How Can I Become A Car Salesman?

Car salesmen are the backbone of any automobile industry. This career requires a lot of creativity to give customers an exceptional experience. So, want to know how to become a salesman?

According to Accenture, a survey of 10,000 car buyers shows the average consumer spends between 13 and 15 hours shopping before writing a check. So, car salesmen spend many hours standing to ensure customers’ buying questions are answered. Hence, a car salesman is a key to closing any automobile deal.

So, in this post, I’d guide you on all you need to know about becoming a better car salesman even as a beginner. And yes, this requires some training.

Who is a Car Salesman?

A car salesman also known as an automobile salesperson is a professional who explains the features of vehicles to potential customers and helps them find a vehicle that meets their taste and criteria.

Also, a top car salesperson should be able to best answer customers’ questions. Hence, they need to know the ins and outs of available car products to sell the benefits well to the customer.

What does a Car Salesman do?

A car salesman may have different roles that they perform for car dealerships. So, they can function as the following:

  • They will greet potential customers and make themselves available to answer any questions. Also, they will explain the various features of whichever model the customer is interested in, and also explain financing options and warranties.
  • Also, taking a customer out for a test drive is one of the best tools a good car salesman uses to sell cars well. Test drives allow customers to check out the performance of the vehicle. And, it helps them know if they are comfortable in that car.
  • A car salesman is generally responsible for negotiating car prices and trade-in values with the customer. He knows the car dealers’ costs in advance so they are aware of how much they can make from any successful sale.
  • Afterwards, the car salesman may coordinate any repairs, as well as services that may need to be done through the customer service department. For this reason, a good salesman will also follow up with customers after the purchase to see how well they like their new vehicle.

Also, you can become a salesperson at a used car dealership that sells previously owned or leased vehicles.

There is so much more to being a great car salesman than you can imagine. So, it’s a no-brainer if you want to become a salesman for any today!

How Long Does it take to become a Car Salesman?

One of the best advantages of becoming a salesman is that you don’t necessarily need to have a bachelor’s degree to start the career.

But, a high school diploma or its equivalent can be added plus to get a good job at a good car dealership.

A salesperson typically acquires the relevant skills required through on-the-job training at the car dealership.

So how long it will take you before you become a top car salesman depends on your expectations and what you want. But on average it takes just a few months to years.

Honestly, becoming a good salesperson for any car without experience is possible.

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What do you need to become a better Car Salesperson?

If you must be a better car salesperson, there are some basic requirements you must meet to really make headway. We are going to consider these requirements under the following three headings:


Generally what you require to start out as a car salesman in a good dealership is basically your high school diploma certificate or an equivalent. So, you can prepare while high school by taking economics and business foundations courses to develop a basic understanding of finance.

Also, getting a part-time job as a salesman in a used car dealership can help you to hone your communication skills.

After a few years of working experience, you may have the opportunity to advance to a management position. Sales managers usually have a bachelor’s degree in a field such as marketing.


Car Salespeople usually get their training on the job, and it takes a few months to years to become a top salesman.  Additionally, certificate programs and individual courses in automotive sales are available from some technical and community colleges that could help you prepare for a career as a salesman.

You can also enroll in a training program the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) provides. They have an academy that offers six different programs for dealership operations. They also include programs for prospective dealers, heavy-duty truck dealers, and department managers.

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A good salesman needs to be detail-oriented when identifying features of a car model he intends to sell to the customer.

Furthermore, to become a great car salesperson, you would need top-notch customer service skills to be able to relate with your clients and to be able to tackle problems they face in their buying journey.

Generally, to ensure you always give customers a seamless buying experience, you need the following tips:

  • You must be able to build a good rapport with the customer.
  • You must be able to ask strategic questions to help customers know what they want exactly.
  • One must also learn to listen to customers more than you talk so that you can understand their needs properly.
  • Don’t be pushy when selling cars to clients. Also, don’t sound desperate.
  • Lastly, you must learn to follow up customers, even after a sale has been made.

How much can You Make as a Car Salesman?

Knowing how much you would earn as a car salesperson before diving into it is not bad.

There is really so much a good car salesman can make depending on the dealership he finds himself. However, the average salary for a car salesman in the United States is around $35,420 annually.

According to Payscale, car salesmen make $10.05 hourly with a yearly bonus of over $7000.

Steps To Become A Car Salesperson

There are different ways to develop into a better car salesperson. But, here are some recommended steps you can take to become great at this sales profession.

#1 Get A Degree

To start this profession, you might not need a high school diploma. But it’s important to get this diploma and a college degree if you want to grow to become a better salesperson in a car dealership.

Also, with a college degree, you can grow to the management level and get a better knowledge of sales and business.

#2 Build Your Portfolio

You might not regard this while starting out, but having a previous sales experience boosts your skills as a salesperson.

Furthermore, experience in working face-to-face with customers will help you develop in your customer service role. So, this is considered a plus while applying for this profession.

Notwithstanding, some car dealerships will provide training programs for you to know how to sell their cars effectively.

#3 Get a License

Some states require automobile salespeople to get a license. So it depends on the state you find yourself in.

In California, for instance, you must pay a fee and apply to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get your license to sell cars.


Generally, with an education degree or certification, a good portfolio and a license you are a fully ready to rock it as a top car salesperson.

An average salesperson make about $35,000 yearly with bonuses of about $7,000.


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