25 Best College Dance Teams in USA | 2022 Ranking

Getting into your college dance team can be a dream come through. It can also be incredibly difficult to get on your college dance team. You will need to demonstrate your worth before being admitted. I can tell you from experience because I had to apply twice before making the cut. 

Making a college dance team could be the first step to enjoying your stay in college. A college dance team is a fantastic way to broaden your dance education and earn your degree at the same time. You’ll learn how to work hard to develop your abilities and realize your full potential.

In every phase of life, having the capacity to work well in a team is valuable. Athletes gain teamwork skills through dance as they develop short- and long-term goals as well as strategies to reach them.

Keep reading as we review some of the best College Dance teams in America.

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College Dance Teams

College dance teams perform in football and basketball games, televised competitions, annual concerts, and a variety of dance genres, from Pom and Jazz to Hip Hop.

Students need to find a way to work around their academic schedules because rehearsals typically take several hours each week.

Students who want to continue in the program must pass the auditions and commit to weekly, long-duration practices and rehearsals. Many students who major in dance or the arts join dance teams for fun rather than for academic credit.

It is usually not necessary to pursue an arts degree in order to join a college dance team; anyone who has the talent to dance and perform is usually allowed to join.

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The benefits of a college dance team

Dance has been a sort of therapeutic technique. Although it requires a lot of physical effort and endurance on the part of the dancer, it is thrilling and entertaining for the audience.

Participatory dance, such as partner dancing, partner dancing in groups, and partner dancing, helps foster social interaction and ties social groups together.

Dance was a form of communication before the creation of written characters. Contrary to what many people think, dance is very common in the US. Today, formal education in the United States includes dance. Additionally, there are numerous dance teams spread across the colleges in the country.

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What to know about choosing a college dance team

The colleges you want to attend are the first thing to think about if you’re interested in joining a college dance team. Once you’ve scaled back your list, look into the college dance teams.

Every dance group has a distinct market niche and reputation. Some dance teams compete at the national level and have that as their primary focus. Other dance groups specialize in performing only during games.

The majority of college dance teams prefer a mix of both. They divide their time between practicing for the national anthem dance routine and activities on game days. Each team has a different style specialization in addition to whether or not they are a competitive team.

Some dance teams are more poetic or trendy, while some teams have a jazzy aesthetic. Some focus on pom, while others are hip-hop experts. Knowing the dance team’s preferred style will enable you to assess whether it complements your dancing skills.

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What are the Best College Dance Teams?

#1 University of Nevada: Rebel girls & Co dance team

The Rebel Girls & Company represent the University of Nevada in national contests and are present at each home men’s basketball game as well as a few football games. They are a mainstay in many hip-hop divisions thanks to their well-known hip-hop dancing abilities.

They have won several national championships. Members of Rebel Girls & Company make it a point to uphold their excellent academic standards while performing, competing, and representing the institution as representatives at sporting events. Rebel girls & Co are one of the best college dance teams in the United States.


#2. University of Kentucky

In 2017, the University of Kentucky Dance Team set a new record by finishing second in the hip hop category at the Universal Dance Association. At the World Championships of the International Cheer Union, they competed in honor of Team USA.

Middle school, high school, and college students are all welcome to attend training clinics hosted by the University of Kentucky dance team.

Participants may anticipate learning the genuine University of Kentucky audition battle song as well as the hip-hop style.


#3. University of Tennessee

With seven national titles under its belt, the University of Tennessee Dance Team is undoubtedly one of the most successful dance programs in the nation.

They perform during home basketball, volleyball, Lady Vols basketball, and football games when they aren’t claiming title rings.

The team won the most recent title (2021), making them the seven-time national champion! These accomplishments elevate The Dance Team to the top of the best college dance teams in America.


#4. University of Cincinnati

With seven National Titles and ten World Titles, the UC Dance Team is one of the best college dance teams in the United States.

For a number of years, the team has won national championships in the hip-hop genre. At the 2022 UDA National Dance Team Championships, the University of Cincinnati Dance Team triumphantly finished fourth in the D1A Pom and sixth in the D1A Hip Hop categories.


#5. University of Minnesota

The outstanding dancers of the University of Minnesota Dance Team compete on a national level. Due to Covid-19, where they still appeared in second place in BOTH Pom and Jazz despite a shorter season, they competed virtually in 2021.

The dance team also conducts an end-of-season event displaying their dancing prowess and that of dancers from other studios, besides performing at several school fundraisers and dance performances across Minnesota.


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#6. San Diego State University

The San Diego State University Dance Team focuses on energizing and positively portraying the University while entertaining spectators at all home football and basketball games as well as countless campus, charitable, and business events across the city.

Students with technical expertise can maintain their love of dancing and support the school while achieving their academic objectives by joining the team. It is one of the best college dance teams in the United States.


#7. Ohio state university

The Ohio State University Dance Team represents the Ohio State Athletics. Each year, the Ohio State Dance Team competes in their particular discipline in the UDA Collegiate National Championship in Orlando, Florida.

