How To Cut A Kiwi: Fruit Preparation Techniques

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Kiwis are compact fruits with green flesh, dotted with edible black seeds, offering a diverse range of flavors. When unripe, kiwis can be notably tart, but once ripe, they become sweet, and juicy, and exhibit a taste reminiscent of strawberries.

Being a versatile fruit, kiwis contribute a flavorful element to various dishes. However, due to their small size and fuzzy skin, the process of cutting and consuming them can be a bit challenging. Fortunately, with the right tools, preparing cut kiwi for any meal or snack becomes a straightforward task.

What Is Kiwi?

The kiwifruit, alternatively known as kiwi or Chinese gooseberry, is recognized for its fuzzy skin, vibrant green or golden flesh, and crunchy black seeds. Commonly incorporated into smoothies, fruit salads, and desserts, this fruit is accessible throughout the year. There’s no excuse not to give it a try!

This detailed guide will walk you through three distinct methods for peeling a kiwi. Additionally, you’ll discover how to cut a kiwi for a multitude of uses, ranging from straightforward overnight oats to elaborate French fruit tarts.

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How To Cut A Kiwi – 3 Simple Ways

The basic steps for preparing a kiwi are simple to follow with these methods:

Method #1: The Knife

Using a sharp chef’s knife or small paring knife, slice off about ½ inch from each end. Be certain to remove the entire stem of the kiwi.

Place the fruit, cut side down, on a cutting board. Commencing from the top, slice into the fruit to eliminate the skin, cutting as closely to it as possible.

In a downward motion along the curvature of the fruit, trim the skin to minimize the loss of flesh. Dispose of the strip of kiwi skin, slightly rotate the fruit, and repeat the process.

Continue this procedure around the entire kiwi until all the skin is discarded, and then proceed to slice the fruit as desired!

Method #2: The Whole Spoon

Trim both ends of the kiwi by ½ an inch, as mentioned earlier. This eliminates the stem and facilitates easier access to the fruit’s interior.

Position a spoon with a relatively sharp edge where the kiwi’s flesh meets the skin. Ensure that the spoon enters the fruit without piercing through the skin.

Gently penetrate the fruit with the spoon while simultaneously rotating the kiwi. Maintain close contact between the spoon and the kiwi’s skin throughout the process.

Eventually, the fruit will be fully separated from the skin, leaving you with a cylindrical fruit and a discarded circle of peel.

Proceed to slice or dice the kiwi as desired and savor!

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Method #3: The Half Spoon

Using a sharp chef’s knife or a small paring knife, halve the kiwi widthwise. Ensure not to cut through the stem end; the goal is to cut into the center of the fruit, leaving the stem ends intact.

Insert a spoon with a relatively sharp edge into the kiwi where the flesh meets the skin. Exercise caution not to pierce through the skin.

Carefully navigate the spoon into the fruit while simultaneously rotating the kiwi. Maintain close contact between the spoon and the skin as you maneuver along the edges.

Once you reach the base of the fruit, scoop out the kiwi. This might be a bit more challenging on the side with the stem, making a spoon with a slightly sharp edge particularly useful.

After freeing the kiwi from its skin, it can be cut into desired pieces.

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Can You Eat Kiwi Skin?

The skin of a kiwifruit is edible. While the fuzzy texture of the skin might deter some, it provides a richer source of vitamin C and fiber compared to the green flesh of the fruit.

How To Cut And Store Kiwi

You have the option to slice, cube, or wedge kiwi. Ensure the use of a sharp knife for precise and uniform cuts.

  • Circular slices: To create round kiwi slices, position the fruit on its side and employ a knife to cut across its short side. Repeat this action, adjusting the thickness to your preference. For a consistent presentation on a platter, discard the end pieces or enjoy them while preparing the fruit.
  • Cubes: To cut the kiwi in cubes, Weintraub says to slice the fruit into rounds as thick or thin as desired, then cut equally spaced rows going down the kiwi slice. To dice, make perpendicular cuts to the rows, which will create small squares. You can pile pieces of kiwi on top of one another to make cutting more efficient. But be careful if your kiwi is overly ripe, as stacking the pieces can cause them to slip.
  • Wedges: To cut the kiwi into wedges, slice the fruit lengthwise across the long end of the kiwi, then cut the two pieces in half. Cutting the fruit into rounds or wedges is a good way to get the full flavor profile, including the seeds, says Weintraub.  

You can keep sliced kiwi in the refrigerator in a sealed container for a maximum of two days. Kiwi should be discarded once it develops a slimy texture, indicating it is no longer suitable for consumption.

FAQs On How To Cut A Kiwi

How do you peel a kiwi without a knife?

You can use a spoon to scoop out the flesh after cutting off the ends and making a small gap between the skin and the flesh.

Can you store cut kiwi in the fridge?

Yes, cut kiwi can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to two days.

What are some popular ways to use cut kiwi?

Cut kiwi can be added to fruit salads, smoothies, desserts, or enjoyed on its own. It’s a versatile fruit that complements various dishes.


After learning how to cut kiwi, you can savor the sweetness of this nutritious fruit at your convenience. You can choose to peel the skin with either a knife or spoon effortlessly.


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