, from traffic regulations to defensive driving practices.

Frequent quizzes to prepare you for the test

The Top driving schools in Columbia, SC, has tools to help you pass your DMV exam. They have tools like practice quizzes and examinations and comprehensive course content.

These guarantees that you have mastered everything necessary to pass your exam. You can retake the quizzes and final tests as often as you need until you get the conviction you’ll ace the real thing.

There is always reliable customer service.

The Top driving schools in Columbia, SC, always aim to make driver education as straightforward as possible for you. It includes responding immediately to your questions and fixing technological concerns.

From sign-up to the conclusion, you can rely on their courteous and efficient team to assist quickly.

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What is the Average Cost of the Top Driving Schools in Columbia, SC?

The Top driving schools in Columbia, SC, have varying rates depending on which course and school you are interested in. The fee for the whole teen driver education course, which includes nine (9) hours of classroom instruction and six (6) hours of behind-the-wheel driving, is $415.00.

There are also nine (9) hour defensive driving courses for insurance discounts for $275.00. The adult program costs $250.00 for three (3) hours of behind-the-wheel driving.

However, these are just average prices. You may still need to contact the school you choose to figure out how much you need for enrollment and other required costs.

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What Topics are Taught at the Top Driving Schools in Columbia, SC?

There is far too much stuff to cover to put here, but some of the subjects covered during the driving program include:

  • How to avoid narcotics and alcohol while driving
  • Distractions when driving (cell phone use is one distraction discussed, but there are many more)
  • Many emergencies and how to deal with them
  • How to ace the driving test
  • Speed and the impact it has on driving
  • Defensive driving
  • Traffic and how best to handle it
  • Gas station security
  • Road fury
  • Automobile upkeep
  • Driving in severe weather conditions (snow, ice, etc.)

What is the Average Duration of the Top Driving Schools in Columbia, SC?

Students can finish the driving programs in as little as a week. However, some students prefer to wait longer or have minimal availability. The course length is determined mainly by when students are available and their motivation to complete the program.

Some courses, like insurance discounts and adult training, can be finished in a single day. The nine (9) hour training is in one day, on a Saturday, but the six (6) hours of driving are in two (2) three (3) hour courses.

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15 Top Driving Schools in Columbia, SC in 2023

#1. Emily’s Driving School

Emily’s Driving School is one of the Top driving schools in Columbia, SC. This institution provides training in one certification, the most popular of which is Driver’s License.

The time required to finish this education course ranges from 20 to 30 hours, depending on the qualification, with a median time of 30 hours. The cost of attending Emily’s Driving School ranges from $350 and $500, with a typical cost of $500.


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#2. Abbie’s Driving School

Abbies Driving School is a DVSA-approved driving school in East London with over 25 years of expertise. Being one of the Top driving schools in Columbia, SC, they have taught thousands of individuals to drive.

This school can guide you through driving in a timely, professional, and friendly manner.


#3. Navigation Driving Academy

Navigation Driving Academy believes that learning to drive is a vital step toward adulthood. They also know that teaching to drive in a comfortable setting will result in more confident, safety-conscious drivers.

For their students, learning to drive is a natural development. Some people learn these things faster than others; this is where their classroom and driving expertise comes in handy. They currently run one of the Top driving schools in Columbia, SC.


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#4. Baldwin Corporation Driver Training

Baldwin Driver Training takes pride in maintaining a young, safe, and beautiful fleet of vehicles so that you can learn to drive in style, the Baldwin way. It is one of the Top driving schools in Columbia, SC, with experienced instructors.

Their staff comprise former police officers, bus drivers, and veteran driving instructors. Once you enrol, you can bet you are only learning from the best.


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#5. ABC Driver Training

ABC Driver Training is a “Mom and Pop” business that serves the Midlands. In one-on-one instruction, ABC provides safety knowledge, encouraging students to become safe, responsible drivers.

As one of the Top driving schools in Columbia, SC, they offer complete teen programs and 4-point reduction lessons and create programs to your specific needs.


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#6. Advantage Driving LLC

Thousands of pupils have learned through Advantage Driving throughout South Carolina’s Midlands. They are one of the Top driving schools in Columbia, SC.

Their skilled and courteous teachers are South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles qualified and have passed a thorough SLED background check.

Advantage Driving LLC is an AAA Approved Driving School that teaches mature drivers, defensive driving, fleet training, and 4 Point Reduction courses and teaches new drivers.