The team has finished in the Top 5 for the previous seven years, most recently winning the 2018 D1A Pom and Jazz Titles. The dancing team demands a lot of dedication from its members.


#8. University of Colorado: Buff Gold Dance Team

The Buff Gold Dance Team participates at the nation’s Collegiate Nationals each year under the Collegiate Sports Clubs Department.

Being accepted into the team is not easy since new members must possess certain abilities, such as double, triple, and quad pirouettes.

The squad participates in a variety of fundraising activities to generate money and support the neighborhood. They are one of the best college dance teams in America.


#9. Arizona State University: Sun Devil Dance Team

The famed Arizona State University Pride Squad, the Sun Devil Dance Team—as they are more often known—promotes school spirit and interest in student events.

They frequently give performances to aid many sporting programs. The dance team members have an opportunity to practice and hone their dance moves.

Additionally, a huge audience may count on them to exhibit excellent character development and deliver top-notch entertainment. They are one of the best college dance teams in the United States.


#10. University of Michigan

Both school basketball and football games feature performances by the University of Michigan dance team.

They complete academic requirements as full-time students while holding demanding practice sessions roughly five times each week.

The dance team received the Most Collegiate Award during the dance team camp in August 2012. The Michigan dance team is one of the best college dance teams in America.


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#11. Florida State University: Seminole Dance Team

As the official sports club dance team at Florida State University, Seminole Dance Force was established in 2001.

Since then, this squad has competed in several national events. The dance team is now ranked fifth in the country for D1a hip-hop and sixth for D1a jazz.

Along with its yearly showcase in February, the complete team performs at other school events including the homecoming procession and Homecoming Live.


#12. University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin Dance Team is a prominent and well-known club of undergraduate student-athletes that promotes Badger athletics.

Basically, the Dance Team performs at all home men’s basketball and football games in addition to many PR activities and university events.

The UW Dance Team typically cheers on the football team at a Bowl game as well as one away game every season. They are widely regarded as one of the top college dance teams in the United States.


#13. Rutgers University

The official dance squad of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights is the Rutgers University Dance Team. At a variety of sporting and community gatherings, such as basketball and football games, they represent the institution.

The squad has a reputation for supporting charitable causes and neighborhood events. The team’s members are from all across the country and have a wide range of dancing experiences. The team spends a lot of effort on technique to help them dance in harmony, in addition to learning and performing new dances every week.


#14. North Dakota State University: Bison Dance Team

The Bison dance team represents the North Dakota State University. They frequently watch home football games from the sidelines, cheering on the university squad.

Particularly during the basketball season, they perform during halftime. In national contests, the squad displays its exceptional potential. In the past few years, they have finished in the top five for six separate competitions.

At the Universal Dance Association National Competition in 2010, they earned a sixth-place finish for their jazz and hip-hop performances.


#15. California State University

The highly recognized Titans Dance Team and Titans Cheer Squad make up the Cal State Fullerton Spirit Squad. Each year, the teams take part in numerous community activities and improve Titan Athletics’ game experiences and fan engagement.

By encouraging cooperation among the teams, the student body, and the sports community, the CSUF Spirit Squad focuses on promoting Titan Athletics.


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#16. University of Rhode Island: Ramettes Dance Team

The official dance team of the University of Rhode Island Athletic Department is the Ramettes.

The Ramettes’ main responsibility as one of the university’s spirit groups is to provide energy and entertainment during each season’s men’s and women’s basketball games as well as football games.

They do brief performances to keep the Rhody supporters engaged throughout the whole game and are the primary halftime entertainment. Their energetic dances, which incorporate jazz, hip-hop, pom, and modern genres, are well known.


#17. Missouri State University: Sugar Bears Dance Team

The MSU Sugar Bears are a prominent and thrilling part of Missouri State University’s Spirit Squads. They focus on providing the University with a first-rate, collegial, and professional representation.

The Sugar Bears have the opportunity to perform at important MSU sports occasions, such as all in-state football and basketball games.

On January 31, 2021, they honorarily inducted the Missouri State Sugar Bears into the state’s sports hall of fame.


#18. Boston College: Golden Eagles Dance team 

The Boston College Screaming Eagles Marching Band’s official dance team is the Golden Eagles. The Golden Eagles perform during the fall season at all home football games, post-season bowl games, and important occasions all across Boston and beyond. Pom, high kick, jazz, and modern are some of their genres.


#19. University of Connecticut

You’ll find the University of Connecticut Dance Team entertaining crowds at home basketball, football, and other campuses/community events. The dancers of the dance team execute scripted hip hop, jazz, pom, kick, and novelty dances.

The university’s official dance team attends the NDA camp every summer, where they get the opportunity to work with some of the top choreographers in the industry.


#20. University of Delaware

The University of Delaware Dance Squad competes in the UCA/UDA National Championships every year in Walt Disney World’s theme parks in Orlando, Florida.

