How to Get Your Audible Student Discount in 2023?

Managing your expenses as a student is not easy, but it’s crucial so you don’t end up in a mess. Students are generally careful about how they spend, and they seize any opportunity to save some money.

Unless your parents are millionaires, you will leap for joy if you learn that your favorite audiobook service provider, Audible, offers a student discount.

This time, Audible has an interesting offer on the table for youngsters; students, to be specific.

Does Audible Offer a Student Discount in 2023?

Audible is an audio streaming service that provides books and literature of all sorts in audio format. Everyone loves Audible because you have the liberty to listen to your favorite books instead of reading them.

You can listen to academic textbooks, research paperwork, self-help books, business books, and novels while you go about your daily activities.

With Audible, one isn’t tied to sitting down to open a book and read. You can simply plug in your earpods and start playing the audiobook version of your book. This is a convenient way to cover as many books as you can in the shortest period of time.

Plus, you can also listen to podcasts, talk shows, and documentaries with the Audible app.

Audible offers students a special discount owning to the fact that the company services are targeted at youngsters in school. Upon signing up as a new member, Audible allows you to get not one but three audiobooks for free.

The free trial period to enjoy your welcome bonus audiobooks is 30 days. Thereafter, you can opt for the Student Audible membership plan for only $9.95 monthly for 12 months. This is the lowest recurring membership fee you can pay to get this kind of wide-range access to hundreds of audiobooks at your convenience.

Audible has such a low price so that students globally can afford to enjoy their audio streaming service for educational or entertainment purposes. The following paragraphs outline how you can get your Audible student discount.

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How To Get Your Audible Student Discount?

Audible provides a vast array of audiobooks in all genres ranging from storybooks to self-help books, textbooks, and business books.

The brand is the most popular in its industry as it is one of the main pioneers. But how can a student who hopes to use Audible benefit from Audible’s student discount? Below are three simple steps to take:

Visit with your mobile device or computer

Sign up if you’re brand new or login to your UNiDAYS account. This way, Audible will check your eligibility for the student discount deal.

Note that you should have updated your UNiDAYS account with student ID verification before now to receive the Audible Student Discount Code.

You will then be approved for a 30% discount (that is $9.95 per month) membership for 12 months immediately after your student eligibility is verified.

Students who newly join Audible can save over 30% on their first subscription and get a $10 Amazon credit gift with this student discount.

Anyone with issues trying to get the Audible student discount can contact customer service for additional help and clarifications.

Other Ways to Save at Audible:

Many young people are encouraged by the reasonably affordable price that the student discounts offer. However, some may seek other ways to save on their Audible membership. If so, TheWorldScholarshipForum got you covered!

Yes indeed, there are other economical ways to save some money while enjoying the audio format of your favorite books and literature at Audible. 

These ideas were highlighted on their website, and there are as follows

Search for Audible coupon codes online

You may search for Audible coupon codes on genuine sites such as BrokeScholar. They have up-to-date Audible promo codes and deals at all times.

Follow Audible on their social media handles

Be one of the first to know of a special offer by following Audible on social media.

Often times it is the social media followers that learn about Audible release special deals and utilize the opportunity before everyone does.

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Buy some Audible items on Amazon at discount prices

Amazon and a few other e-commerce stores sell Audible products at cheaper or discounted prices.

This idea is even better if you’re a Prime Student member because you can receive free shipping for the items you brought at a discount from Amazon.

You can save money doing this but first, you have to start by checking Audible deals at Amazon. Then, add some Audible items you see there to your online shopping cart.

Buy fairly used Audible items on eBay.

You may find used Audible products on sale that are worth the value and money you buy them for. So it is worth checking eBay for fairly used Audible items if you can’t find a deal elsewhere. 

Save on Education with Amazon Prime Student: 

Audible is still running its back-to-school student promo for Prime Student members. This is one of the best deals out there for those interested in streaming the vast collection of audiobooks Audible has to offer.

Here’s a brief on the Amazon Prime Student Audible Promo: You will get free access to Audible Premium Plus for three straight months.

This offer is the holy grail for you to save on education via the expensive textbooks, courses, and other resources you formerly pay for.

Amazon Prime Student Audible Promo 2023: Is Audible free with Prime Student

Prime Student is an Amazon program designed exclusively for undergraduates.

For just 6.49/month, Prime Student members enjoy free shipping on items purchased on Amazon, access to hundreds of movies & TV shows, and exclusive student discount deals.

New members of the Amazon Prime Student program get a 6-month free trial, and they can cancel anytime.

Therefore, Prime Student = search and shop for discounted products + free shipping when you shop Education on Amazon. How cool is that!

But a question lingers: “is Audible free with Prime Student?” the answer is No. Amazon Prime Student doesn’t offer you free Audible products but as earlier considered, you can save up on a significant discount with Prime Student. 

You get enrolled into the awesome Audible Premium Plus membership and enjoy the following perks:

  • Free credit that can be used to purchase a new title each month
  • Any book bought with your credits are permanently yours to keep
  • Unlimited access to the Premium Plus catalog of Audible audiobooks, courses, podcasts, exclusive originals, and endless audio streaming.
  • Exchange a book for another for free

To enjoy all these packages bundled in the Audible Premium Plus, you must be registered as a Prime Student member.

Once you register and enjoy your 6-month free trial, you will be eligible for the hefty student discount of $6.49/mo (half the standard $12.99/mo).

Your Prime Student membership will allow you to obtain the Audible Premium promo mentioned here. 

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Other Educational Stores with Student Discounts:

While Audible is not the only streaming service that exists, it is still the best in that it has subscription tier groups. Students can benefit greatly from the Audible student discount subscription once their IDs are verified.

For curiosity’s sake, there are similar online stores that offer amazing student discounts worldwide.

Although most prefer Audible because of its vast collection of useful resources provided at a cheap monthly subscription, some people may choose one of the following sites because of their added value.


It is a popular online education store that offers a 65% Student Discount on all courses available in all categories.

Seasonally, Udemy offers as much as +90% discount on its courses making some as cheap as $9.99 when compared to their average cost price range of $120 – $200 times.


Chegg offers a discount deal to students but it is unspecific and occasional. Chegg study subscription starts at about $14.95 per month after a 30-day free trial.

Coupon codes can save you up to 30% on your membership fees.


It offers a 10% Student Discount on your membership enrollment.


FutureLearn offers a 5% Off Student Discount, a good way to save on college education costs.

Barnes and Nobles  

All orders above $35 are eligible for a student discount for as high as 50% on select items.



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