Archaeological Institute of America 2022 Archaeology of Portugal Fellowship

Application for the 2022 Archaeology of Portugal Fellowship is ongoing!

Archaeology of Portugal Fellowship, 2022 is offered for PhD degree in the field of Archaeology.  The deadline for sending your application is 01 Nov 2022. This scholarship is provided by Archaeological Institute of America and the value of this scholarship is Partial Funding, $2,000 to $8,000.

To apply successfully, kindly read through this piece to learn the full details about this program- the eligibility criteria, requirements, application deadline, and more. The table below will give you an overview of what you should expect.

The Archaeological Institute of America is offering the Archaeology of Portugal Fellowship, 2022 to provide support to the projects related to the archaeology of Portugal.

About Archaeological Institute of America

The Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) is a North American nonprofit organization devoted to the promotion of public interest in archaeology and the preservation of archaeological sites. It has offices on the campus of Boston University and in New York City.

The institute was founded in 1879, with Charles Eliot Norton as its first President until 1890. It was chartered in 1906 by the United States Congress. The institute currently has over 200,000 members and more than 100 local societies. The American Journal of Archaeology, AJA, is the AIA’s peer-reviewed academic journal that appears four times each year. The institute has also been publishing the magazine Archaeology since 1948.

Requirements for Archaeological Institute of America PhD Scholarship Qualification

  • Archaeology of Portugal Fellowship, 2022 is open to Portuguese, American, and other international scholars.
  • Applicants are required to be members of the Archaeological Institute of America at the time of application and until the end of the fellowship term.

Documents Required for Application

  • Applicants of Archaeology of Portugal Fellowship, 2022 are required to submit their academic references.
  • Candidates must provide references.
  • After the completion of the project, applicants are required to submit a report to the Chair of the AIA Fellowships Committee.
  • Candidates will be expected to submit an abstract to the Program Committee within two years to be considered for participation in the AIA Annual Meeting.

How to Apply

You can apply for this scholarship here

Click on the BUTTON below to apply.

Application Deadline:

The closing date for this award entry submission is November 1, 2022

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