Nationally recognized as a contender. In addition to performing at home basketball and football games, the 15–18-person ensemble also travels with basketball teams to play in postseason tournaments and plays at other sporting events from time to time.

At many academic and community activities, such as Parent’s Weekend and Homecoming as well as variety shows and fundraisers.


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#21. Grand Canyon University

The Grand Canyon University dance team is a Regular participant in the famous Universal Dance Association (UDA).

They won the USA DI Jazz Championship in 2019 and the UDA DI Game Day National Championship in 2020, respectively. All through the year, they also take part in community engagement initiatives.


#22. Riverside City College

The Riverside City Collegiate Cheer and Dance Team performs jazz, hip-hop, and cheer. They are a consistent, formidable contender in regional and national college dance contests.

The well-known collegiate dance team frequently performs at on-campus basketball and football games and adorns community events all year long. They are also one of the best college dance teams in America.


#23. Havard University: Crimson Dance Team

The Crimson Dance Team has been a part of the Harvard community for 25 years since its establishment in 1995. They take great satisfaction in their competitive accomplishments, academic excellence, and school spirit.

Throughout the academic year, the Harvard Crimson Dance Team actively promotes school spirit and upholds the Crimson pride.

Both regional and national contests are part of the team’s regular schedule. UDA New England Dance Championships in Westfield, Massachusetts, saw the team take home the Division I Jazz trophy. In the United States, the crimson dance team is one of the greatest.


#24. Fairfield University: Fairfield Stags Dance Team

At every home basketball game, the Fairfield University Dance Team performs at Alumni Hall on campus and at the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, where they hold away games.

At the discretion of the Department of Athletics, the team may additionally go to postseason competitions, including the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC), the NCAA Championships, and the National Invitation Tournament (NIT).


#25. St. Josephs University

Walt Disney World hosts the annual UDA National Dance Competition, where the top-ranked St. Joseph’s University Dance Team competes.

During the 2021–2022 dancing season, the group took fifth place in D1 pom at the UDA Nationals.

Hawk basketball home games and other school and community events typically feature performances by the university’s elite dance company, which specializes in ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, and tap dance.


Dance team skill requirements

Studio dancers who want to join a collegiate dance team need to get ready for a variety of things: Advanced acrobatics and technical prowess are necessary.

Get a head start on mastering these challenging skills if you want to get a position on the roster of your fantasy squad.

It’s crucial to find out what advanced talents each college dance team needs because each team will have a distinct skill level need. Among the most common trick prerequisites are:

  •  Turn combos with changing spots
  • · Double and triple toe touches
  • Headstand (stall): Standing on your head while you raise your legs into the air
  • Aerial: No hands cartwheel
  • From a standing posture, perform a handspring by flipping onto your hands, lifting your body, and then landing back on your feet.
  •  Kip-up: Begin on the ground, turn over onto your back, and then quickly stand up.
  • Headspring: Identical to a handspring but landing on both the hands and the head
  •  Rubberband: Perform a half-back handspring and then stand back up.
  • Double turning disc: Chaîné into a turning leap while keeping your legs wide
  • Back walkover: Begin standing, enter an again bridge, then emerge back in a standing posture.
  •  Leg-hold turn: Turning while raising your leg with your hands 

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College Dance Team Recruitment Process

It might be frightening to go through the selection or audition procedure for a collegiate dance team. It’s not just fiercely competitive; it’s also based on someone’s opinion and hence subjective.

Over 200 dancers will audition for several college dance teams. Due to the inability to organize traditional collegiate dance team auditions, the recruiting process—a relatively recent method of finding and choosing new team members—was developed.

It’s crucial that you visit the recruiting clinics if you want to get hired. These prep clinics provide coaches an indication of who they want to recruit the next year, even if tryouts have evolved into a recruitment procedure. Every school looking to add students will host its own clinics all year long.

On their social media profiles or online websites, you may obtain information about the precise dates and locations of these clinics. You will learn dance combinations in the unique dance styles used by the college team when you attend these clinics.

To be able to do the techniques that the dancers on the team can perform, it is crucial that you complete your research before attending these clinics so that you are aware of the styles they use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people make up a college dance team?

The number of members in a dance team usually depends on the school. It usually ranges from 18-46.

What is the best college dance team in the United States?

The University of Tennessee dance team is one of the best college dance teams in the United States.

Do college dance teams go for away games?

Most college dance teams may not participate in away games.

What skill do you need for college dance teams in the US?

You’ll need to have advanced acrobatics skills.

What do I wear to dance team tryouts?

Avoid Overly bright colors. Subdued hues like gray, white, black, or white should be a good choice. 


Dancers can be amateurs or professionals. Dance teams provide prospective dance instructors, choreographers, or professional dancers with a strong foundation in addition to the physical advantages.

The best college dance teams in the United States show how taking up dancing as a pastime and a sport helps people strengthen their social lives and physical and creative abilities.



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