#7. ThinkSafe Driving School

Thinksafe Driving School stresses safety by teaching students defensive driving skills and how to reduce distractions while driving. Their approach blends classroom work with going training and provides pupils with an easy-to-follow task list to remember while driving.

They also work to ensure students enjoy themselves while they learn. That’s why they teach students how to drive safely through ATM lanes, fast restaurant drive-thrus, and crowded parking lots.


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#8. Trusted King Transportation

Looking for the finest place to learn how to drive commercial vehicles and receive your CDL? Trusted King Transportation provides the necessary training and guidance to earn your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) by offering various courses.

They are one of the Top driving schools in Columbia, SC, with a professional team to provide training and education to you. Their experienced instruction focuses on driving, traffic laws, and essential safety measures.


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#9. Dutch Fork Driving School

Dutch Fork Driving School teaches teens and adults how to drive in Irmo, Ballentine, Chapin, and other nearby places.

The school has the certification to give the actual road test instead of an examiner from the DMV.

They are one of the best driving schools in Columbia, SC and would teach you all you need to know about driving.


#10. Roadmaster Drivers School of Columbia, SC

Roadmaster Drivers School in Columbia, SC, offers CDL training. The South Carolina truck driving school provides hands-on CDL instruction so that students can develop real-world truck driving abilities and obtain their Class A CDL license.

It is one of the best driving schools in Columbia, SC.


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#11. Stick Shift Driving Academy

At Stick shift, students take classes from specialists. Here, you would learn in an empty parking lot with an open practice area. A complete curriculum would allow you to learn hill starts, parking, shifting up and down, and more.

You must be at least 18 years old and have a driver’s license to be eligible for a lesson. You must also have valid automobile insurance. Stick Shift is one of the best driving schools in Columbia, SC.


#12. Lexington Driving Academy

Lexington Driving Academy has qualified, experienced driving teachers who will teach you theory and practice. You would also learn how to deal with highway traffic at this school.

They have the most current teaching methods, and vehicles equip you for safe driving. The website below contains information about the driver’s license and their driving school.


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#13. Championship Driving School, LLC

Robert Suggs owns and operates Championship Driving School- one of the best driving schools in Columbia, SC. For your convenience, there are three offices in South Carolina: Lugoff, Blythewood, and Florence.

You will learn all you need to know about becoming a better driver in this driving school.


#14. Lake Murray Driving Academy

Lake Murray offers driving classes scheduled around your time. The fact that they have professional drivers pick up the student from home or school and return the student to home, school, or work makes them one of the best driving schools in Columbia, SC.

The school covers 8 hours of classroom and 6 hours of driving. The instructors are police officers with 20+ years of experience. For your convenience, they accept credit cards, and extra private lessons are available at $80 per hour.


#15. Back To Basics Driving School

At the back to Basics Driving School, retired police officers teach and supervise. It is one of the best driving schools in Columbia, SC, with a 14-hour program that includes an 8-hour lesson and two driving sessions.

Each program lasts three hours, and students must pay $315 in tuition (no cards accepted). Before you finish this program, Back to Basics ensures you become a seasoned driver.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a driver’s education cost in South Carolina?

To enrol in driving lessons and write the exam for your permit, you need between $49.99 and $60.99.

How long does SC Driving School last?

All pupils under the age of seventeen (17) must complete a driver education program that includes at least eight (8) hours of classroom instruction and six (6) hours of behind-the-wheel driving with a qualified instructor.

Is driving school compulsory in South Carolina?

No. However, if you are 15 or 16 years old and applying for your first driver’s license, you must fill out the Certification of School Attendance, Driver’s Education, and Driving Practice (SCDMV Form PDLA).

Can I receive my license at 18 without a permit in South Carolina?

Yes. Those aged 18 and over may apply for a driver’s license without a learner’s permit.

Is it necessary for me to attend driving school to obtain my license?

Yes. The applicant must be physically and psychologically fit to operate a motor vehicle. They must be seventeen (17) years old. The applicant has completed at least 8 hours of Practical Driving Course (PDC) from an LTO-accredited Driving School.


No driving school can guarantee the security of a driver’s license, and SC DMV regulations prohibit them from making such claims.

However, you can be very sure that they would make every effort to train you to easily pass the road test and earn a driver’s license.

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