How To Share Screen On FaceTime: Revolutionary Guide To Enhanced Communication

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The ability to share your screen on FaceTime opens up a world of possibilities for seamless collaboration, troubleshooting, and simply staying connected. Whether you’re eager to showcase a presentation, guide someone through a process, or share a funny video, the feature offers a dynamic way to interact virtually. Keep reading to find out how to share your screen on FaceTime.

How To Share Screen On FaceTime

Here’s how to share your screen while on FaceTime:

  1. Once you’ve initiated a FaceTime call, touch the screen to access the control bar and select the sharing icon, resembling a rectangle with a person.
  2. Choose “Share My Screen,” triggering a three-second countdown. Subsequently, a black window featuring your initials will appear on the recipient’s screen, serving as the space for your shared content once an app is chosen. (On an iPhone, your camera deactivates during screen sharing, while on an iPad, the camera remains active.)
  3. Swipe upward to uncover your home screen.
  4. Pick the app or document you wish to share. If it’s a webpage, launch your browser. At this stage, your screen becomes visible to the other person.
  5. By default, your shared content appears as a smaller inset window on the screens of other callers, allowing them to tap and enlarge it.
  6. An inset window featuring the other person will be visible on your screen, movable or slidable off-screen as desired. Note that tapping their window will pause screen sharing.

As you navigate through apps, photos, or webpages, people on your call will see exactly what appears on your screen.

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How To Stop Sharing Your Screen On iPhone

  1. Press the active call icon situated in the upper left corner, and then select the screen sharing icon once more to promptly conclude screen sharing.
  2. During our evaluations, we occasionally observed an issue on iPhones where the camera failed to reactivate after the sharing session concluded. In such cases, access the FaceTime app from your home screen, and tap the camera icon to restore your camera functionality.

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Can I Take Over Screen Sharing from Someone Else?

Yes, you can. If someone else on the call is sharing their screen and it’s your turn to take over, you can switch by following these instructions:

  1. For iPhones, touch the screen to access FaceTime controls. On an iPad, reveal the menu bar by tapping, and then selecting the green FaceTime icon.
  2. Choose the SharePlay icon, resembling a person icon with two arcs.
  3. Select “Share My Screen.”
  4. A prompt will appear, asking if you want to replace the current screen. Opt for “Replace Existing.”
  5. Other callers will see a black screen with your initials until you swipe up and select an app from your home page.

How To Enhance Your Screen-sharing Experience During FaceTime?

To enjoy your screen-sharing session on FaceTime, consider the following tips:

  • Prepare Your Content: Before commencing screen sharing, organize and arrange the content you intend to share. Close any unnecessary apps or windows to eliminate potential distractions.
  • Use Markup Tools: FaceTime provides a variety of markup tools for annotating and highlighting content during screen sharing. Access these tools by tapping the Markup button. You can draw, add text, or incorporate shapes to emphasize key points..
  • Communicate Clearly: When sharing your screen, offer clear explanations and verbal cues to ensure the recipient comprehends the shared content. Narrate your actions and describe crucial details to enhance understanding.
  • Optimize Internet Connection: A stable and fast internet connection is crucial for seamless screen sharing on FaceTime. Whenever possible, connect to a reliable Wi-Fi network to ensure optimal performance. Avoid locations with weak signals or high network congestion, as they may lead to lag or interruptions during the call.
  • Test Screen Sharing Beforehand: If you’re new to screen sharing on FaceTime or using a specific app, it’s advisable to conduct a test beforehand. Familiarize yourself with the process and verify that everything functions as expected. This proactive approach allows you to address any technical issues in advance, preventing potential complications during the actual call.

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Possible Issues You May Encounter During FaceTime Screen-Sharing

While FaceTime screen sharing is generally straightforward, you may encounter occasional challenges. Here are some common issues and their possible solutions:

  • Blank or Black Screen: If the person you’re sharing your screen with encounters a blank or black screen, make certain that you’ve chosen the right sharing option. Double-check to ensure you haven’t unintentionally minimized or closed the app or content you meant to share.
  • Slow Performance: If screen sharing experiences lag or a decline in quality, contemplate simplifying the content being shared. Close any unnecessary apps or browser tabs to free up system resources. Furthermore, suggest to the recipient to verify their internet connection, as a slow connection on their end could affect performance.
  • App-Specific Issues: Certain applications might not fully support screen sharing on FaceTime or could have restrictions. Refer to the app’s documentation or compatibility information to understand any specific prerequisites or settings necessary for successful screen sharing.

FAQs On How To Share Screen On Facetime

How do I initiate screen sharing on FaceTime?

To begin sharing your screen on FaceTime, initiate a call and tap on the screen to reveal the control bar. Locate the screen sharing icon, usually resembling a rectangle with a person, and select “Share My Screen.” Follow the on-screen prompts to commence sharing.

What if the recipient sees a blank or black screen during screen sharing?

If the recipient encounters a blank or black screen, double-check that you’ve selected the correct sharing option. Ensure that you haven’t accidentally minimized or closed the app or content you intended to share.

Can I test screen sharing before an actual call?

Certainly! It’s advisable to test screen sharing before your actual call, especially if you’re new to the feature or using a specific app. Familiarize yourself with the process to address any technical issues beforehand and ensure a smooth experience during the call.


Now you know everything about FaceTime screen share. To confirm if you can screen share on FaceTime, check your OS. It should meet the requirements to enable you share your screen on FaceTime.


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