15 Best Colleges For Students With Learning Disabilities In 2022

Do you know that you can still achieve a successful college education with a learning disability? Of course, with the right training and coaching.

So many people have struggled with basic learning skills growing up but with determination and hard work, they are able to beat their challenges.

Managing learning disabilities in college may be very challenging for both the students who have them and the schools that want to help.

There are only a few schools that have the best resources to handle the situation. This article will link you with the best 15.

What Is Learning Disability?

Learning disability is a childhood disorder often characterized by difficulty with certain skills such as reading or writing in individuals with normal intelligence. It affects the child’s ability to interpret or the ability to link information from different parts of the brain.

Common learning disabilities includes; Dyslexia ADHD, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Processing Deficits

Why Colleges For Students With Learning Disabilities?

There are many people living with learning disabilities. In fact, a recent study provided by the National Center for Education Statistics, of undergraduate students self-reporting a disability, 11% reported having a learning disability. 

Since learning disabilities do not go away, a lot of schools have set up resources to help individuals living with disabilities to learn many new skills to help them get around their difficulties. This enables them to discover they are able to excel in a classroom environment.

These college campuses have dedicated staff to help students with learning disabilities receive the resources and assistance they need to succeed in their educational journey. 

They also provide a number of different accommodations, enabling students to attend classes, complete coursework, and undertake exams in a way that suits them best.

Success Tips For Students with Learning Disabilities

The following are important success factors for students with a learning disorder.

  • Visit the library between and after classes
  • study effectively and with the use of flashcards
  • Sit near the most successful students who can help clarify things
  • Set your goals

Health and wellness Psychology also handle people with learning disorder

What Are The Best Colleges For Students With Learning Disabilities?

The following colleges provide specialized support programs for young adults who have the potential to succeed academically, but who may face cognitive obstacles like dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyscalculia; language or auditory processing disorder; Asperger’s Syndrome or autism; or related issues such as ADD/ADHD.

We got our data from reliable sources, testimonials, interviews, and also by contacting individual schools.

1. American University

Program typeTuition
Learning Services Program  $4,850

American University is one of the best colleges for students with disabilities. The schools provide first-year students who join the Learning Service Program benefit from weekly meetings with an academic counselor, Individualized course advising sessions, Upperclass student mentor, and regular lessons with a writing tutor.

2. University of Michigan

Program typeTuition
Learning Services Program$14,683

The University of Michigan is one of colleges that have programs for students with learning disabilities. The school provides LSP through its Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities. It is ranked the 10th best college for the physically disabled. UM is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Learning resource program pairs students with educators and counsels to assess the student’s needs. The life-changing program at the University of Michigan has helped many students attain their dreams

3. University of North Carolina Chapel HIll

Program typeTuition
Learning Services ProgramN/A

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill is one of the top colleges that have programs for students diagnosed with a learning disability. It is a large public school that allows individual access to a comprehensive learning center. 

The school Learning Center offers provides a free service and unlimited access to supportive videos and books, coaching support, and workshops to students with disabilities.

4. Northeastern University 

Program typeTuition
Learning Services Program$2,900 per semester

Northeastern University(NU) is listed as one of the best colleges for students with disabilities. The school provides a learning service program to students through its Disability Resource Center(DRS). The program is free of charge once the register with the office.

 Students have access to 5 sessions of transitional tutoring are also included that guide them from getting a general overview of the program, becoming a successful self-advocate, resources available on campus, getting the most from the DRC, and an overview of the many technological opportunities on the Northeastern campus.

At NU, students are assigned a learning disabilities specialist, who helps them with all aspects of college life. 

5.  University of Arizona

Program typeTuition
Learning Services Program$2,800 per semester

The University of Arizona provides service for students with learning disabilities through its Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques (SALT) Center.

These students have access to, Content-specific tutoring sessions, life skills workshops, psychological service, and educational technology support. The program also hosts social events for students to learn and get to know one another. 

Additionally, the school also integrates the use of technology, including learning tools and apps to support students from every avenue.

6. University of Connecticut

Program typeTuition
Beyond Access Program
$1,800-$3,600 per semester

Another great college for students with learning disabilities is the University of Connecticut. The school offers a Beyond Access Program that allows students to meet weekly with a trained Strategy Instructor (SI) to develop important skills.

The program also features a fee-based project with scholarship opportunities for students who qualify.

7. University of Denver

Program typeTuition
Learning Effective Program$1,350 per quarter

The University of Denver features two different programs for all students with disabilities. The school undoubtedly is one of the best colleges for students with learning disabilities and offers a Learning Effectiveness Program(LEP), which provides counseling, tutoring, management assistance, and more for $1,350 per quarter.

However, there is a Disability Services Program(DSP) option for students who can’t afford LEP. The DSP allows students to access extended time for tests in distraction-free environments, note-takers, interpreters, and other services.

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At Denver, students with learning disabilities are paired with a strategy instructor who meets with them once or three times per week depending on their level of need.

8.  University of California-Irvine

Program typeTuition
Learning Effective ProgramN/A

 The University of California-Irvine offers support for students with disabilities through the school’s Disability Service Center(DSC).

The Disability Services Center at the colleges has programs for students with learning disabilities and allows them to participate in a 3-hour workshop to become a formal ally for students with learning differences.

