Adobe Certifications List | Requirements, Cost, Job, Salary

The digital space is witnessing lots of disruption. Companies are going full-scale digital, hence, the demand for digital skills.

Analysts and experts always advise one to learn more than one digital skill to improve the chances of getting jobs.

One professional digital certification that has helped immensely in this sphere is Adobe Certifications.

In our update today, we shall inform you of all you need to know about Adobe Certifications, ACA adobe certification, adobe certification tests, adobe certified, Adobe certification exam, as well as many job opportunities Adobe certification presents.

Adobe can be simply put as the digital skill that empowers one with deep ideas in designs, creative presentation, company digital space designs (Video/Pictures).

It also equips one with in-depth knowledge of adobe products and how best to use them both in business and professional uses.

Adobe certification is evidence of one’s professionalism in the use of Adobe products. Adobe professionals are currently among the most sought-after candidates by hiring firms and businesses.

Our team here, through the help of research associates, has compiled a good number of things one should know about Adobe.

The table of contents below will guide you!

Are there Adobe certifications?

There is much professional product expertise attached to Adobe. Therefore, you would be needing a certification.

This way, it puts your experience and skill as a professionally vetted Adobe expert. Adobe has certification in all the fields. Which you will get upon completion of each course or string of courses.

Additionally, Adobe certified experts also get updates on new introductions and how best to get certified for the new program. Only, if interested.

Are Adobe certifications worth it?

Going by the increased digitization in businesses and the need to get professionally qualified persons, getting an Adobe certification has never been better.

Adobe certifications come with lots of incentives. If you are looking at getting recognized by recruiting firms or getting the digital skill needed in your digital workspace the Adobe certifications remain your surest bet.

Furthermore, Adobe maintains an easy-to-learn approach that is far from conventional classroom teaching.

Adobe certificate goes a long way to confirm you have the intermediary skill which you can use to run good communication with the digital media. Therefore, the answer to the question of are Adobe certifications worth it? is yes.

Why get certified by Adobe

If you want to get jobs from firms or businesses, then an Adobe certificate is your surest bet.

With a recognized certification in the use of any Adobe product, you can access many opportunities. Adobe also gives you access to updates considering your certified field in Adobe.

It equally provides leverage while getting scrutinized by recruiting agencies or businesses. This is because candidates that have passed an Adobe certification exam test will be considered more experienced than those that have the experience but with no certificate.

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How much does it cost to be Adobe Certified?

The cost of Adobe certificates comes down to the field you intend to learn. The highly tactical fields with advanced technicalities cost more than the conventional easy-to-learn programs.

The cost also varies based on your expert level in Adobe. The cost of getting a Master’s certificate is high compared to Expert and Professional certificates.

Analysts suggest that the Master’s Certificate peaks at $225 while Expert and Professional costs $125 and $220 respectively.

Nevertheless, with a discount, you can pay less for the certificates. Training courses are not a prior requirement for Adobe exams.

But, it’s important you get enough skills and experience through training courses in order to excel in your exam.

Payment for training courses differs from the cost of the Adobe exam cost. The training is the part that equips you with the required skill and experience needed while the exam is to certify one’s efficiency in the use of Adobe products.

How long do adobe certifications last?

Adobe Certificates lasts for a minimum of 2 years. Registered Adobe professionals are offered a time limit to get an Adobe recertification or risk losing their certificates. Failure to renew leads to the expiration of the certificate. If not renewed, the user will have to apply for a recertification exam.

ACA Adobe certificate exams for renewals are mostly handled by third-party associates recognized by Adobe.

Users would be disconnected from using the associated Adobe product if they fail to renew the certificate.

Nevertheless, some Adobe products especially those purchased from stores require no license recertification for continued usage.

How to view adobe certifications

Adobe certificates can be viewed or accessed in the Adobe credentials manager. If you are asking how to access my Adobe certifications, the Adobe credentials manager is also the place to visit on your account.

It keeps track of all the Adobe products as well as new introductions and those that require recertification. It also gives updates on progress made in courses and results of Adobe exams taken.

When do Adobe Photoshop certifications expire?

Similar to other Adobe products, Photoshop takes a minimum of 2 years before it expires for recertification.

However, Adobe Photoshop software purchased in stores has no license recertification for users. Therefore, it can be used for as long as the user wants without being blocked from using it.

Renewal of certificates applies mostly to subscription-based users of Adobe Photoshop. Both have disadvantages and advantages.

Subscription-based users are constantly introduced to new features and products as well recommendations while the non-online users are only limited to the features of the version they are currently using.

Where can I pull up my Adobe certifications?

You can pull up your Adobe certifications from the Adobe credentials manager. Similar to what we stated earlier on how to access Adobe certificates.

Adobe programs, courses, ACA Adobe exam details among many other things can be available in the Adobe credentials manager. Also, you can register for a new certificate.

How do I become Adobe certified?

Becoming certified in Adobe is quite simple and easy especially if you have prior knowledge in the area you intend to get certified for.

