What Do Girls Like to Be Called? Top 25 Names

What Do Girls Like to Be Called
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The correct words can make all the difference when speaking to the special women in our lives. You’re in the proper place if you’ve ever wondered, “What do girls like to be called?”  or “What do girls like to hear”.

This article will examine the top 25 names girls like hearing. These names will help you forge closer bonds with others, whether you’re dating, pals, or want to show someone you care. So, let’s begin this adventure to find the names that will make you smile.

What Do Girls Like to Be Called? Top 25 Names

Let’s look at names to call a girl. These charming names can be used in various situations, including friendship and romance.

1. Sweetheart

One of the sweet names to call a girl is Sweetheart. The epithet “sweetheart” has stood the test of time and denotes love and concern. It is the ideal way to communicate your love and awe for someone.

2. Angel

Being referred to as an “angel” implies that the person has goodness and kindness in them. It’s a lovely way to praise a person’s character. This is, however, one of the names to call a girl.

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3. Princess

Do girls like being called Princess? Yes, Every lady wants to feel special and adored; treating her like one might help her achieve that feeling.

4. Darling

The word “daring” is endearing and conveys coziness and familiarity. For a close connection, it’s a beautiful option.

5. Honey

In our opinion, this is a superior choice to “hun” or “hon.” We use the word “hon” to refer to our friends and other people we meet, although honey is a little more intimate. [Read: Make Your Crush Feel Special with These 50 Cute Things to Say to Them]

6. Gorgeous

Use this one with caution. Girls you don’t know well may be flattered if you call them “gorgeous,” but they may also conclude that you are simply interested in appearances if you do so.

7. Beautiful

When used correctly, the word “beautiful” can be a wonderful term of adoration; yet, if it is used with even a hint of arrogance, it sounds very different. It can even come out as arrogant.

8. Sunshine

A person is said to be “sunshine” if they add joy and optimism to your life.

9. Love

The term “love” itself has a great deal of emotional weight. It’s a potent approach to convey your intense love.

What Do Girls Like to Hear?

When talking about what do girls like to hear, here are more sweet names to call a girl:

10. Beloved

A significant term of endearment, “beloved,” indicates being deeply loved and treasured.

11. Precious

Using “precious” to describe someone emphasizes their value and significance.

12. Adorable

“Adorable” is the ideal adjective to describe someone adorable and endearing.

13. Treasure

To refer to someone as a “treasure” highlights your high regard and admiration for them.

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14. Cupcake

The word “cupcake” is adorable and amusing, and it can make anyone grin.

15. Joy

Using “joy” to describe someone demonstrates how much delight they bring into your life.

16. Gem

To call someone a “gem” implies that they are unique and priceless, which makes the comparison a beautiful complement.

What to Call a Girl When Flirting

When flirting with a girl, here are names to call her:

17. Star

The word “star” suggests that someone in your life shines brightly, just like a star in the night sky.

18. Dearest

The adjective “dearest” is used to show affection and profound love.

19. Sunshine

Like the sun, referring to someone as “sunshine” denotes their capacity to improve your day.

20. Cherub

“Cherub” is a sensitive name to employ because it refers to a beautiful and pure angelic figure.

21. Heartthrob

The term “heartthrob” denotes someone who can flutter your heart with love.

22. Marvel Woman

To compare someone to “Wonder Woman” means that they are courageous, strong, and capable.

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23. Best Friends Forever, or BFF

The abbreviation “BFF” is cute and amusing for your best friend.

24. Superstar

Using “superstar” to refer to someone emphasizes their remarkable traits and accomplishments.

25. Charmer

“Charmer” is a perfect moniker for someone who exudes magnetism.

26. Everything I Am

“My everything” is a word used to describe someone who means the world to you.

After exploring these amazing names, let’s move on to some often-asked questions regarding this subject.

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Do these names work for any relationship?

These names can be used in various contexts, including friendships, families, and romantic connections. The secret is to use them truly and with love.

Are there any names you should not use?

Even if the names stated here are generally positive, showing respect and consideration for others is crucial. Avoid referring to people in ways that could be taken as rude or derogatory.

Should I immediately use these names in a new relationship?

It’s preferable to save these affectionate names for when you’ve gotten to know someone better. As the connection develops, begin by using more conventional words of address before progressively introducing these names.

Can I come up with my original name?

Definitely! Making a distinctive and personalized nickname is significant. Just be sure the other person will appreciate it.


Making the appropriate naming decision can strengthen your relationship with someone and make them feel valued. The top 25 names we have looked at here are great places to start. Remember to use them sincerely and affectionately, and be open to coming up with original names that have special significance for the two of you. So go ahead and brighten someone’s day with a sincere compliment.



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