University Of Calgary Tuition Fees in 2023 | How To Pay

Are you looking to get an amazing student experience in a city with something new to discover? Then, the University of Calgary is the best choice for you.

However, assessing the University of Calgary tuition fees can be difficult for you, even as an international student. But read along and find out about how to overcome these challenges.

Getting admission into the University of Calgary is one thing, while being able to pay tuition fees is another. As an intending student of Ucalgary, you don’t need to know how much tuition to pay, but the easiest way to pay for it.

So, in this article, we discuss details about the University of Calgary tuition fees and how to pay for them for Undergraduates, graduates, as well as international students.

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Why Study At the University of Calgary?

The University of Calgary ranks amongst the top 200 universities in the world, according to Times Higher Education. They have achieved this by providing an outstanding academic environment for students to study with highly acclaimed professors and researchers.

So, this has caused exponential growth in their system since they were founded in 1966.

About the University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is a comprehensive research university with four campuses across the Calgary, Alberta region and the fifth location in Doha, Qatar.

UCalgary enrolls around 33,000 students in undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs. Two-thirds of the university’s 185,000 alumni live and work in the Calgary area.

UCalgary has 14 faculties offering more than 250 academic programs. The university also houses 79 Canada Research Chairs and more than 50 research institutes and centers.

UCalgary also encourages multidisciplinary programs as well as international study for international students, volunteer, work, and research programs that provide global context while promoting diversity and excellence in learning.

How Much is the University of Calgary Tuition fees for international students?

As an international student studying in Canada, UCalgary is the best place to be. In fact, Calgary is the #1 most livable city in the whole of North America.

Not only that, Ucalgary embraces diversity. As a result, there are 112 countries represented on campus. Also, in terms of research, Ucalgary partners with a number of top research institutions around the world to provide students with unique learning opportunities.

So, the value you can gain from this school is enormous but, most times, international students have a problem with finding out exactly how much these programs cost and what the cost of tuition is for international students.

The table below best describes tuition costs for different programs for international students at the University of Calgary.

Most Programs (3 units)$2017.20
Haskayne (3 units)$2279.91
Co-op/Intern (4 months)$1581.00
Law (JD) (3 units)$3751.89
Veterinary Medicine DVM (4 months)$17925.93

How Much is the University of Calgary international students’ graduate tuition?

The University of Calgary tuition fees for international students at the graduate level are listed below, in two sessions.

These sessions are the Spring Session and the Winter Session.

These international graduate program tuitions are also classified into Thesis-based programs except MBA and thesis-based MBA.

Tuition Fees (except MBA, thesis)$8081.00
Tuition Fees (except MBA, thesis) $29,027.22

Students in a thesis-based degree (master’s or doctoral) program have assessed annual tuition fees. All tuition fees are pro-rated over four terms: one-third in Fall, one-third in Winter, one-sixth in Spring and one-sixth in Summer.

However, in winter, students in thesis-based master’s programs (excluding MBA) are assessed tuition fees for the first year.

After the first year, annual continuing fees will apply. Students in the thesis-based MBA program are assessed tuition fees.

Anyways, if these tuitions are really expensive you can access some scholarships for graduates here to ease the load.

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How Much is the University of Calgary law school tuition?

Studying law at the University of Calgary can be the best way for you to position yourself for a better career in law.

As a matter of fact, UCalgary students received approximately 50% of positions offered in the national Calgary market first-year recruit for summer positions.

It is really amazing to note that the Career and Professional Development Office is well-versed in and well-connected to, opportunities all across the country. They have strong connections not only in Calgary but across Alberta. As a result, they offer many opportunities for their students after graduation.

That’s why over 98% of their students get placement and are gainfully employed after graduation.

So, Ucalgary is notably one of the best law schools in Canada. The law school tuition to study in Ucalgary is $1098.09 for Canadian residents and $3751.89 for international students.

How Much is the University of Calgary Undergraduate Tuition and fees?

At the University of Calgary, fees are subject to the number of credits units you take and by the program, you want to enroll in.

Some of their programs, like law programs, have higher fees and a different fee structure. It is also important to note the fee structure before adding a deregulated program.

For detailed information regarding tuition and fees, including incidental fees, and payment, students will have to check out the college’s financial calendar.

So, undergraduate students are allocated tuition and general fees as listed in the Tuition and General Fees chart below.

Most Programs (3 units)$576.30
Haskayne (3 units)$831.84
Schulich (3 units)$592.44
Co-op/Intern (4 months)$452.70
Law (JD) (3 units)$1098.09
Veterinary Medicine DVM (4 months)$5812.35

How can I pay my Tuition at the University of Calgary?

Preferred payment for tuition and fees, whether as a domestic or international student at the University of Calgary, is through online banking.

Students paying from overseas can also now utilize Western Union’s Global Pay.

For Domestic Students

Online banking is the fastest and preferred payment method for anyone with any student that has a Canadian bank account.

Students process their payments through your University of Calgary’s own banking service.

The easiest part of this is that it can be done from anyone’s online bank, as long as the account number is correct. Funds will be applied to your account with UCalgary.

Just follow the steps outlined below:

  • First, log on to your bank’s online system.
  • Create a payee profile. Here, you add the “University of Calgary – Tuition Fees” as a payee on your bill payment profile (the name will vary from bank to bank)
  • Enter your account information. This account number is your eight-digit UCalgary Student ID number (UCID) and the first five letters of your last name. If your entire last name is less than five characters, use your entire last name.
  • Allow for processing time. It may take up to five business days for online payments to be processed.
  • Payments initiated on or before the term fee deadline will not be subject to late interest.

For International Students

The most efficient payment process, if you don’t have a Canadian bank account is through GlobalPay for Students.

This option allows you to pay student fees in the currency of your choice in an efficient and inexpensive manner.

How to pay through an international funds transfer:

  • Navigate to the GlobalPay for students website and enter your details.
  • Select the items you wish to pay for and select your payment option. Note: Due to banking regulations, not all currencies are available. If your home currency isn’t offered, you can pay in another currency, such as the U.S. dollar.
  • Next, enter the details of the person making the payment and select the language you would like to receive payment instructions in.
  • Print your payment instructions and complete your payment at your bank or with online banking using the printed instructions.

Submission of Cheques

If submitting a cheque, please ensure the following information is included on the cheque to avoid processing delays:

Mailing information

Payable to the “University of Calgary”

Mailing address:
University of Calgary
Enrolment Services, MT 116
Office of the Registrar, McKimmie Tower, Room 116
University of Calgary
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, AB, Canada T2N 1N4

Cheque details

  • Current date
  • Student’s full name
  • Student’s UCID number
  • Signature of the account holder
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for processing time


How much does it cost to attend university of Calgary?

For most programs, it cost about $2017.20 but for law programs it costs $3751.89

Where is university of Calgary located?

Ucalgary is located in Alberta, Canada.

What is the acceptance rate of university of Calgary?

The acceptance rate at the University of Calgary is 38%.


The University of Calgary is a comprehensive research university with four campuses across the Calgary, Alberta region and the fifth location in Doha, Qatar. They have strong connections not only in Calgary but across Canada.

Getting into this university is one thing while being able to pay for tuition fees is another. So, this article will help you understand the tuition fees at Ucalgary and how to pay them.


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