Beautiful Minds Challenge Scholarship 

The Beautiful Minds Challenge is an annual scholarship and awards competition that rewards expression and creative ideas. Each fall, students aged 15 to 19 are invited to submit a project that responds to a new invitation. This could be your year!

The Challenge

The Challenge Beautiful Minds 2023 asks you to identify a problem that your generation faces and to explain how it works or how it might work to find a solution.

Scholarship details

The Beautiful Minds Challenge is the only way to get a full scholarship at Marlboro College. The scholarships cover up to eight semesters of study, provided that the beneficiaries remain well at the university and community level.

These semesters do not need to be consecutive.The Beautiful Minds Challenge scholarships are held under the same criteria as merit awards.

You can find more information on our Merit Award and Admissions Grants website.

Level/Field of Study

The Beautiful Minds Challenge scholarship is open to all teens aged 15 to 19 who have not yet enrolled in college.

The Beautiful Minds Challenge scholarship can be taken on any field of study.

Host Nationality

Beautiful Minds Challenge Scholarship is taken and hosted in the USA. 

Eligible Nationality

Beautiful Minds Challenge scholarship is open to all countries. Interested students are those intending to enroll at Marlboro College USA. 

Scholarship Worth

The top 12 high school seniors (or its equivalent) who intend to enroll at Marlboro College in the fall of 2023 will be eligible for a full or partial scholarship.

The scholarships cover eight semesters in Marlboro as long as the student remains in good standing.

The top three high school students in the first, second or third year (or equivalent) can receive cash prizes: $ 1,000 for the first place, $750 for the second place, $500 for the third place.

Students who have won a cash prize in 2023 are not eligible to win another cash prize but can take part in the following challenges to get a scholarship and/or honorable mention and a trip to the Symposium.

Eligibility for Beautiful Minds Challenge Scholarship 2023

The Beautiful Minds Challenge is open to all teenagers from 15 to 19 years old who have not yet enrolled in the university.

You can work on a project alone or with up to two teammates. Teams with over three members will not be eligible for prizes or participation in the symposium.

To be eligible for a scholarship, students must be high school students (or equivalent) who wish to enroll in Marlboro College by the fall of 2023 and submit a completed application form by January 15, 2023, besides their submission to the Beautiful Minds Challenge.

Presentations from international students and house students are welcome!

How to Apply

To be considered for a scholarship, the student must:

  • Submit a Beautiful Minds project completed on December 15, 2023.
  • Submit a completed application to Marlboro College before January 15, 2023.
  • Be accepted in Marlboro to register in the fall of 2023.

Scholars of The Beautiful Minds Challenge are not eligible for further merit support in Marlboro. Still, they are eligible to receive additional help based on needs to cover the cost of housing, lodging, lodging, and additional tuition, depending on their family’s economic situation.

Application Deadline

The Beautiful Minds Scholarship 2023 application deadline was on January 15, 2023

However, you are advised to keep checking the site to get informed on when the next application will be open.

Follow the link below to apply for the beautiful minds scholarship 2023


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