15 Best Welding Schools in Tulsa |  Requirements

With approximately 488,000 anticipated job openings in the welding industry by 2028, this is a vocation with several job chances. Several industries, like the automobile, aerospace, building, construction, and even the military, have a significant demand for welders. 

You might become an assembler, manufacturing welding technician, welding inspector, robotics repair and maintenance, technical salesperson, or work in one of the many other specialized welding fields with a welding education.

You may make a six-figure wage as a military support welder, an underwater welder, an industrial pipeline welder, etc., thanks to the variety of specialization options available.

But, of course, the first step in any career path is earning a welding degree or certification from a school or college that has been accredited. 

In Tulsa, some colleges and universities provide welding programs. However, the finest resources for helping you get started on your path to finding a job that pays well are listed below. 

However, choosing one may be challenging with the abundance of universities providing welding degrees. 

Fortunately, we have covered the best welding schools in Tulsa. But first, we’ll briefly overview each institution’s curriculum.

Is Welding A Good Career Path In Tulsa?

Every village, city, nation, and state needs welders. Although welders are everywhere, many locations need more than what is available.

This implies that welders have more employment options, which is why welding is a great career option today. You will always find work if you have a strong work ethic. 

The earnings will be excellent if you start your own welding company or work as a welder for someone else.

Of course, welding is not a quick-rich scheme. However, you will surely earn a solid life if you enter the field and are persistent enough.

Starting a part-time welding business is more accessible and less time-consuming than launching other enterprises or firms. 

Additionally, it is far simpler to transition from that part-time employment to a full-time business. 

There is a lot of opportunity for developing a flourishing welding business that will pay you well while also giving many other welders fantastic employment chances because of the variety of welding areas and the massive need for welders. 

Welding is a fantastic alternative to think about if you’re an entrepreneur.

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How To Become A Licensed Welder In Tulsa?

To become a licensed welder, you must complete a weld test exam given by one of our accredited Weld Test Facilities. 

Each welder must adhere to these minimum standards: 

Current employment documentation as an owner-user welder; Current American Welding Society welding certification; Minimum of seven (7) years of documented experience in the weld inspection field, as required by Title 59 O.S. 59 Section 1628 of this Act.

How To Renew Your Welding License In Tulsa

By mailing in the entire renewal application, copies of the required identification, and your $25 money, you can renew your license 90 days before it expires. 

A $10 late renewal fee will be charged if you renew your license after it has expired. You are only eligible for renewal if your request has been active for a year.

How Much Do Welders Make In Tulsa?

A welder in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area is expected to cost $44,549 per year, with a mean income of $41,888. 

These numbers reflect the median, or the middle, of the pay ranges determined by our in-house Total Pay Estimate algorithm and based on wages provided by our users. 

The annual increase in compensation is projected to be $2,660. Cash bonuses, commissions, tips, and shares are all forms of additional income. 

The “Most Likely Range” shows numbers between the 25th and 75th percentiles of all the salary information for this role that is currently available.

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How Long Is Welding School In Tulsa?

The time to become a welder in Tulsa and get all necessary certifications depends on the certification and training programs. The length of training might range from seven months to two years. 

Standard routes to becoming a welder include post-secondary education and industry certifications. 

These two stages are necessary because of employer preferences and requirements. As part of on-the-job training, employers may also demand a GED or high school diploma.

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What are the Best Welding Schools in Tulsa?

  • Tulsa Welding schools
  • Oklahoma Technical College
  • Central Technology Center
  • Indian Capital Technology Center
  • Tri-County Technology Center
  • Tulsa Tech – Industry Training Center
  • Boston Metro Technology Center
  • Mid-Del Technology Center
  • Canadian Valley Technology Center
  • Mid-America Technology Center
  • Moore Norman Technology Center
  • Francis Tuttle Technology Center
  • Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center

#1. Tulsa Welding School

Because it is well-equipped, contemporary, and ready to assist anyone in starting a new career, Tulsa Welding School is the ideal location to study this sophisticated craft. 

The instructors are some of the best in the business, and everyone has had a remarkable career. You will only be taught the most recent techniques in the innovative practice booths. 

The excellent welding program makes it possible to complete the certificate level quickly. 

However, you’ll learn the safety precautions, how to read and draw up plans, and how to handle any project independently.

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#2. Oklahoma Technical College 

OTC’s welding program’s technical, practical, academic, and aesthetic components are combined to prepare students for various careers and industries. 

You will receive a tool kit when your program officially starts, including hats, gloves, hand tools, and other supplies to help launch your new job. 

Each student at OTC is made to feel valued and that their investment in their education and training is good.

In addition, the professors have a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise in various subjects. 

To further their education, the group takes part in safety courses, aids charitable organizations, and takes field trips to manufacturing plants.

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#3. Central Technology Center

Central Technical College’s welding program covers brazing, cutting, reading blueprints, welding codes, and oxyacetylene, gas metal, shielded metal, and gas tungsten arc welding. 

Welder qualification and certification, as well as robotic welding training, are also offered. 

This curriculum will teach you how to do high-quality structural welding for various manufacturing and construction jobs. It will cover the following subject areas in class: 

By adhering to the welding method criteria utilized in various welding jobs, you will weld with high quality. 

Additionally, you’ll learn about pipe welding processes like SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, and GTAW.

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#4. Indian Capital Technology Center

The Welding Program at the Indian Capital Technology Center (ICTC) instructs students in welding techniques. 

The welding program follows the American Welding Society (AWS) curriculum standards for beginning welders. 

The American Welding Society (AWS) may be a professional body that oversees the welding sector. 

