15 Best College Backpacks For Guys To Get In 

Remember your childhood’s brightly colored backpacks? You know, the ones with your favorite cartoon characters and adornments like bold, kitschy keychains? Remove that memory from your mind, because backpacks have come a long way in terms of both style and function.

If you are about to start College and need a good backpack things can get tricky. Of course, you want to look fashionable, but you’ll be carrying the bag for at least a year, and possibly longer, depending on how well you get along with

As a result, it’s critical to select college backpacks that check all the right boxes. A good college backpack will allow you to transport all of your other gear — whether it’s a stack of books, your laptop, school supplies, or all of the above. We’ve compiled a list of the best college backpacks for guys to help you decide.

What is a Backpack?

While there have been many innovations to the backpack design, these variations have not strayed far from the basic form.

The modern backpack is fundamentally frameless. It’s constructed from cloth, nylon, leather, or waxed canvas. Typically, it’s carried on the back. As a result, it is mostly known as the “back” “pack.” It has two straps that cross over the shoulders.

Because their purpose is to alleviate the burden of carrying the load on one’s back, shoulder straps are typically adjustable and have pads. Even when carrying a heavy load, the pads provide comfort to the wearer.

Similarly, the adjustable straps are mainly intended to move the weight. You can choose whether you want it higher or lower on the back. This will lessen the strain of carrying a heavy load. Almost all designs also include the main compartment.

Similarly, the fundamental innovations introduced are usually intended to provide comfort and convenience. The introduction of the waist strap hip belt is one example.

Additional support is then provided by the waist and sternum straps. It lessens the strain on the shoulder by distributing the weight around the waist. Exterior and interior compartments were also added for security and convenience. Its size varies according to the activity.

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Why do You Need One of The Best College Backpack For Guys

You’re a busy college student, and if you’re already staring at screens all day, you’ll need the best backpacks to keep your shoulders, neck, and spine supported at all times.

Do you bring your laptop to class? That weight will strain your shoulders and back for the rest of college and possibly beyond.

Don’t make that mistake; instead, get something that can support not only your needs but also your body.

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How to Know if it’s One of The Best College Backpack For Guys

  • Size – Size does matter at times. Find the right size for you. According to many sources, the “right size” is proportional to your body. It must also accommodate all of the items you need to transport. Bags are available in extra small and small sizes for torsos up to 18″, medium and regular sizes for torsos 18″-20″, and large sizes for those 20″ and above.
  • Durability – High-quality materials, such as nylon, leather, or waxed canvas, are good materials for your bag. The higher the quality of the material, the longer it will last. Strength is also important because of the requirement to carry a heavier load. Similarly, inspect the stitching and thread material. These minor details will be critical to the longevity of your backpack.
  • Comfort – The most important consideration. It is straightforward. If you put it on and it makes you feel uncomfortable, you should not buy it. Keep in mind that years of innovation aren’t just for utility and function. It’s also for your comfort. Check for padding in the straps and the back. Check to see if you are also wearing hip belts.
  • Activity- Of course, you’ll need to purchase a backpack appropriate for the activity. You wouldn’t bring an oversized hiking bag to a quick weekend getaway, nor would you put a laptop inside a hydration backpack.
  • Organization – It is critical to consider the perfect backpack’s organizational capabilities. As a result, you can store your belongings without sacrificing accessibility. You may also prefer a large backpack with numerous pockets or compartments. Alternatively, choose those with an elastic side pocket.
  • Budget – Keep in mind that the price should reflect the quality of the materials. Don’t put price ahead of quality. However, don’t go so far that the bag is out of your price range. Find a bag that fits your budget while still using high-quality materials.
  • Style – How does it look on my back? Is it too big? Is it appropriate for men’s fashion?
  • Waterproofing, USB charging, laptop sleeves, extra padding, and other features are important too.

15 Best College Backpacks for Guys to Get in 2022

Here are the 15 best college backpacks for guys in 2022;

#1. Jansport Recycled Superbreak Backpack


A JanSport is about as traditional as school bags get, but this version of the SuperBreak is unique. That’s because its exterior is mainly made entirely of recycled materials, making it far more environmentally friendly than its competitors.

If you’re looking for an iconic, classic, minimalist option — and don’t mind the lack of a dedicated laptop pocket — you can’t go wrong with this low-cost find. The Jansport Recycled Superbreak Backpack is one of the best college backpacks for guys.

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#2. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack


With over 62,000 positive reviews, this popular backpack has earned its place as Amazon’s top college backpack.

