How to Forget a Network on Mac: Streamlining Digital Connectivity Management

How to Forget a Network on Mac
How to Forget a Network on Mac

In the realm of seamless digital connectivity, mastering the art of network management becomes a pivotal skill for Mac users.

Whether it’s to enhance security, troubleshoot connectivity issues, or simply declutter your list of remembered networks, knowing how to forget a network on your Mac is essential.

This guide provides information about how to Forget a Network on your Mac and step-by-step instructions on handling digital connectivity management effortlessly.

Understanding the Need to Forget a Network on Mac

Before delving into the steps, understanding the rationale behind forgetting a network is fundamental. Mac devices retain a memory of all the networks they’ve connected to, a convenient feature ensuring effortless reconnection.

However, this compilation can become cluttered over time, leading to potential connectivity hiccups or security concerns.

Forgetting a network serves as a reset button, erasing the stored data associated with a specific network, allowing for a clean slate and enhancing network management efficiency.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Forgetting a Network on Mac

For Mac users seeking to streamline their network connections or resolve connectivity issues, forgetting a network can be crucial.

Whether changing your Wi-Fi settings or resolving conflicts with saved networks, understanding how to forget a network on your Mac is essential. Here’s a comprehensive guide that walks you through the process step by step.

Identifying the Network to Forget

Begin by identifying the network you wish to forget. Access your Mac‘s Wi-Fi settings by clicking on the Wi-Fi icon located in the top menu bar.

A dropdown menu will display a list of available networks. Locate and click “Open Network Preferences” at the bottom of the list.

Once you’ve accessed the Network Preferences, a window displaying a list of saved networks will open. From the sidebar, select the Wi-Fi option to view the details of your wireless connection.

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Selecting the Network for Removal

Scroll through the list of known networks until you find the one you want to forget. Click on it to select it, then press the minus (-) button at the bottom of the list. Confirm your action by selecting “Remove” when prompted.

Confirming Network Removal

After clicking “Remove,” your Mac will no longer automatically join or connect to the forgotten network. Confirm this by checking the Wi-Fi dropdown menu; the network should no longer be listed.

Additional Considerations

Remember, forgetting a network erases its details from your Mac, including any passwords or settings associated with it. If you intend to reconnect to the same network later, you must re-enter the network’s credentials.

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Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues

If you’re forgetting a network due to connectivity issues, consider other troubleshooting steps. Restarting your Mac, checking for system updates, or resetting your Wi-Fi router can often resolve connectivity problems.

Advanced Tips for Enhanced Network Management

  • Manually Deleting Network Settings: Consider manually deleting network settings for a more thorough clean-up. Navigate to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ and remove the files associated with the network you wish to forget.
  • Network Prioritization: Rearrange network preferences to prioritize connections, ensuring seamless connectivity based on your preferences.
  • Resetting Network Settings: In cases where multiple connectivity issues persist, resetting network settings to default can often resolve underlying problems.


How often should I forget networks on my Mac?

Forgetting networks periodically, especially those no longer in use, is advisable. Reviewing and removing networks regularly is a good practice to enhance security.

Can I retrieve a forgotten network on my Mac?

Once forgotten, a network can be re-added by following the initial connection process. Re-enter the network’s credentials to regain access.

Will forgetting a network affect other connected devices?

No, forgetting a network on your Mac won’t impact other devices connected to the same network.

Is forgetting a network necessary for network troubleshooting?

Network issues might sometimes necessitate forgetting and reconfiguring networks on your Mac to resolve connectivity problems.


Mastering the technique of forgetting a network on your Mac is a small yet impactful step toward streamlined digital connectivity management. By comprehending the process and exploring advanced tips, users can elevate their network management prowess, ensuring a hassle-free, secure, and optimized digital experience.



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