Top Excel Courses Online to Learn To Be a Pro 

Excel is a Microsoft Office spreadsheet tool for recording, storing, manipulating, and analyzing data. It comes with several built-in functions that enable mathematical and spatial data manipulation and data visualization.

All the cells where data are kept have unique addresses based on the cell’s row and column value.

So, regardless of its complex nature, it is important to check out for top excel courses online to learn to be a pro in 2023 and help you in your workspace.

Some of them will be listed in this article.

Why Take Excel Courses Online?

Lately, jobs that require excellent and sophisticated digital skills have greatly increased and according to the Council on Foreign Relations, these positions shot up from 5% to an incredible level at 23% in the last year.

With about 32 million employment positions filled in the US, jobs that require little or no digital skills are lower by 26%.

So, taking excel online courses will hold your hand as much as you want while affording you the leverage people who have digital skills enjoy in their workspaces.

Also, you will almost always receive a certificate upon completion and that’s a great way to celebrate your wins and much as it showcases you to potential employers.

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How Much does Online Excel Courses Cost?

There are lots of excel courses that are for your self development expensive.for free.

However, if you want a certification to add to your résumé, you’ll have to pay again.

Currently, there are varying costs on excel online courses ranging from $49 to $300. It is important to note that the certificates are expensive.

How Long Does it take to Complete an Online Excel Course?

The time to complete an online Excel course is determined by your chosen class and how much spare time you have.

If you have a full-time work and a family, some courses can take a year or more to finish.

Others are substantially shorter and can be done in a few sessions. It entirely depends on your circumstances.

Top Excel Courses Online to Learn To Be a Pro

#1. The Complete Financial Analyst Course – Udemy

If you’re a current or aspiring financial analyst, brushing up on your Excel skills is a terrific way to keep up with the latest accounting software innovations.

It will also make your day-to-day tasks lot easier and more efficient.

This online Excel course uses high-definition video tutorials to lead you through strengthening your Excel skills, dealing with enormous datasets, creating company balance sheets, and formatting for professional settings.

There are various ways to access this course, including the web, your mobile device, and your television, and it works with many versions of Excel and PowerPoint, starting with 2010 and working up to the most recent versions in Microsoft 365.

This course costs roughly $150 and is available in eight different languages, including English.


#2. Microsoft Excel Class for Beginner to Advanced Learners – Udemy

This excel online course on Udemy cuts across four sections covering a wide range of experience levels; beginner, intermediate, and experienced.

If you’re passionate about organisation of your work and how it can be automated, you can try out the Master Microsoft Excel macros and VBA and the likes.

One distinguishing factor about this online course is that it covers all of what it promises you without requiring a month or more of your time commitment as is common with other online courses.

You won’t be finished with the course when you finish with it since you’ll get a lifetime access to on-demand videos and a plethora of other digital resources.

Upon completion, you’ll get a certificate to add to your résumé at a token of $150.


#3. Beginner to Pro in Excel: Financial Modelling and Valuation – Udemy

With the 30-day money-back guarantee on Udemy, this excel online course is one that gives you unrestricted access to course materials.

The goal of this online Udemy course is to help you improve your Microsoft Excel and financial modelling skills and in return, open you up to lots of professional opportunities and personal development.

If you aspire to work as an investment banker, this course is for you. Take advantage of this course and don’t miss out on an opportunity to have an edge over your competitors.


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#4. Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis with Pivot Tables – Udemy

Using pivots in Excel, you can quickly explore and analyze raw data, revealing valuable insights and trends that might otherwise be lost in the noise.

This online Udemy course will teach you everything you need to know about Excel Pivot Tables and Excel Pivot Charts.

It’ll walk you through interactive exercises to show you when, why, and how to do more sophisticated sorting, filtering, and calculation capabilities.

So, if you’re looking to diversify your Excel skillset, this is your go-to course.


#5. Microsoft Excel – From beginner to Expert in 6 Hours – Udemy

This expert excel course will teach you how to use Microsoft Excel at a pro level starting from the basic to the most complex capabilities.

This course, created by a Microsoft Certified Master Instructor, covers the nitty-gritty of Microsoft Excel.

Todd McLeod, a university professor with over twenty years of experience teaching people of all abilities “how to use” Microsoft Excel, has devised, honed, and perfected this course to make mastering Microsoft Excel simple for you.

In only five hours of video, you will receive 75 distinct video lectures, ensuring that it duplicates no single online video about all there is to know about Microsoft Excel.


#6. Excel Skills for Business Specialization – Coursera

This excel online course is best for business and because it is a business tool that can be used for the balancing of weekly budget at home, you can peg your focus in that direction.

Coursera’s Excel course is a six-month course accessible by anyone whether a newbie or experienced, it will walk you through the excel application and how best to use the functions in data analysis.

You will, however, receive a shareable certificate as a way of priding in your efforts.

Unlike many other courses, this one includes virtual over-the-shoulder teaching and video content, which means you’ll have to show you’ve finished the work and comprehend the topics being taught in order to pass the class.


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#7. GoSkills’ Microsoft Excel Classes – Basic and Advanced

GoSkills classes are dominant for those who prefer to study on the go. Because it’s available on IOS and Android devices, it is among the list of the best excel online courses for 2023.

This course is suitable for novices, but it also covers subjects such as PivotTables and VLOOKUP.

Moreso, you can dedicate as much or as little time to learning as you like without being bound by a schedule, and you can assess your progress using a variety of examinations and quizzes.

The class lasts roughly 26 hours with each lecture lasting about 30 minutes.


#8. Excel from Beginner to Advanced – Udemy

This Udemy class, Excel from Beginner to Advanced with Kyle Pew, costs $129.99 and walks you through dynamic reports, large datasets, and automation for improved workflow support.

This program will teach you all you need to know about Excel, regardless of your ability level, with over 18 hours of video content, over 42 downloadable tools, and lifelong access for all purchases.

You can always come back and remind yourself if you forget something.


#9. Excel at Work – Complete MS Excel mastery Beginner to Pro – Udemy

This course will teach you all you need to know about Microsoft Excel, from the fundamentals to Excel mastery.

It’s ideal for you if you’re a beginner or intermediate Excel user looking to impress your boss, receive a promotion, or maybe land a new job.

Everything in the course is presented in a step-by-step, stress-free manner.

Whether as a newbie who desires to know more than just the basics of excel or an intermediate user who wishes to develop your skill, this course is a brilliant choice.


#10. Master Microsoft Excel – Linkedin Learning

There are numerous outstanding Excel courses on LinkedIn Learning, but none are as robust or as practical as Master Microsoft Excel.

This Excel course is thorough and engaging in a way that others simply aren’t, with about 25 hours of video content split across eight different class subjects.

This course will formally certify you as a Microsoft Office Specialist, and three specialists will host it with decades of combined Excel and teaching experience.

Also, it gives you a substantial qualification to be proud of, as well as demonstrates to others that you can handle their data.

The lesson costs around $30 if you have a LinkedIn Learning platform membership.



This article has simplified your search by outlining the top excel online courses that will aid you become a pro. Take advantage of them and add value in whatever space you find yourself.



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