How Much Does It Cost to Rent A Rug Doctor At Walmart? (Price)

how much to rent a rug doctor at walmart
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How much to rent a rug doctor at Walmart?

Walmart rents out a variety of carpet cleaning equipment. The best way to reduce money throughout this process is to use Walmart carpet cleaning rental services in your neighborhood.

The price of carpet cleaning may be high if you engage a professional service to perform it. The price could be stated as a rate per room, per carpet, or per square foot.

Depending on the size of your room, it can be less expensive to hire a Rug Doctor from Walmart and handle the cleaning yourself. Make sure you are familiar with their pricing structure in order to figure out how many days you need to rent.

How Much Does Renting a Walmart Rug Doctor Cost?

You might need a rug doctor, we have written on how much a rug doctor can be rented at Walmart.

Walmart charges between $25 and $35 a day to rent a Rug Doctor, plus an additional $5 to $25 for each accessory or cleaner. The majority of Walmart locations have Rug Doctor kiosks.

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How Do I Rent Rug Doctor at Walmart?

It is possible to rent a machine and cleaning supplies in two distinct methods. Walk over to the kiosk to select your machine and desired cleaning agents.

It’s self-service kiosks, that’s what. Swipe your credit or debit card to unlock the device so you may use it at home. The second useful method for renting a device is to do so online.

See if the local store has the option of making an online reservation. If so, renting is simple. Once you’ve discovered the address of the Walmart of your choice, you’ll see a “Reserve Now” option next to it.

Online hiring, cleaning selection, and payment options are available. After picking up the machine from the kiosk along with your cleansers and accessories, you are now ready to clean.

The kiosks are often located in the Walmart store’s front area, right next to the customer service desk. However, not all Walmart locations have them. I advise going to the website to learn which Walmart will be close by.

How Much to Rent a Rug Doctor at Walmart Near Me

By type and region, Rug Doctor carpet cleaning equipment rentals cost differently at Walmart. However, as of 2022, the majority of machines rent for $35 to $40 a day. For $19.99, you can also rent a spot cleaner for only 4 hours.

Ace Hardware Carpet Cleaner Rental

It could be time for a more expert remedy if your weekly vacuuming is not solving the issue in a specific trouble area. You may rent a machine yourself, clean all the carpets in your home in a single afternoon, and save money by not hiring a costly carpet cleaning company. Checkout this content: What Does ISTG Mean on Snapchat?

It doesn’t make sense to invest in a specialized machine for carpet shampooing just for it to sit in the attic for the next year because it is such a rare task. Instead of needing to store a large machine, here is simple stocking Rug Doctor’s excellent carpet shampooing products and rental equipment to take care of your unclean carpet.

Rug Doctor at Walmart Job Description

A Rug Doctor, is a market leader in carpet cleaning and pressure washer rentals, offers unbeatable value, helping customers avoid spending hundreds of dollars on expert cleaning services.

Rug Doctor has the tools necessary to perform an inside-out thorough clean of your house, including cleaning your carpets, area rugs, pet beds, upholstery, and car interiors, as well as your driveway, patios/decks, garage, or fencing. Rug Doctor has more than 35,000 locations nationwide.

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Exactly How Do I Send Back a Rug Doctor to Walmart?

The touch screen you used to hire it can be utilized to enter your details. After cleaning your carpet, you must return it as soon as possible to prevent being charged a late return fee for every day that passes after the due date.

Your work is complete after the machine is placed in the staging area. The machine doesn’t require emptying or cleaning. Walmart won’t charge you to clean it, but washing it has two benefits. It keeps the equipment in good functioning order.

In some cases, Walmart takes a while to replace or fix broken equipment. Like any company that provides third-party services, they reserve the right to stop providing the service if things get out of hand. When you require it

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Frequently Asked Questions About How Much to Rent a Rug Doctor at Walmart

Does Walmart rent out Rug Doctors?

Get your upholstery, rugs, and carpets clean and fresh. Also remember to bring your Rug Doctor cleaning supplies.

How long will it take the carpet to dry after a Rug Doctor cleaning?

Between two and four hours
After a Rug Doctor clean, it takes two to four hours for carpets to dry. However, this is dependent on the temperature outside, the ventilation in the space, and if the room is heated. About 80% of the water that the machine sprays onto the carpet is vacuumed up.

What is the cost of Rug Doctor solution?

Directly into the red bottom base tank of your machine, pour 150ml of Rug Doctor Carpet Detergent. 225ml of detergent should be used for Wide Track machines.

How long can a Rug Doctor be used?

We are committed to providing the highest caliber, professional-grade deep cleaning outcomes and are the most well-known carpet care rental program in the nation. In comparison to hiring a carpet cleaning service, renting a Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machine for 24 hours can save you $200.


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