Where to Find Liked Posts on Instagram

Where to Find Liked Posts on Instagram

If you’re an avid Instagram user, you probably know that it can be a bit tricky to revisit posts you’ve liked in the past.

In this article, we’ll look at some ways to locate your liked posts effortlessly.

Whether you want to reminisce about your favorite moments, reference something important, or simply enjoy your taste in content all over again, we’ve got you covered.

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Where to Find Liked Posts on Instagram

Ever wondered where all those liked posts disappear to?

It’s simpler than you might think. Instagram has an easy-to-use feature that stores all your liked posts in one place. Here’s how to access it:

  1. In the App: Open the Instagram app on your device. Tap on your profile picture located at the bottom right.
  2. Settings Menu: Click on the three horizontal lines at the top-right corner to access the settings menu.
  3. Account Settings: Scroll down and select “Settings.”
  4. Account Activity: Under the Account settings, you’ll find an “Account Activity” option. Tap on it.
  5. Posts You’ve Liked: Finally, click on “Posts You’ve Liked” to see all your liked posts.

Now, you can scroll through and enjoy all your previously liked content. It’s that easy.

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What else can I do when I find posts on Instagram?

Once you’ve found your liked posts, you may want to do more than just view them. Here are some additional actions you can take:

Sharing: If you want to share a liked post with your followers or friends, you can do so by clicking on the paper airplane icon located beneath the post.

Saving: Instagram also allows you to save liked posts by tapping the bookmark icon below the post. You can access saved posts in your profile settings.

Adding to Collections: Create collections to organize your liked posts into different categories, making it easier to find them later.

Liking Again: If you’re absolutely in love with a post and want to like it again, feel free to do so. Instagram doesn’t limit how many times you can like a post.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see posts I liked a long time ago?

Yes, you can see all the posts you’ve ever liked, no matter how long ago you liked them.

Can I view the liked posts of other users?

No, you can only access the posts you’ve liked on your account.

How can I find a specific liked post quickly?

Use the search bar on your liked posts page to find specific posts by keywords or usernames.

Can I unlike a post I previously liked?

Yes, you can, unlike a post by clicking the heart icon again.

Are there any limits to the number of liked posts I can have?

Instagram does not have a limit on the number of posts you can like.

Can I see who has liked my posts?

Yes, you can see who has liked your posts by clicking on the “likes” section of the post.


Locating your liked posts on Instagram is a breeze once you know where to look.

Instagram’s user-friendly features make it easy to explore, revisit, and interact with the posts you’ve liked in the past.

So, go ahead and enjoy reliving those cherished moments and your favorite content on Instagram.



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