15 Oldest Roblox Games Ever Created (Ranked)

Play The Neighborhood of Robloxia, a role-playing game based on Welcome to the Town of Robloxia. Choose from various jobs like police officers and teachers, earn cash, and buy a house to furnish as you like. Invite friends over and even get a car from the local dealership to explore the town. Enjoy endless fun in this game! 15 oldest roblox games

Embark on a journey through the annals of Roblox history as we delve into the world of the oldest Roblox games. These vintage titles laid the foundation for the expansive and creative gaming universe that Roblox has become today. Join us in uncovering the pioneers of this online gaming platform and the nostalgia they bring to veteran Robloxians and new players alike.

What Are Roblox Games?

Roblox is a popular online platform that allows users to create and play games created by other users. It’s not just one game but a platform that hosts a vast variety of user-generated games and experiences. Here’s how it works:

Game Creation:

Roblox provides users with a development environment called Roblox Studio. Users, known as “developers,” can create their own games using the Roblox game engine. They can use the platform’s scripting language called Lua to program game mechanics.

Game Marketplace:

Once a game is created, developers can publish it to the Roblox platform. These games are then available in the Roblox game marketplace for other users to play.

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Players, known as “Robloxians,” can browse the marketplace and choose from a wide range of games in various genres, including adventure, role-playing, simulation, obstacle courses, and more. Each game has its own unique gameplay and objectives.

Social Interaction:

Roblox is not only about playing games but also about social interaction. Players can communicate with each other within games, make friends, join groups, and participate in virtual events.

Virtual Economy:

Roblox has its virtual currency called Robux, which can be purchased with real money. Robux can be used to buy virtual items, accessories, and avatar customization options within games.

Safety Measures:

Roblox has safety features in place to protect its younger user base. Parents can set up parental controls and monitor their children’s activity on the platform.


Roblox is available on various platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Xbox, and more. Players can access their accounts and play games on multiple devices.

Roblox has gained immense popularity, especially among younger gamers, due to its user-generated content and social interaction features. It has become a platform not just for playing games but also for creating, learning, and socializing in a virtual environment.

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15 Oldest Roblox Game

#1. Apocalypse Rising

Discover the enduring charm of Apocalypse Rising, a Roblox classic from 2008. With regular updates, it remains engaging. While Apocalypse Rising 2 is newer, the original still shines. Explore a zombie-infested open world, scavenge, repair vehicles, and build bases solo or with others. Beware of other players – they can be as dangerous as zombies. With a 90.24% rating and 123 active players, it’s a timeless favorite.

#2. Work at a Pizza Place

Experience the fun of Work at a Pizza Place, despite its unassuming name. Dive into a world filled with interactive features. Begin your pizza adventure by landing a job at the local pizzeria and collaborate with other players to fulfill customer orders. Your efforts earn you a monthly paycheck to splurge in the in-game store. As you progress, you can upgrade and furnish your own house, host parties, and even take breaks from work!

#3. Base Wars!

Play Base Wars! Join a team in this fast-paced war simulator from 2009, where the goal is to capture checkpoints for victory. Frequent updates keep it competitive with other Roblox FPS games. Customize your loadout with various weapons and armor, then deploy into the battlefield. Choose a vehicle to help capture checkpoints!

#4. Sword Fights on the Heights IV

Play Sword Fights on the Heights IV for a nostalgic Roblox experience. Your goal: defeat all other players using your sword. Enjoy its unique charm and straightforward gameplay on a small but intriguing map. Watch out for deadly falls and hidden traps!

#5. Classic Crossroads

Try Classic: Crossroads, a game created by Roblox staff in 2007. While it features a simple and compact map, your mission is clear: eliminate players from rival teams. Utilize a variety of weapons, including ranged and melee options, to discover innovative ways to thwart your enemies.

#6. Titanic

Play Titanic, a game since 2008 with regular updates. Experience the sinking ship as water rises through its decks. Choose your role – passenger, coal worker, or crew. Earn points, buy items, and apply filters. Collaborate to steer away from the iceberg and reach New York. Ranked 9th in Survival.

#7. Armored Patrol

Play Armored Patrol, a military simulator with various vehicles. Control flags and avoid enemy attacks. Dynamic map changes, including hills and hidden locations. Build defense towers with weapons to protect your team. Capture more flags to win. Rated 82.31% with 160 players.

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#8. Lumber Tycoon 2

Play Lumber Tycoon 2, start with a forest, chop, saw, and build to become the richest lumber tycoon. Create your clearing and sawmill, sell wood, and trade with players. Explore the in-game shop for items and furniture. Unlimited trees and numerous active players offer endless construction possibilities.

#9. Hide and Seek

Play Hide and Seek, a game where you hide from a random seeker. New rounds bring new maps, challenging you to find a safe hiding spot. Stay quiet and avoid others to survive. Earn points by winning rounds as a hider or seeker and spend them in the in-game shop. Rated 86.95% with 5 players.

#10. The Neighborhood of Robloxia

Play The Neighborhood of Robloxia, a role-playing game based on Welcome to the Town of Robloxia. Choose from various jobs like police officers and teachers, earn cash, and buy a house to furnish as you like. Invite friends over and even get a car from the local dealership to explore the town. Enjoy endless fun in this game!

11. Classic Dodge the Teapots of Doom

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In this Roblox game, all you have to do is avoid getting killed by the teapots. It might sound easy, but the description of the game tells otherwise.

This game was one of the shortest-lived games on Roblox, with only one year. It was created in 2007 and was last updated in 2008.

12. Crossroads Classic

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Crossroads Classic is a fighting game in the Roblox world where you are presented with a space where you fight until you or your opponent loses or gives up.

It is a pretty straightforward game and is still being enjoyed by many original followers.

13. A Pirate’s Life

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A Pirate’s Life is a classic Roblox game that was created in 2009 that lets you live a pirate vicariously through the game and allows you to experience being a pirate.

There were many fun things about the game and by the looks of it around 7.8M people visited the game and enjoyed playing it.

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14. Desert Warfare

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There are many great fighting games in the Roblox universe and Desert Warfare was one of the first fighting games of the Roblox world that was created in 2008.

Everything from the features, and graphics, to the experience of the game, was enjoyed greatly by more than 3M people.

15. Experience Gravity

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Roblox is a huge gaming universe and has numerous games online, but Experience Gravity has to be one of the coolest games in Roblox. This game has a twist of science fiction which makes the entire game experience better and more interesting.

This game was created way back in 2006, making it a goldie, but it was still enjoyed in 2023. It has more than 15M visits with 30 active users!


Exploring the oldest Roblox games is like taking a journey through the platform’s history. These games, although simple by today’s standards, laid the foundation for the incredible creativity and innovation that has become synonymous with Roblox.

From the very first games like “Rocket Arena” and “Crossroads” to the modern masterpieces, the evolution of Roblox games is a testament to the dedication and imagination of its creators.

Whether you’re a seasoned Roblox player or new to the platform, exploring these oldest games is a fascinating way to appreciate how far Roblox has come and the limitless possibilities it offers for future game developers.


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