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If you have no prior knowledge of the Adobe program you can enroll for a training session after which you can then take the Adobe certification tests.

Each step towards getting certified takes a definitive task. We shall list three steps and what each involves for clear understanding.

#1. Obtain Adobe Certification Exam Guide

Adobe exam guide will provide a comprehensive analysis of what your intending Adobe program entails.

The guide provides training modules and topics. Exam costs, questions format, skill sets, time limits, score lines, and the grading system used by Adobe.

Additionally, the guide provides registration procedures as well as some mock tests prior to the main exam. The guide is also important if you wish to enter for a recertification exam. If you are looking at getting a full grasp of what to expect in Adobe tests, the guide is more than necessary.

#2. Adobe Training

After reviewing the guide and decide to go ahead with Adobe certificate tests, the next thing is Adobe training.

Adobe has a Partner Learner Journey list that details what to expect during the training sessions. Adobe made it easier in such a way that one can choose a training module fit for him/her.

There appear to be two learning methods made available by Adobe. The online on-demand training or with an experienced instructor from Adobe digital learning services.

Online-Demand Training: The on-demand training presents an opportunity for students to access a pool of free learning tools. With this module, you can engage in tools that measure up to the trends expected in the exam.

With the test-out feature, you can take quizzes and navigate through tests to get a broader experience. The product capabilities are also tested by the users. Ensure you have the exam guide it remains an integral part of the preparatory tool.

Experienced Instructor: Learning with this module is cost-efficient and intensively preparatory.

  • Training involves hands-on pragmatic work and seen cases
  • You can access it on locations, virtually, or through a physical onsite meet-up.
  • There are also options for individuals or companies to obtain cost-effective group training.

Additionally, Adobe equally makes available 15-30%  to Bronze partners and above intending to use Adobe Digital Learning Service.

To get your discount email SPP Help. We also wish to inform users that the learning process is not mandatory for ACA Adobe certification tests. On can decide to skip it if you have prior knowledge of it.

#3. Adobe Exam

This is actually the last step towards getting your certificate. After making payment, the platform will schedule a test for you. Your score in the test will determine if you can become an Adobe expert or not.

Visit for more information.

Adobe Certifications List

We have stated all you need to know about Adobe Certifications. Let us let you in on the programs and products that make up the certificates. We have listed them below with a brief description of what each does for businesses.

Adobe Photoshop: Photoshop is an image editing software used in enhancing, editing, and multi-transformation of pictures.

Adobe InDesign:  This is mainly for digital publications like e-book, Graphic designs, e.t.c. It works only on the desktop.

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Adobe Illustrator: Logos, Graphics, illustrations used in video content, web design, typography are all done with Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Dreamweaver: Dreamweaver presents an all-around functionality used in creating and publishing website content as well as mobile content.

Abobe Acrobat: This presents a fill-up place for the management and creation of PDF files and documents.

Adobe Captivate: Captivate presents an advanced experience used in creating an e-learning experience.

Cloud Computing Adobe: Provides users with in-depth knowledge in the area of cloud computing.

Adobe Premiere Pro: This presents users with the hands-on skills needed for super video creation and editing. As well as visual content manipulation.

Adobe Flash ( Animate ): Adobe Flash provides the best experience in multimedia delivery. Used in many businesses.

Digital Publishing Adobe: Adobe Certified digital publishers are experts in the use of Adobe Digital publishing tools.

Adobe After Effects: Adobe After Effects brings a rare kind of tech advancement needed in graphic media and content creation.

Adobe Certification Jobs

If you have read to this point. It is ok to start asking for Adobe certified expert jobs one can do. There are many Job opportunities Adobe presents for experts, which its demand have risen as a result of the pandemic and work-from-home models.

Below are some of the Adobe Certified expert jobs one can get with ACA Adobe certification.

  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • AEM Developer/Senior Developer
  • Adobe Architect
  • Web design.
  • Photoshop/Video Editor

There are many other hands-on benefits of ACA Adobe certificates bring to the table for both individuals and businesses.

Adobe ACA Associate Salary

Adobe certified expert salary peaks at $71,000 while Adobe Certified Associates earn around $38,000 on average.

The amount does rise especially if you combine freelancing with a full-time job. Size of organization, workload and administrative policies does negatively or positively affect Adobe Certified professional’s salaries.


What does it mean to be an Adobe Certified Associate?

ACA as it is fondly called is a certified Adobe product expert who can provide Adobe digital skills needed in businesses or private individual use.

What is the easiest Adobe Program?

Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop presents one of the best easy-to-learn interfaces.

Are Adobe Certifications Free?

Through ACA program, some Adobe programs certifications can be offered for free.

Which Adobe program should I learn first?

Experts believe starting with Photoshop and After Effects remains one of the best to start with.

Is it hard to get Adobe Certified?

Adobe exams will be hard for you if you proceed with getting to learn about the program you intend to get certified for.

In Conclusion

Adobe presents a wide range of hiring and business upscaling opportunities. Getting certified is one but failed to put what was learned in constant practice might lead to loss of skill and experience.



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