Through this structure, competent students can get industry credentials supported by AWS.

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#5. Tri-County Technology Center

The Applied Welding Technology curriculum at Tri County Tech will teach you diverse welding methods and techniques, giving you a mastery edge in this highly sought-after trade. 

The program will include instruction in arc welding (SMAW), gas metal arc welding (GMAW), tungsten arc welding (GTAW), and oxyfuel cutting. 

Take the first steps towards becoming a shop supervisor by becoming proficient in blueprint reading and shop organization. 

Applied Welding Technology will prepare you to get certified in Stick, TIG, and MIG welding to give your profession a head start and a higher starting wage.

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#6. Tulsa Tech – Industry Training Center

The processes and tools required to weld with the gas metal arc (GMAW), shielded metal arc (SMAW), flux-cored arc (FCAW), and gas tungsten arc (GTAW) welders are taught to Tulsa Tech welding students.

Additionally, students are taught how to weld in flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead positions for plate or sheet metal and the fixed, rolling, and overhead positions for the pipe.

The Welding Technology Training program at Tulsa Tech is a 36-week course that prepares graduates for the field in less than a year.

Students in the curriculum will be prepared for manufacturing, construction, railroad transportation, and agriculture professions.

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#7. Boston Metro Technology Center

The Metro Technology Center in Boston, which are in the city’s heart, are a great place to study. 

This institution is distinctive because it is considered one of Oklahoma City’s most excellent and welcoming welding schools, providing the best environment for education and growth. 

The instructors are top-notch and will support you at every turn of this incredible journey. 

The exceptional welding department offers the top classes and labs in the state. The program focuses on the fundamental skills and information you’ll need for your exciting new job.

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#8. Mid-Del Technology Center

The Mid-Del Technology Center has some of the state’s top instructors and a welcoming community. 

The college is proud of its alums, who are now highly renowned professionals, and is ready to give you the optimal atmosphere for growth. 

There are many chances for recreation here, and the dorms, facilities, labs, and seminars are all first-rate. 

The 900 hours of lectures and labs that make up the welding program will teach you all the information. The program may be accessible for locals, and overall costs are low.

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#9. Canadian Valley Technology Center

Canadian Valley Technology Center is the ideal place to start a new career in technology. 

The facility has a stellar reputation throughout Oklahoma for its top-notch trainers and teachers and some of the most state-of-the-art practice areas. 

You will be taught using the top instructional resources and some of the most passionate and qualified experts in this field. 

The welding program at Canadian Valley Technology Center, one of the top welding schools in Oklahoma City that offers certificate programs, will prepare you for one of the essential jobs in the business. 

Additionally, this university offers some of the state’s most affordable tuition rates.

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#10. Mid-America Technology Center

The Mid-America Technology Center aims to provide the best education and training in the area in a lively, engaging atmosphere. 

On their lovely, expansive campus, there are many opportunities for leisure and relaxation. The most excellent instructors in each subject teach the programs and classes, which are carefully planned and targeted. 

One of the most fascinating and future-focused programs is the welding one, which covers everything from plasma cutters to some of the essential skills and information needed for this dynamic industry.

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#11. Moore Norman Technology Center

To educate as many people as possible about the exciting field of technology and vocational training, the Moore Norman Technology Center was established. 

The programs provided here are among the best in the area and are delivered in a highly modern and contemporary manner. 

Thanks to the excellent welding curriculum, you can gain the certificate quickly. 

The curriculum may be finished in a few months and includes theory, practice, and all the information you need to know about this vocation.

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#12. Francis Tuttle Technology Center

It’s a great idea to pursue a profession in technology at the Francis Tuttle Technology Center. 

This particular school is exceptional since it is considered one of the friendliest and most welcoming, providing the best environment for education and growth. In addition, teachers and instructors are passionate and competent. 

A fantastic choice for your career is the welding degree. The classes and labs can be finished in a few months, and you’ll learn everything you need to know about one of the most in-demand careers.

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#13. Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center

Because of the presence of some of the most knowledgeable and kind professors everywhere, Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center is one of the best welding schools in Oklahoma City to attend. 

The college’s state-of-the-art resources and tools will support your education, and the professors will provide you with all the help you need. 

You can get aid from the college with financial preparation as well. 

Welding can be practiced in various methods, and the program is well-regarded. Choose from structural welding, combination welding, and pipe-fitting welding.

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How Much Do Welding Schools Cost in Tulsa?

Tuition for three- to seven-month courses at welding schools typically costs roughly $5,000. In contrast, classes in college welding programs can cost up to $15,000 and run up to 15 months. 

Depending on your objectives, a college program might be more helpful than welding instruction, which is less expensive and lasts for a shorter period. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tulsa require a license to weld? 

For certification, a state-certified weld test inspector must conduct a weld test.

How do I update my welding license in Tulsa? 

If you submit your complete renewal application, copies of the identification, and $25 renewal cost, you can renew your certificate up to 90 days before it expires. 

How long is Tulsa Welding School? 

The time needed to complete this education training ranges from 7 to 2 years, depending on the qualification. 

Is learning to weld difficult? 

It can be moderately challenging for most individuals to learn how to do welding because it is a hands-on activity that requires more than just reading. Most individuals also find it rather challenging to do welding because it takes a very long time to learn how to do it and a lot of practice.


Tulsa is a thriving, advanced, and breathtakingly beautiful Oklahoma city where one can live and work. 

The city boasts a fantastic business community and a thriving economy with many job prospects. 

Several welding programs are available to equip you to become a professional welder, and the schools and universities are outstanding. You can choose the best welding school in Tulsa by using the information in this article.



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