Would you like to join the volunteers in Costa Rica in 2023? Imagine that you are on a beach Galore. You sip a great Costa Rican coffee. You just had a long productive volunteering service with sloths and turtles.

Yet, you are dazzled by the natural beauty of Monteverde. You are proud to take a walk nearby Rio Celeste. You are enthralled with the colorful wildlife. Everything is just unique.

Every morning, the hummingbirds ignite your zest for service. You are invigorated and look forward to what the day offers. You release a sigh of relief and say, “Pura Vida”.

But the question is: ” Why? Why volunteer in Costa Rica?” Well, you have the privilege to take part in nourishing activities. You can explore the rich culture and rainforest tours of Costa Rica. Sightseeing would be the most promising source of happiness.

The diverse wildlife and the wonders of the terrain would leave you dumbfounded. Costa Rica has this inviting eco-friendliness that you would barely experience in the United States of America. Don’t you agree? Why don’t you give it a shot?

Espouse the opportunity to grow mentally and emotionally. Allow Costa Rica to leave a permanent smile on your face and embrace a purposeful experience!

As much as you are looking forward to this avid experience, it is only fair that you have some pressing questions, such as:

  • Where can I volunteer in Costa Rica?
  • Do I need a visa to volunteer in Costa Rica?
  • How do I find volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica?

Where Can I Volunteer In Costa Rica?

See, San Jose is the country’s bustling capital city. You can volunteer in San Jose and get engrossed in education and healthcare programs. If you have this unquenchable thirst for adventure, you can volunteer in the Corcovado National Park or the Manuel Antonio National Park.

So if you want to have a solid taste of the village life in Costa Rica, volunteer in Costa Rica with animals. If you are endlessly curious about the Costa Rican urban lifestyle, volunteer in San Jose.

Do I Need a Visa to Volunteer in Costa Rica?

Not exactly! As long as you are an American or Canadian citizen, you have nothing to worry about. You can get a 90-day tourist stamp in the passport upon arrival to Costa Rica.

All you have to do is to state ‘tourism’ as your reason for traveling. Immigration will stamp your passport. Then, you can safely resume your volunteering trip.

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How do I find Volunteering Opportunities in Costa Rica?

When searching for a volunteering opportunity in Costa Rica, it would be wise that you initially identify the purpose of your volunteering. Picture the life-changing experience you want to attain in Costa Rica.

Also, when finding volunteering opportunities, thoroughly research the organizations and the volunteer programs they offer.

Check the volunteering in Costa Rica reviews. Does the organization respect the local culture, environment, and individuals? What level of support and help can the organization offer? 

Top 10 Volunteering Opportunities in Costa Rica

Here is a comprehensive list of the top 10 volunteering opportunities in Costa Rica. Trustworthy organizations offer the following programs: Frontier, IFRE, Ubelong, and Go Eco.

  1. Wildlife Sanctuary (offered by Frontier)
  2. Teaching Program (offered by Frontier)
  3. Turtle Conservation (offered by Frontier)
  4. Nursing / Elderly (offered by IFRE)
  5. Medical Programs (offered by IFRE)
  6. Construction Program(offered by Ubelong)
  7. Caregiving Program (offered by Ubelong)
  8. Environment (offered by Ubelong)
  9. Organic Coffee Farming (offered by Go Eco)
  10. Community Development (offered by Go Eco)


The mission of this program is to save endangered and injured animals. In time, they will be restored to the status quo in protected areas.

As a volunteer, you would help take care of young animals like sloths, collect data and learn about the forest.

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In this volunteering program English, history, spelling, and developmental skills are thoroughly taught. Volunteers here play a life-changing role as young children gain their primary education from them.


This program preserves the number of sea turtles in the world. Volunteers are team members of beach patrol groups. They are aiming at collecting data and releasing baby turtles in the wild.

The vision of Frontier Gap is to safeguard the ecosystem’s integrity and biodiversity and build sustainable livelihoods.


Elderly citizens who have been neglected or lack family support are in safe hands. Volunteers like you are given a chance to create an enabling environment. It would include peace of mind, good nutrition, medical care, and shelter.


Volunteers in medical programs help those who are bereft of proper medical care. Volunteer doctors and nurses greet, attend to, and comfort patients. They also collect data about the patient’s health status.

IFRE Volunteers go way back to 2005 and operate in 18 countries with 200 projects worldwide. They offer a top-rated but very low-cost volunteering experience in Costa Rica.


The two major functions that volunteers perform in this program is reconstruction and painting. The volunteers of this program address buildings and schools that need repair and funding.


In this program, children from abusive or poverty-stricken lives and senior citizens from disadvantaged backgrounds are of primary concern.

As a volunteer, you can work seven hours straight in a day.  Your job would be to assist in education, emotional support and skill development. Amazing, right?


This program aims to proffer solutions to environmental concerns like deficient water systems. You will create awareness and preach healthy practices throughout the town and surrounding areas.

Ubelong results from two founders. Cedric Hodgeman and Raul Roman. The Ubelong Volunteering Organization has been rated one of the best inexpensive Costa Rican volunteering packages.

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This eco-friendly agricultural program educates volunteers in harvesting and processing coffee beans. You will also be opportuned to lend a helping hand at a small local farm to support local families.


Volunteers here will enjoy a three-tier program. Community development in

  • Schools in rural areas
  • Ecotourism
  • Nature Conservation

You may be working with tourists and be a tour guide. You may educate tourists on the forest, teach in schools or participate in construction projects.

Go Eco is a leading eco-tourism company that is a gateway to over 150 extraordinary community, wildlife, and environmental initiatives.  Their programs are 4 or 5-star rated.


At this juncture, we are confident that you have decided. You are going to Costa Rica. That would be an excellent choice. It’s a safe destination in Central America and full of hidden gems.

Activities like zip lining and water rafting will suit an adventure seeker. Make good decisions on volunteering programs. Plan prudently and take that trip to Costa Rica.

We wish you “Pura Vida”!



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