How Do I Verify My Military Service For A Discount?

how to verify military service for discount
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Most military men, veterans, and wives have asked this question repeatedly how to verify military service for discount over time. To prevent impersonation, they have a distinct identity that must be confirmed.

The military is distinct because it is a sizable, close-knit group with strong personalities.

The majority of the time, the military identifies with other members of their community and rewards companies that value their contributions.

See this article on how to verify military service for discount.

Individuals Eligible for Verification

You must fall under one of the following categories in order to be verified for the military discount program:

  • You must be a military member in good standing.
  • A former military service member
  • military dependents (anyone with a military or dependant ID issued by the DoD)
  • Current members of the guard or reserve.

What to Do to Verify My Military Discounts Service Account

Please follow the instructions below if you want to confirm your account for military discounts:

  • Open your app and go to the discount webpage.
  • Logging into your own account or opening a new one
  • Select “verify my status” on the military discount page.
  • Till you’ve effectively finished every stage, adhere to the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • You may find your barcode by going to my account in the app and selecting the military discount program.
  • When paying inside a store, show your barcode to the cashier.

Your military discounts account has just been validated if you followed all the requirements and processes listed above.

How to verify military service for discount.

8 Military Discounts at Retailers, Services, and Online Stores

Businesses are dedicated to offering a variety of military discounts, freebies, and bargains as a way to support active duty service members, veterans, and their families.

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The following is a list of 8 military discount deals:

#1. Depot Home

Up to $400 off eligible purchases is available to active duty personnel, veterans, and their spouses each year.

#2. Microsoft Discount for Military

Active, former, and retired military members, as well as their families, are eligible for discounts of up to 10% on a select number of Microsoft goods. APO/FPO delivery is supported.

#3. Army Discount Oakley

A special Veterans Day discount is being held in Oakley’s honor of veterans. Plus, there is a 45% discount and free shipping on Standard Issue Sunglasses.

How to verify military service for discount.

#4. The YETI Military Discount

Through, YETI is happy to provide a 20% discount to members of the armed forces, emergency personnel, medical professionals, and government workers.

Customers who now serve in or have previously served in our nation’s armed forces and present valid identification will receive 10% off normally priced items at Advance Auto Parts.

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#5. Amanda Services

An additional 10% off is given to active duty and veteran people.

#6. American Kettlebells

Active or former federal law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMS personnel, or officers/agents of U.S. emergency agencies are all eligible for a 5% discount.

#7. Frank Meyer

Additional 10% off private label groceries from Fred Meyer, Kroger, Simple Truth, and other brands. Reduced prices on clothing, shoes, and accessories.

#8. 24 Hour Fitness

Active, reserve, and retired service members as well as their spouses are eligible for a free invitation to join and a $5 discount on monthly dues when they present valid identification.

Maintain Your Military Discounts Information

Keep abreast of all the military discounts you are entitled to, from travel accommodations to auto and entertainment savings, whether you are an active duty service member, a member of the armed forces, or a veteran.

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How to Verify Military Service for Discount

A simple approach to attempt to obtain benefits, discounts, and other perks is to claim military service.

Many will just give someone’s word for it that they served in the military, and they’ll give them the necessary discount.

The assertion of military service needs to be supported in particular professions, including real estate or employment.

How to verify military service for discount.

How to verify military service for discount is shown below.

Make a Formal Record Request

By formally asking them, you can find out someone’s service dates, rank, duty assignments, and status.

The Freedom of Information Act makes this request available and it is made through the National Archives.

Include the justification for why the information is required.

The National Personnel Records Center has access to National Guard records.

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Demand Their Class Number

People with common sense are aware that some pieces of information, even those obtained through public records requests, are classified.

They’ll make an undercover agent or Navy Seal claim.

Just ask the person for this information; every Navy Seal is given a class number.

It’s a special number that will be used repeatedly.

If not, you have just proved that they most likely did not serve.

You Can Verify International Service As Well

Many countries maintain complete lists of their military personnel that contain data that is given with a straightforward request.

Simply make contact with your country’s equivalent of the US National Archives, explain the need for verification, and then wait for a response.

The majority of recordings are from World War II.

How to verify military service for discount.

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Investigate the POW Network

Being a prisoner of war and having one’s records maybe erased for political reasons is one of the more unusual claims of military service.

The POW Network is an independent database that maintains track of all known POWs from conflicts dating back to Vietnam.

There is a list of everyone who has been listed as MIA or POW since 1952.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get information about military service, not because the information is secret, but because of false claims.

These options will make it easier for you to separate fact from fantasy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to validate military experience?

The military service’s verification
To find out if someone is in the military, please use the Defense Manpower Data Center’s (DMDC) Military Verification service. If the person is currently in the military, the website will make that information available.

How can I confirm my work in the military?

Verifying employment:
The Defense Finance and Accounting Service, or DFAS, can be reached at with your request. Additionally, you can call them at 888-332-7411.

How do I use SheerID to confirm my military service?

Every customer who redeems your offer has their military status digitally verified by SheerID using thousands of reliable data sources. SheerID’s military verifications are an opt-in process that only requires the most fundamental data, like name, email address, and branch of service.

What forms of identification are needed for SheerID verification?

Please submit a document with your full name, last namUploading multiple documents is possible. These may include a formal letter from your university or college that includes your full name and the start date of the current term.


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