Why Do They Call it Oven? Meaning and Origin

why do they call it oven
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Why do they call it oven? Maybe you’re curious about the origins of words, and you’re now interested in the word oven. Or perhaps you’ve seen the common meme about an oven and are genuinely curious as to what it means. What makes it an oven, then? The question is a little difficult to explain.

However, this term has only been in use for over 200 years; people started using ovens for cooking in the early 1900s. Additionally, it is frequently used in memes as a pun, which is a joke that plays on words that have similar sounds but different meanings. Continue reading this article for further clarification on why they call it oven.


When something just doesn’t make sense, the question “why do they call it an oven?” is often asked, especially when the broader phrase “why do they call it an oven when you’re eating cold food in a hot room?” is also used.

The question “why do they call it an oven?” is sometimes displayed with a drawing of the main character Jon taking something out of the oven in the well-known Garfield cartoons.

The Garfield comic that it is now so intimately linked with is the only context in which this expression is typically used. Read more: What Animals Never Stop Growing?

The Origin of Oven

The copypasta was initially inspired by a tweet posted by @YashichiDSF on Twitter. Why do they call it an oven when you’re eating cold food in it or hot food out of it? he said in a tweet on August 31, 2013.

Why Do They Call it Oven?

Ovens are called such for a number of reasons. Below is a brief overview of those.


As we all know, an oven is a sealed space used for baking and cooking. But the word “oven” has a distinct connotation. The word “oven” denotes a highly warm climate. The cooking compartments used for baking or cooking have been given the moniker “oven” because of how hot they get.

The word “oven” gained popularity during World War II and had gained widespread usage by the conflict’s end. During World War II, a Nazi concentration camp’s gas or cremation chamber was referred to as an oven because of its intense heat.

Several species were dubbed “oven-birds” in 1825 because they construct arched or roofed oven-shaped nests. It was coined in 1962, and it means “to be pregnant” when something is in the oven. ads for Pyrex from 1916 display “dishes for oven cooking.

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why do they refer to it The term “oven” alludes to a meaningless copypasta whose complete phrase was, “Why do they call it an oven when you put cold food in it or hot food out of it?” “Of in” sounds a much like “oven.” The term “of in” has two meanings in the joke while being similar to the word “oven.”

Saying you’re “of in” has a brilliant triple meaning that includes: “of in” might mean three different things:

The process of putting food in the device;

The device’s ability to generate heat;

An ironic pun on the term “oven.” The punchline continues by declaring that “of out” is the opposite of “of in.”

If “of in” denotes adding food, “of out” denotes removing it; if “of in” denotes heat, “of out” denotes a lack of heat. Here’s an illustration of a phrase that combines all of the meanings of “of in” and “of out”: Food loses its heat when it gets cold because the heat from the oven is “of out” (missing from) the food.

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How It Spread Abroad

in September 5th, 2018, the query resurfaced in the “r/askreddit” subreddit after a lengthy 5 years. But it was useless. Back then, it had little chance of taking off.

This phrase was later uploaded on Tumblr by a user going by the name of “ewaneneollav” on August 20, 2019. But this time, he paired the words with a Garfield comic page before posting it. Unexpectedly, it added almost 79,000 notes.

The image and the subsequent post quickly gained popularity outside of Tumblr. It received its initial notice on Reddit’s r/BrandNewSentence after garnering more than 1,800 points. Suddenly, the phrase started to appear in many meme templates and was connected to Garfield in 2020.

How the Name Oven Came to Be?

One hypothesis holds that the Latin word “ovis,” which means “sheep,” is where the term “oven” originates. Since the earliest ovens were allegedly built of sheepskin, this is thought to be the case. The first time the word was noted was in 1297.

Why do They Call it Oven Crossword

The crossword puzzle answer to “”Why do they call it _ when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the meal. Checkout this post: How Did Sandy Cheeks Die? Get All the Full Story

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it referred to as an oven?

In the modern world, the word “oven” has evolved from its origins as a clay chamber to absurd nonsense expressions. Here is why an oven is referred to as an oven. Ovens get their name from the word’s early use to describe a hollowed-out, hot cooking chamber

What do they call an oven?

There are some differences between range, stove, and oven, however some people use them interchangeably. In terms of kitchen equipment, a stovetop, also known as a cooktop, is an open, flat surface used for cooking, and a range, also known as a stove, is a single appliance featuring both.

What is the name of a conventional oven?

In most domestic kitchens, there is a conventional oven, also known as a standard oven or traditional oven. The broiler is often positioned on top of the oven, with the heating element, or heat source, at the bottom.

What do you name a bread oven?

An alternative term for a typical bread oven is a “retained heat oven.” A fire that has been lit inside the oven chamber is stored in the oven’s walls. All embers and ash are swept from the oven once the fire has properly warmed the walls.

In Summary

Simply said, the question “Why do they call it an oven when you put cold food in it or hot food out of it?” takes advantage of the irony surrounding the term “oven”‘s naming and usage.

The statement was originally an undesirable copypasta, but it eventually gained popularity when it was linked to the Garfield comic.


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