Young Patriots Essay Contest 2022 [Updated]

Every college scholarship has its sponsors this sponsor might be a company or group of persons or sometimes even an individual. Introducing the Young Patriots Essay Contest scholarship would encompass talking about the company that sponsors this particular scholarship.

This company is popularly known as National Centre for Policy Analysis (NCPA), this is a company that has reached out to society through the scholarship day sponsor annually which is known as The Young Patriots Essay Contest.

The National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy research organization, established in 1983. The goal of the organization’s goal is to develop and promote private, free-market alternatives to government regulation and control, solving problems.

The National Center for Policy Analysis ( NCPA ) is a non-profit American think tank whose goals were to develop and promote private alternatives to government regulation and control. Topics it addressed include reforms in health care, taxes, Social Security, welfare, education, and environmental regulation.

We have been made to understand that this scholarship is American citizens reserved scholarship. even if the American citizen is residing abroad he or she is eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Furthermore, if you have won this scholarship before, specifically, if you have taken the first position before, then you are not eligible to apply. Home students are also eligible to apply for the scholarship provided you’ve not won the scholarship before.

About the Scholarship

National Center for policy analysis annually gives the scholarship to students who made it to the top of the essay contest. Which is designed to broaden the students’ minds on the operations in trades across the United States.

The National Center for Policy Analysis and Debate Central are always happy to announce the yearly Young Patriots Essay Contest. The essay contest is sponsored by NCPA and  Copart, the premier destination for quality vehicles.

The Young Patriots Essay Contest is designed to challenge middle and high school students to creatively engage with public policy and current events through the art of writing. A total of $9,000 scholarship award is available for the winning candidates.

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Three winners are awarded the scholarship in defending the order. The person that takes the first position goes home with $5000, and $2500 for the second position and $1500 for the third position.

Apparently, $9000 is offered yearly to winners of this contest. This is definitely a trustworthy scholarship because of its chain of sponsors.

This is really a prestigious scholarship, not only that you’d be offered the opportunity to study for almost for free, but you’d also become very popular because your essay would be published on many media platforms across the country.

How to write your essay for the Young Patriots Essay Contest 2022

Your essay should be written in English and should not exceed 1,200 words. More questions on the format (and on the contest in general) can be found answered on the website:

Remember originality is the key. Your essay would be tested for plagiarism and other related writing malpractices, therefore it is important one writes from their heart and do enough research to make their essay unique.

You are not allowed to write a topic of your own, that is you’re not allowed to choose a topic. The board annually chooses a topic for their applicants, this topic is always related to public policy or trade-related topic.

Before you start writing,  you should note that this opportunity is strictly for high school graduating seniors who are yet to be enrolled in any tertiary institution, therefore if you’re already enrolled in a tertiary institution, you might not want to write because you night apparently be wasting your time.

Level/Field of Study

Most American scholarships are field dependent, and sometimes level-dependent, but this scholarship is not field-dependent, but level dependent.

This scholarship is strictly for students who are yet to be enrolled in a tertiary institution, it is for high school graduating students who need money to further their undergraduate studies. Therefore if you fall into this category, pick up your pain, and start applying.

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Read also if you wish to study outside your home country Simple and Detailed Answers about Applying and Winning a Scholarship.

Host Nationality

NCPA and cobart are American based platforms.

The United States of America is proudly the nation housing the hosts of this scholarship, which in turn has made the American trade more popular and influential,  and it has also made to students to do more research on the American trade and public policy.

There are other US Scholarships available for International students in 2022. You can utilize these scholarship opportunities to solve most of your academics problems. Check out other scholarships you can apply for in 2022 to study in EuropeAfricaAsia, etc.

Eligible Nationality:

Definitely being an American citizen, United States of America precisely is a bonus, because there are tons of scholarships that are set aside for United States of America citizens which the Young Patriot Essay Contest happens to be one of them.

This scholarship is open for United States citizens.  considerations would also be given to migrants with a permanent residence permit.

Aside from the Young Patriots Essay Contest scholarship, 2022 there are other scholarships available to international students to study abroad. You can check our scholarship by country to access all scholarships available.

Scholarship Worth

The scholarship is worth more than most scholarships not to talk of it extreme reliability.

Some scholarship offers their scholarship to just one person, which would be the sole winner, but this scholarship has provisions for first second and third position.

This scholarship is totally worth $9000.

  • $5000 for the first position,
  • $2500 for the second position and
  • $1500 for the third position.


Before applying or filling the online application, or even thinking of submitting an essay do well to pay attention to the scholarship requirements so you won’t apply amiss.

When applying you’re required to:

Be an American citizen or lawful resident who is currently a student in grades 6-12, or recent high school graduates who have never enrolled as a degree-seeking student in any college or university.


If you have enrolled in a college course for dual credit during high school, you are still eligible.

One other caveat: if you have ever won first place in a previous year’s Young Patriots Essay Contest, you are not eligible to win again.

Homeschool students are eligible.

American citizens residing abroad are eligible.

Non-citizen legal residents are also eligible. International students who do not meet these criteria are not eligible.

Application Procedure

Applying for the scholarship the candidates must fill the entry form and submit the essay. The link is:

Application Deadline

The application form and essay must be submitted by January 1, 2022,


Contact Information

Lauren Sabino

Director of Youth Programs

National Center for Policy Analysis

12770 Coit Road, Suite 800

Dallas, TX 75251 United States

Phone: (972) 308-6487

Fax: (972) 239-9823

National Center for Policy Analysis

12770 Coit Road, Suite 800

Dallas, TX 76251

United States

Phone: (978) 386-6272

Fax: (972) 239-9823


First place

Juliana Good – a senior at Red Mountain High School, took first place and was awarded a $5,000 scholarship.

Second place

Kelsey Ge – a sophomore at Ward Melville High School, took second place and was awarded a $2,500 scholarship.

Third Place

Kim Phan – a senior at Boston Latin School, took third place and was awarded a $1,500 scholarship.

Good luck!


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