It is unquestionably one of the best college backpacks for guys available today. It has the following features:

  • USB interface
  • Fits laptops up to 17″
  • Water bottle elastic pocket
  • Several intelligent compartments
  • Modern, sleek design
  • The back and strap padding is breathable.
  • Water Resistant

More isn’t needed! This backpack has everything you need to get through your hectic college day. Do you have extra weight? This backpack is one of your best bets for comfortably carrying everything.

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#3. Ion Convertible Backpack


Is that a bag? Or how about a messenger bag? The answer is yes. Mack Weldon’s convertible bag is all of these things and more, thanks to its collection of detachable straps that allow you to switch bag styles.

And, because it’s Mack Weldon, it’s built for performance. Its interior lining is anti-odor, the handles are non-slip, and the zippers are waterproof. The Ion Convertible Backpack is one of the best college backpacks for guys available.

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#4. Dakota Neoprene Backpack


Consider Dagne Dover to be the Allbirds of backpacks. Its pieces all have a minimalist, nothing-like design that works for almost any task or occasion.

Take, for example, this clean backpack, which is mainly made of neoprene and performance air mesh, which wicks away moisture and is incredibly soft, allowing you to sling it over your shoulders for hours.

It can also hold a 16″ laptop and your daily essentials, so you easily take it to college. All these features and more make the Dakota Neoprene Backpack one of the best college backpacks for guys.

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#5. Black Tech Pack 2 Backpack


This Nordstrom backpack is a stylish and durable college backpack for guys. It is water resistant, has a laptop sleeve, and has numerous compartments to keep your belongings safe.

This bag is also suitable for use as a commuter backpack, and it includes a luggage strap to keep it attached to your suitcase.

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#6. Incase Icon Lite Backpack


Because of its rigid structure and compartmental organizational scheme, the Incase ICON is one of the best all-around backpacks on the market, especially for those who like to travel.

However, it can be a bit cumbersome for school use. That’s why we like the ICON Lite, which has many of the same features in a smaller 20L capacity.

Of course, it has a large 16-inch padded laptop pocket, a weatherproof exterior, and numerous pockets and pouches both inside and out. The Incase Icon Lite Backpack is one of the college backpacks for guys.

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#7. Vaschy School Backpack


The Vaschy School Backpack is one of the best college backpacks for guys. This is especially so If you live in a rainy area. If you do, you might want to consider this as your go-to college backpack. It is not only fashionable, but it is also durable, thanks to the water-resistant material.

Its key features include

  • A Fully padded back.
  • Fits 15″ laptops.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Earphone port.
  • Reinforced Bottom.

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#8. Herschel Retreat Backpack


This backpack is for you if you prefer smaller, faster, and lighter backpacks! I understand that it’s 2022 and you need to get out of class as soon as possible.

In addition, if you prefer to stuff everything into one open compartment, I’ve found your soulmate. Here’s why…

  • One large compartment for easy packing
  • Sleeve for laptops up to 13″
  • Drawstring closure + magnetic buckle
  • Colour and style options that are one-of-a-kind
  • Size reduction for aesthetics and weight

If you need a quick getaway backpack, don’t look any further. However, if you require more functionality, this backpack will fall short. It corresponds to a very specific type of person/style.

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#9. Mancro Laptop Backpack


Nearly 20,000 people can’t be wrong? The Mancro Laptop Backpack has an impressive number of five-star reviews and a simple yet stylish design that offers a level of versatility that few other bags can match.

There are numerous pockets for storing everything from your smartphone and laptop (up to 15.6′′) to a bottle, an umbrella, and even your lunch.

The smart bag also has an easy-to-carry handle on top, a padlock for security, and a built-in USB port for mobile charging. With such good reviews, the Mancro Laptop Backpack is one of the best college backpacks for guys.

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#10. Ronyes College Bag


This Ronyes minimalistic beauty achieves the snap-shut look you’ve always desired in style. Fit your Macbook, notebooks, pens, and pencils comfortably inside the snap, while storing your Nalgene in the side exterior pockets.

This is also the epitome of a college backpack. We can already see you throwing it on your dorm bed after a long week of classes before heading out for a night with your friends.

Plus, it’s dirt cheap and comes in a variety of great color options. All these features and more make it one of the best college backpacks for guys.

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#11. Kaya Laptop Backpack


This Calpak backpack is stylish without sacrificing innovative features. The amount of space this bag can hold while remaining slim and easy to carry impressed lab analysts.

It has a back laptop compartment to protect your electronics, an easy-access front zipper pocket, and even a luggage trolley sleeve to place it on top of a carry-on when traveling.

