How Do I Activate My Home Depot Military Discounts?

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Home Depot has broadened its military discount program, extending eligibility to all U.S. veterans, active-duty service members, and their spouses. This expansion allows these individuals to benefit from Home Depot’s 10% military discount, which is now applicable not only for in-store purchases but also for online shopping, as stated in an official press release.

To access the discount online or via the Home Depot app, eligible shoppers must first create an account and then confirm their military status.

The military discount permits eligible purchases with a maximum annual discount limit of $400, and it can be utilized every day throughout the entire year.

Keep reading to find out how to activate your Home Depot military discount.

Does Home Depot Offer Military Discount?

Home Depot offers a military discount. Home Depot’s military discount is available to all U.S. veterans, active-duty service members, and their spouses. The discount typically provides a 10% savings on eligible purchases. This discount is applicable both for in-store shopping and online purchases.

To access the military discount for online purchases, eligible shoppers usually need to create an account on the Home Depot website and then verify their military status. In-store, you may be required to show proof of military service, such as a military ID, Veterans Identification Card, or another accepted form of identification.

How Do I Activate My Home Depot Military Discounts?

Here, are various ways you can activate your Home Depot military discount:

  • The first step is to get your Home Depot virtual ID QR code to shop with your military discount in stores.
  • To get your ID QR code you have to log in to, or open the Home Depot mobile app and navigate to the military discount page.
  • You cannot enjoy this scheme without having an account. So, a Home Depot account is required of you.
  • You can either log in to an already existing account or you can create a new Home Depot account for yourself.
  • You now have an account with the Home Depot military discount program.
  • Then on the military discount page, click on “Verify Military Status” and you have to follow the instructions on your screen.
  • To complete your enrolment on the website’s verification service, SheerID will ask for details, like your name and branch of service and it will request supporting documentation.
  • Navigate to my account in the Home Depot app and tap the military discount program. This is where your barcode will appear.

Always remember to present your barcode to the cashier anytime you visit a Home Depot store.

Your personal account on your Home Depot mobile app or on will now reflect your verified military status.

To have easy access to your discount, make sure the app is set up to remember your username and password.

You are eligible for Home Depot military discounts as a military member, a veteran, or a spouse.

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How To Get 5% Off At Home Depot

To secure a 5% discount at Home Depot, you can enroll in Home Depot’s email list and receive a $5 coupon for purchases totaling $50 or more.

However, if you choose to pre-register through the Home Depot app, you’ll enjoy a 10% discount, which is applicable both online and in-store.

Don’t forget that Home Depot’s website features a Specials & Offers page that highlights ongoing promotions that you can also take advantage of.

For those who regularly purchase items like batteries, water filters, and floor polishers from Home Depot, signing up for Home Depot subscriptions will grant you a 5% discount and free delivery on your repeat purchases. Learn more about this offer here.

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Where can I Locate Barcode on the Home Depot app?

If you’re making online purchases, you have to ensure that you log into your Home Depot account and verify your military status.

Then you will receive a QR code in the Home Depot app or through the website. You will need this QR code anytime you’re making in-store purchases.

As you continue to read through, you’ll get to know the use of barcodes to get military discounts, how to get a barcode

All you need is a phone with a camera and an Internet connection.

What Are The Requirements for Military Discount Barcode On Home Depot

Home Depot’s barcodes are compatible with the ScanLife app, which allows customers to scan them. If you don’t have a scanning app, you can download the ScanLife app at

However, it’s important to note that individuals with large-screen, video-capable devices such as the iPhone, HTC Evo 4, and ThunderBolt can take advantage of Home Depot’s offerings.

To locate the barcode on the Home Depot app, make sure to register for those without an account or log in if you already have one, and then follow the various provided instructions.

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How Do Stores Verify Military Discounts?

Stores typically verify military discounts using various methods to ensure that only eligible military personnel and veterans receive the discount. Here are some common ways stores verify military discounts:

  1. Military ID: The most common method is to require customers to present a valid military ID, such as a Common Access Card (CAC), Military ID Card, or Veterans Identification Card. These IDs provide clear proof of military affiliation.
  2. DD Form 214: Some stores accept a DD Form 214 as proof of military service. This form is issued to military veterans upon separation from the military and provides details about their service.
  3. Veteran Health Identification Card (VHIC): Veterans who are enrolled in the VA health care system may have a VHIC, which can be used as proof of military service.
  4. Military Dependent ID: Some stores extend military discounts to dependents of active-duty service members. In such cases, they may require a dependent ID card.
  5. Online Verification: For online purchases, stores may use third-party verification services to confirm a customer’s military status. Customers may need to provide personal information, such as their name and date of birth, to verify their eligibility.

FAQs On Home Depot Military Discount

Did Home Depot stop the military discount?

No, Home Depot has not discontinued its military discount. It continues to offer a 10% discount to eligible service members and veterans.

Does Home Depot have a senior or veteran discount?

While there isn’t a specific senior citizen’s discount at this time, veterans can avail themselves of the ongoing 10% off with the store’s Military Discount program.

Is the military discount available for online purchases?

Yes, Home Depot’s military discount is now valid for online purchases in addition to in-store shopping.

How can I access the military discount for online purchases at Home Depot?

To access the military discount online, eligible shoppers need to create an account on the Home Depot website and then verify their military status.


Home Depot’s military discount is a valuable perk for our service members and veterans. It offers an opportunity to save on home improvement needs.

The process of registration, while straightforward, requires attention to detail. The key lies in verifying your military status via SheerID and obtaining the virtual ID QR code.


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