13 Affordable Online Nutrition Degrees

The services of nutritionists’ especially online nutritionists, have suddenly gone into high demand. To meet this demand, some institutions of higher learning are currently offering nutrition degrees online. Since many students who wish to attend online seek affordable ones because online degrees can be expensive, we have brought you the best affordable online bachelor’s degree in nutrition.

Still, on the sudden demand for certified online nutritionists, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects jobs for dietitians and nutritionists to grow 15% by 2026, significantly faster than the national average of 7% for all jobs.

This is because many people don’t know how to eat right. And have consequently been weighed down by a lot of diet-induced health challenges.

Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Daily food choices affect our health — how we feel today, tomorrow, and in the future.

A proper understanding of the basics and specifics of proper is what one requires to stay on top of their health. A diet can help one to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce their risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease and cancer), and promote overall health.

Be it as it may, it’s sad to know that most people don’t know what best to eat, and the ones that know don’t know how best to prepare and eat what to eat.

We can curb the high rate of health impediments when eating what is right and how best it should be eaten.

This is the Job of a professional online nutritionist or a regular nutritionist.

Now, to the main content.

Who is an online Nutritionist?

An online nutritionist is a licensed nutrition expert or specialist trained to analyze how food systems influence people’s dietary patterns and develop human relationship skills and expertise in addressing nutritional needs for human growth and development throughout the life cycle. Unlike the regular nutritionist, the online nutritionist may probably not have a physical office space where they meet with clients but may only have an online platform where they counsel and answer questions that address the nutritional of their audience.

Some may charge for their services, while others may give the value for free.

Dieticians and nutritionists typically need a bachelor’s degree in nutritional sciences or a related field to gain licensure and practice in their chosen careers.

Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Nutrition

A bachelor’s degree in nutrition is the entry-level requirement to begin a career as an online nutritionist, nutrition consultant, nutrition educator, or dietitian. Online bachelor’s programs may have concentrations in nutrition science or dietetics or health sciences degrees with a nutrition or health and wellness specialization.

Are you a budding nutritionist or a practicing nutritionist, and you want to add value to people’s lives and help them live better and healthier lives? Then this article is for you.

We have curated a list of affordable online nutrition degrees you can take to advance your professional career and increase your pay.

Find below our list of affordable online nutrition degrees:

1#.Online Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics and Human Nutrition

This school offers an online Bachelor in Dietetics and Human Nutrition.  This is one of the most sought-after online nutrition degree programs.

Careers in dietetics and human nutrition are challenging and constantly changing and evolving as research continues in this growing field. Eastern Michigan University (EMU) can bring you into this exciting career through the dietetics and human nutrition program. This program is offered both on campus and distance-online, you can earn your degree from virtually anywhere in the United States or worldwide.

Tuition: $8,888
Acceptance rate: 73%
Graduation rate: 37%

Start the course here

2#. Online Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition & Food Systems

Nutrition and Food Systems is another top and affordable online nutrition degree. Its core objectives are to analyze how food systems influence people’s dietary patterns and nutritional outcomes and also to highlight effective policies and programs that have the potential to shape food systems, and contribute to improved nutrition and sustainability.

You enroll for this course at the University of Southern Mississippi here

Tuition: $7,224
Acceptance rate: 60%
Graduation rate: 50%

3#. Online Bachelor’s Degree in Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences

Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences are one of the best online nutrition degrees students can enter. In this program, students gain the necessary knowledge and skills for improving food quality, safety, and food-related public policy, as well as a comprehensive understanding of nutrition and nutrition-related behaviors.

Graduates of this program go on to successful careers in both the public and private sectors, including positions in business and industry, government and non-profit agencies, universities, and healthcare organizations.

North Carolina State University Raleigh is a school specializing in this course. You take the course here.

Tuition: $6,220
Acceptance rate: 48%
Graduation rate: 71%

4#. Online Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition Science & Dietetics

A degree in Nutrition Science and Dietetics allows you to learn how to develop human relationship skills and expertise in addressing nutritional needs for human growth and development throughout the life cycle.

Graduates from this discipline meet the changing needs of society and industry in food and nutrition with a sound knowledge base in science. With foundations in physiological, biological, and behavioral sciences, students are well-prepared for clinical, private practice, and management aspects of nutrition in health care. Dietetics students develop human relationship skills and expertise in addressing nutritional needs for human growth and development throughout the life cycle.

You can start your career online here at University of Nothern Colorado.

Tuition: $6,372
Acceptance rate: 90%
Graduation rate: 45%

5#. Online Ph.D in Medical Nutrition Science

This program is among the list of affordable online nutrition degrees. It is one of the online nutrition degree programs emphasizing training in the core sciences of nutrition, biochemistry, biostatistics and the most advanced research methodology.

The PhD in Medical Nutrition Science is one of many academic programs in the School of Health Professions at the University of Kansas Medical Center. The mission of this alliance among healthcare professions is to create a modern environment for instruction, research, and service and to provide these services across multiple constituencies at local, regional, and national levels.

This course is obtainable at the University of Kansas at its online platform.

Tuition: $9,123
Acceptance rate: 93%
Graduation rate: 64%

6#. Online Bachelor’s Degree in Didactic Program in Dietetics

A hallmark of this course is the integration of “big science” innovations into core values–learning, discovery, and engagement–to make a difference in individuals, families, and communities. Graduates of this option will learn and acquire multidisciplinary approaches to promote human health and well-being through food and nutrition. The discipline applies the biological, physiological, behavioral, and social sciences to understand and address dietetics, nutrition, and food systems challenges.