It’s not only excellent in terms of appearance but is also one of the best college backpacks for guys.

Key Features

  • Chic faux leather material
  • Slim profile
  • 15-inch laptop compartment

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#12. Lululemon City Adventurer Backpack 20L


With a separate zippered compartment for stinky clothes, this Lululemon backpack is ideal for after-class gym trips, and Lululemon is a top-tested brand at the GH Textiles Lab.

There’s also a padded laptop pocket, a 20L interior for other schoolwork, and an easy-access side phone pocket. The interior is an organizational nightmare, complete with labeled compartments.

It comes in ten different colors, ranging from bright pinks to camo. It is one of the best college backpacks for guys.

Key Features

  • Separate zippered compartment for workout clothes.
  • Padded laptop pocket.
  • Water-repellent fabric.

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#13. Fjallraven Raven 28 Backpack


The Fjallraven Raven 28 model is one of the best college backpacks for guys. This backpack design is for students and includes a pocket for 15-inch laptops as well as extra compartments for textbooks, snacks, and anything else you might need during a long day on campus.

This model does not come in as many fun colors as other Fjallraven bags, but it is a sturdy and stylish laptop backpack that is ideal for college students. And, at a mid-range price of $105, it’s an affordable bag for most college students, as well as one of the best Fjallraven backpacks on the market right now.

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#14. Vessel Skyline Backpack


This gorgeously sleek faux-leather backpack with water-resistant technology will appeal to minimalists. The gleaming black exterior is so eye-catching that you almost forget it’s just a backpack. This bag has one large opening and an outside front bottom zip for bringing extra knickknacks to class.

Because of the water-resistant construction, you won’t have to worry about the interior contents getting wet at the start of the spring semester. The Vessel Skyline Backpack is one of the best college backpacks for guys.

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#15. The Friendly Swede Waterproof Backpack


If you go to college somewhere where it rains more than it shines, this waterproof backpack is a good investment. It may not be the most fashionable backpack for college students on the market, but its minimalist design is still quite appealing. Furthermore, it will always keep your belongings dry.

This backpack is available in black or white and has a roll-top main compartment to prevent raindrops from entering. The backpack also has three waterproof outer zip pockets ideal for smartphones or other small essentials.

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Which Kind of people Use The Backpack

The backpack is most likely the most common type of bag. Everyone carries a backpack. From pre-schoolers on their way to school to adult hitchhikers on their way to an adventure.

It is a versatile bag that represents adventure, freedom, and travel. It is also for function, possibly dating back to our ancestors.

Are Backpack And Rucksack Different

Backpacks and rucksacks are terms that are frequently used interchangeably to describe a bag that is usually carried on the back.

The term “backpack” was first used in the United States in the 1910s, before Germans translated it to “rucksack.” Backpacks and rucksacks functions for a variety of purposes, from carrying all of your essentials to the skatepark to packing everything for a hike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a backpack suitable for college?

As a college student, you’re probably going to be running to and from classes all day. That’s why a good backpack is essential: you’ll need a place to store your notebooks, pens, textbooks, and laptop.

Do college students require a large backpack?

You should have a sturdy bag that is comfortable to wear for long periods and can hold all of the books you’ll need for each day. If you live on campus and your classes are only a short walk away, you should get by with a light-duty bag and drop off your textbooks between classes.

What size college backpack should I get?

A school backpack with a capacity of 21 to 30 liters is ideal. This is the most common backpack size. The bags have enough space but are not overly large. The majority of school backpacks have several small pockets.

What is the appeal of Kanken backpacks?

It will never go out of style. Because it is not subject to changing trends, the Kanken is more stylish than ‘fashionable.’ It’s a classic backpack that people can buy and wear for decades, and many have done so. It’s grown in popularity since 1978, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

Are totes or backpacks better for college?

When deciding on a cute tote or backpack for college, finding the right balance of functionality, comfort, and style is critical. Backpacks win in terms of functionality, but totes win in terms of style.

Are rolling backpacks used by college students?

We’ve all seen them, and contrary to popular belief, rolling bags aren’t just for high school students. In fact, because of their larger capacity and rolling capability, rolling bags will benefit college students the most. You don’t want to be carrying a heavy load on your back for hours every day.


That concludes our list of the top fifteen best college backpacks for guys. Whatever your style, needs, or preferences are, at least one of the backpacks on this list will be ideal for you.

Remember to look into the actual bags online and carefully read the details. We’ve only mentioned a few of the basic features; there may be others that will help you find the best bag for you.

I hope this list assists you in your backpack search so you can enjoy your college life while walking across campus.



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