APPLY: New Zealand Prime Minister’s Scholarships for Latin America-2017

New Zealand Prime Minister’s Scholarships for Latin America-2017

Brief Description

The Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Latin America (PMSLA) is a programme funded by the New Zealand government and administered by Education New Zealand.  The scholarship aims to:

  • strengthen New Zealand institutions’ connections with their counterparts in key Latin America countries
  • promote understanding of the strength and quality of New Zealand’s education system and raise awareness in Latin America of New Zealand as a preferred education destination
  • improve the international skills of the New Zealand workforce
  • strengthen people to people connections between New Zealand and countries in Latin America through participants building lifelong friendships and networks.
  • strengthen New Zealand’s ability to engage with key Latin American trading partners
  • improve New Zealanders’ understanding of Latin American business practice and culture

Eligible countries:

Preference is currently for applicants undertaking appropriate programmes in Colombia and Brazil. Other Latin American countries such as Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Peru are also included. Individuals or groups may check with ENZ if preferred destination institution is not listed as having a formal relationship with a New Zealand institution. It may still meet requirements.


Applicants must propose programmes that can be demonstrated to be linked to New Zealand’s education, economic or trade agenda in Latin America, and may include business, social sciences, the creative arts and culture, indigenous studies, ICT/new media.]   Programmes can be either:

  1. An undergraduate or postgraduate part or whole programme in a relevant subject area at an approved institution. Exchange programmes are included here.
  2. Study programmes must be a minimum of 20 hours per week
  3. A full-time or part-time internship of between 4 to 12 weeks, see here for a list of ENZ recommended brokers. If the internship is part-time, it must be combined with a concurrent programme of study [eg language study] that brings total hours to 30 hours per week. Internships for longer than 12 weeks may be considered.
  4. Education, trade or economic-related research or development including development/research for intending or existing teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, to target countries, including cooperative or independent research at educational institutions, libraries and other facilities. Research applicants must be currently enrolled at a New Zealand tertiary institution.

Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria and whose programme clearly meets the goals of the scholarship, will additionally be expected to display academic strengths and personal attributes such as independence, initiative, maturity, and confidence . . . plus

  • The potential to succeed in academic study abroad
  • The ability to represent New Zealand (and, where relevant, their home institution) positively; particularly
  • the quality of a New Zealand education experience
  • And most importantly – be willing and prepared to put into practice the aims of the scholarship.
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How to apply

Individual Applications

Applications for individuals are now open for the April round of the Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Latin America. Please visit the online scholarship portal to apply.

Group Applications

New Zealand institutions may submit group application/s for scholarship support on behalf of students wishing to travel to target countries on exchange or study abroad programmes, or on specifically-tailored study programmes in Latin America. Applications for the April round are now open, please visit the online scholarship portal to apply.


There are two PMSLA rounds a year. You will not be able to submit applications after the deadlines.

  • April Round: Applications must be submitted by 30 April
  • October Round: Applications must be submitted by 30 October

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