Basically, graduates of this department do not search for jobs for too long. And they well paid as well. Graduates of this option may have career opportunities in the following: Public Health Agencies, Physician Private Practices, Wellness Programs, Food Systems Management, Regulatory Agencies, Hospitals, Residential Treatment Centers, Sports Nutrition, Long Term Care Facilities, Outpatient clinics, and in Research Development.

You can start the course online here at East Carolina University.

Tuition: $4,157
Acceptance rate: 70%
Graduation rate: 58%

7#. Online Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Health

A nutrition and health degree is an excellent option for pre-physician assistants and pre-nursing students. It prepares the ground for more; it prepares students to be competitive in health science and health promotion careers. It further helps us understand the relationship between health and nutrition. A person who becomes an authority in this career may become an online nutritionist, counseling others.

Kansas State University offers this online course and is one of the cheapest online degrees you can offer.
Tuition: $8,517
Acceptance rate: 94%
Graduation rate: 58%

8#. Online Combined M.S. and Dietetic Internship Program

The online Combined Master’s Degree and Dietetic Internship Program is a one-year (three-semester), full-time, intensive program that begins in May/June and ends the following May. This is a 36-credit non-thesis masters program that includes 1,220 supervised practice hours with an emphasis on community and a culminating community health intervention project.

Because this program is online, graduate student interns remain in their communities while completing online graduate courses and supervised practice experiences. Applicants locate their own Registered Dietitian (RD) preceptors and supervised practice facilities, where they spend 40 hours each week applying their knowledge and developing entry-level skills. Interns typically spend another 12-15 hours each week completing online readings, assignments, and projects and discussing issues with faculty and other interns.

Upon successful completion of this program, graduate student interns will be awarded an M.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics and be eligible to take the Registration Exam for Dietitians (R.D. Exam).

You can take this course at SUNY Oneonta

Tuition: $6,470
Acceptance rate: 53%
Graduation rate: 67%

9#. Online Degree in Food and Nutrition

Get to the heart of good health with a food and nutrition degree. The growing need for nutritionists and dietitians assures you of a dynamic career in healthcare and related fields. This is another cheapest online nutrition degrees available.

This program is taken at Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Tuition: $7,060
Acceptance rate: 92%
Graduation rate: 50%

10#. Online Degrees in Nutrition and Kinesiology  

While nutrition focuses on healthy eating and the dietary requirements to maintain wellness and fight disease, Kinesiology, which is the study of body movement, focuses on the human body and how it functions. Multiple career fields use kinesiologies, such as physical therapy, rehabilitation science, and athletic training.

Nutrition and Kinesiology produce leading experts in health, fitness, and nutrition.  Graduates of this discipline work with professional athletes for major healthcare institutions, in fitness and wellness facilities, and in therapeutic and rehabilitation systems. Practitioners in this field take up positions as online nutritionists reaching a larger audience of people.

Programs in this discipline range from undergraduate to doctoral levels, preparing students for successful careers in allied health or continuing their education with advanced degrees.

11#. Online Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietician Culinary Track

As a major discipline in nutrition, the Culinary Dietetics Track will integrate your nutrition knowledge with classical cuisine. With this track, you can bring the culinary arts to food preparation operations in hospitals, extended care facilities, schools, and hospitality destinations. Graduates that follow this career path have career opportunities in the hospitality industry as hotels, hospitals, and homes for the aged.

You can obtain a degree in Nutrition and Dietician Culinary Track here

12#. Online Degree in Nutrition and Food Sciences

Are you a foodie? If you are a nutritionist, the Nutrition and Food Sciences department is the place for you. Learn from faculty members who share your enthusiasm about nutrition, wellness, and the food service industry. At the end of your program, you will;

  • Become a highly sought-after executive chef after completing our Culinology® program, the only one in Texas approved by the Research Chefs Association.
  • Learn about the business end of the food industry as you earn your bachelor’s degree in food and nutrition in business and industry.
  • Develop skills as a food flavor through a master’s degree in food science and flavor chemistry.

Start the course here.

13#. Online Master of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance

Graduates of the Master of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance program will learn to analyze diet and health status, assess nutrition deficiencies and food allergies, and offer patients evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.

The program enhances students’ knowledge by integrating the fundamentals of nutritional biochemistry, metabolism, health, and wellness with research methods used in nutrition.

Graduates after the program will find careers in public health programs, education, nutrition, and health communication consulting, and nutrition-related businesses in private and public sectors.

How Much Can You Make as a Nutritionist?

There is certainly no limit to what you can make as a nutritionist or a nutrition expert. It all depends on your proactiveness and competency in your chosen career path.

Students with an online nutrition degree enjoy many expanding and potentially lucrative career paths. An online nutrition degree teaches students much of the foundational knowledge used in these positions.

Below is a result that shows how much an average practitioner in the nutritional sciences earns annually:

  • Dietitians and Nutritionists Average annual salary: $59,410
  • Agricultural and Food Scientists Average annual salary: $62,910
  • Health Educators Average annual salary: $45,360
  • Exercise Physiologist Average annual salary: $49,090
  • Fitness Trainers and Instructors Average annual salary: $39,210

How to Choose the Best Online Nutrition Degree Program

Before you enroll in any online nutritional science class, it is important that you should consider several factors. Consider cost, accreditation status, degree offerings, and prerequisites. You should also consider the school’s reputation, the strength of its alumni network, and the department’s professors. This will help you stay aloft of confusion in the long run.

Be careful to select courses that best define your chosen career path and stay with it. In this case, do not try out many things simultaneously but one thing at a time.


Choosing a career in any of the nutritional sciences is a great and well-meaning one. It offers many career opportunities and makes you an authority in your chosen field. With our compiled list of online nutrition degrees, you can easily enroll in any classes and watch as you land well-paying engagements.


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