The center provides students with accommodations, alternative instructional materials, health and wellness resource, a service transports with mobility issues around campus.

9. Southern Methodist University 

Program typeTuition
Learning Effective ProgramN/A

Southern Methodist University (SMU) offers exceptional support services for students with documented learning disabilities.

 SMU provides a wide range of Support Services that are designed to give students with disabilities creative intervention strategies to be successful in their academic careers. These offerings include ADHD, learning strategies instruction, academic coaching. 

In fact the school offers many opportunities for students to participate in workshops or seek one-on-one support to help them understand their diagnosis more expansively. Additional offerings include peer mentoring and tutoring.

10. DePaul University

Program typeTuition
Learning Effective ProgramN/A

To enable students to qualify to participate fully in their academic careers with less stigma, DePaul University provides interventions and support for students who have learning differences through the Center for Students with Disabilities.

The program allows students to have one-on-one lessons with a Learning Specialist Clinician. The school also offers students who can’t afford the program many free ways to access adaptive technologies.

11. Westfield State University

Program typeTuition
Learning Effective Program$15,203/yr

Westfield State University features two programs for learning disabled and special needs students. The Learning Disabilities Program(LSD) is open to applicants with a diagnosed learning or ADHD-based disability who show potential to succeed in college-level courses. LSD offers benefits like priority course registration, academic progress monitoring, and individualized advising.

The school also offers assistance on everything from academic skill development and executive functioning to methods of self-advocacy. 

12. Roosevelt University 

Program typeTuition
Learning service Program$10,759 per year

The Learning and Support Services Program (LSSP) for students with disabilities at Roosevelt University is one of the best. The program started in 1981. It was designed to help support students with disabilities through an emphasis on planning, tutoring, counseling, and modified test-taking accommodations.

13. West Virginia Wesleyan College

Program typeTuition
Learning Effective Program$18,521/yr

West Virginia Wesleyan College(WVWC) through its Learning Center provides unconventional learning styles to students with special academic needs. WVWC is actually one of the best colleges for students with disabilities.

The program allows students can have access to one-on-one professional tutoring, academic counseling for goal-setting and organizational skills, and special classes.

14. Ball State University

Program typeTuition
Learning Effective ProgramN/A

When it comes to colleges that have programs for students with learning disabilities, Ball State University is among the world-leading. The school has housing, transportation, seating, tables, and much more suited for their students.

Beyond the numerous benefits, the school also provides a range of training for its faculty, to ensure that staffs know how to provide for disabled students in the right manner.

15. Bellevue College

Program typeTuition
Associate degree$455 per credit

For adult students with learning disabilities, Bellevue College is a nice option to consider. The school offers an associate degree in Occupational and Life Skills (OLS).

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The OLS program consists of 10-14 hours per week in the classroom, taking classes in subjects such as workplace problem-solving, healthy relationships, and personal finance.

Additionally, the program also features a complete a 200-hour internship at a local business as part of their graduation requirement. The school has an impressive graduation rate of 85%.

What Is The Best Job For Someone With A Learning Disability?

People with learning disabilities who have passed through college can work in a wide range of environments and their functions vary by the workplace. They can get employment in a variety of job positions and earn a good pay as indicated below.

List Of Famous People with Learning Disorders

Below is a list of celebrities who struggled with various disability issues before hitting it big. This famous people include Actors, businessmen, sports heroes, they can and should serve as inspiration to us all.

  • Keira Knightley (Dyslexia) – Pirates of the Caribbean star Actor
  • Orlando Bloom (Dyslexia) – Best known for his role as Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Michael Phelps (ADHD) – champion swimmer
  • Daniel Radcliffe (Dyspraxia) –  notable for his role as Harry Potter
  • Whoopi Goldberg (Dyslexia) – Actress, writer, and producer Whoopi Goldberg
  • Justin Timberlake (ADD and OCD) – Singer, songwriter, and actor
  • Christopher Knight (ADHD) – Known best for playing Peter on the original Brady Bunch television series
  • Jay Leno (Dyslexia) – Comedian, actor, writer, producer, voice actor and former television host of NBC’s 
  • Tim Tebow (Dyslexia) – Former University of Florida star football player
  • Anderson Cooper (Dyslexia) – Well-known journalist and CNN TV personality
  • Howie Mandel (ADHD and OCD) – Actor, comedian, and game-show host


There are people that have the potential to succeed academically but are faced with cognitive obstacles like dyslexia, dysgraphia, language or auditory processing disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome or autism, or related issues such as ADD/ADHD. The top programs for students with learning disabilities we, ve highlighted in this article are specially designed for students with the above-mentioned disorders. Some of these programs are structured while others are self-directed and decentralized. If you are affected, you can select a program depending on how you learn best.

Frequently Asked Questions On Colleges For Students With Learning Disabilities

How long does it students with learning disabilities to complete their programs?

It takes about twelve to twenty-four months.

Does Learning Disability have a cure?

Learning disability can be managed but it has no cure.

Can someone living with a learning disorder become successful?

There are many successful and notable people who were diagnosed with a learning disorder. Here are a few;

Karina Smirnoff (ADHD)
Tim Tebow (Dyslexia)
Anderson Cooper (Dyslexia)
Howie Mandel (ADHD and OCD)
Cher (Dyslexia)
Richard Branson (Dyslexia)


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