17 Best Colleges With Rolling Admission In 2023

Have you missed out on the first cycle of application and you’re scared that you may have to wait longer for the next session when you have to start the admission application process all over? There’s no cause for alarm as there are colleges with rolling admission.

Although, there might be a glitch in their preference of students who applied earlier in their cycle. So, all you need to do is to apply early to double your chances of being considered for admission.

To acquaint you with some colleges with rolling admission in 2023, we have carefully handpicked 17 out of them so you can proceed and not have reasons to entertain fear whether or not you’re going to whirl away your time till the next academic year.

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What Is Rolling Admission?

According to Wikipedia, rolling admission is a policy by many colleges to admit freshers into undergraduate programs. Under rolling admission, candidates submit their applications to the university anytime within a large window.

Furthermore, the time frame is well over six months and some colleges do not have a specified deadline. What this means is that the application ends when all spots are all up.

The fact that rolling admission colleges will accept your application throughout the year would not take the stress off completely. As I noted above, the utility window may be open until all spots were stuffed. Admissions committees evaluate programs as they roll in and ship again a selection quickly after.

Typically, you’ll return 4 to 8 weeks once you apply. In some cases, you may hear return just two weeks later!

Additionally, some faculties with rolling admissions still have deadlines. For example, Michigan State University advises students to put up their programs by using November 1 if they need the most scholarship consideration.

What Are The Advantages Of Rolling Admission?

Some merits associated with rolling admission for students include the following

  • A better chance for admission. Asides the fact that you need a standard application that meets the school’s requirement, early application increases your chances of being enrolled.
  • You make a choice. Out of the many colleges with rolling admission, send early applications to the schools that top your list.
  • Rolling admission system allows you to expand your application process rather than filling them all at once.

Are There De-merits To Rolling Admission?

Yes, there are!

Students are advised to put themselves in the best position such that they won’t miss the opportunity of being considered for admission. Carry out research on the school’s admission process to find out how you can maximize your chances.

However, below are some disadvantages of this rolling admission system.

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Admission Spots May Fill Up Too Quickly

Because students may not be knowledgeable that applications undergo review as soon as they are submitted, they keep buying time only for them to apply when it’s almost late.

If you are qualified in all ramifications but waited for the dying minute to come before you can apply, you may likely face a tougher competition for the very few spots remaining and denied the chance.

Therefore, to avoid experiencing this, you mustn’t wait long into the application cycle to submit yours.

Rolling Admission Schools May Have Priority Deadlines

Some colleges with rolling admission still have priority deadlines where they consider students who submit their applications earlier before a set date. Also, some other colleges apply the ‘first come, first serve’ policy.

This leaves the students who are obviously the latecomers with fewer options.

Requirements for Rolling Admissions 

Rolling admission universities really offer you a flexible period or window to start your utility tactics, however, widespread requirements for colleges with rolling admissions are much like all universities and faculties.

It is also very critical to start preparing your extra documents, and standardized assessments before your application duration start. Some necessities for rolling admission to pinnacle universities encompass: 

  • Work experience 
  • Statement of Purpose 
  • Letters of Recommendation 
  • Co-curricular 
  • High rankings in core modules and topics 
  • High standardized test scores (GMAT/GRE/SAT/ACT)

Rolling Admission and Normal Admission, which is Better?

Compared to early decisions, rolling admissions can be a top-notch, non-binding choice to listen again from faculties early.

As you follow through multiple colleges, begin together with your packages for rolling admissions faculties. That way, you can get a college choice from those choices as quickly as viable.

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List Of The 17 Best Colleges With Rolling Admission

#1 The University of New Haven

Admission to the University of New Haven is overly fierce and early applications are encouraged because of limited space in most of its 100-degree programs.

This school offers one binding admission program and three non-binding admission programs for first-year fall admission: Early Decision, Early Action (I & II), and Regular Decision.

Application review for the fall semester begins on September 1 on a rolling basis, even for students applying early decision or early action. Students should expect to receive a decision on their completed application no later than 4-6 weeks of when their application is complete.

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#2 University Of Pittsburgh

The school’s admissions committee does the scrutiny of applications. They get back to you within 4-6 weeks once the review has started!

Then, the consideration of your application is put in place once you meet everything on their requirement list. Sounds cool right?

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#3 University of Illinois at Chicago

This is Chicago’s largest university and one of the nation’s top 200 research universities. Here, you will learn from the originator of the idea that other schools teach. With one faculty member for every 19 students, you will receive the support and encouragement you need to succeed.

With 16 colleges and dozens of programs of study, you can explore your potential in life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, arts, business, law, technology, and lots more. Outside the classroom, there are plenty of activities to tickle your fancy and to help you connect with classmates.

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#4 New Jersey Institute Of Technology

This institution runs the early actions; II, honors college, and rolling admission. The NJIT evaluates your application immediately your file is complete.

The school gets back to you on their decision within 10 to 15 business days.

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#5 University Of California Riverside

As a top-ranking university, UCR sets high admission standards. Incoming students are selected based on some standards: academic performance, patterned exam scores, and the potential for success as an undergraduate. 

The minimum GPA requirement is 3.0. Being a college with rolling admission, UCR offers a wide range of programs and resources to support you along your path to a degree.

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#6 The University Of Iowa

This school makes admission decisions on a rolling basis starting from August 21.

So, application documents for rolling admission at the University of Iowa go under scrutiny immediately they are submitted and the process can last for up to 4 – 5 weeks.

To get information on the application process, you can g ahead to click the link below to find out more.

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#7 Michigan State University

Michigan State University continues to accept undergraduate applications as long as space is still available.

However, the number of qualified applicants has outnumbered available space in recent years, so students should apply by November 1 to ensure the highest consideration.

Students who apply for rolling admission will still be considered for any remaining scholarships.

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#8 Ripon College

This college is one of those with rolling admissions. The application acceptance begins as early as September 15th and continues into the spring months. This school is a force to reckon with when it comes to financial aid.

If you seek to learn in an intimate environment, consider Ripon!

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#9 Purdue University

Admission into this very school is quite competitive. Therefore, it is appropriate that you apply early in your senior year. The school’s acceptance rate is 60%. Also, it has an early action deadline of November 1st and a regular decision of January 15th.

Therefore, maximize your possibilities for admission and scholarships and make certain that your transition to Purdue is as clean as feasible by being attentive to closing dates and important dates for applying and enrolling at Purdue.

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#10 Penn State University

Now, just like Purdue University, Penn State University offers an early action deadline of November 1st and a priority submission deadline of November 30th. Rolling admissions in this college continue through May 1st.

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#11 Warren Wilson College

Here, the rolling admission is so favorable that you have nothing to worry about if you miss the early action and early decision deadlines. This is because the rolling admission window runs through April 15th.

Its integrated learning experience makes the program an educational adventure.

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#12 Florida Institute Of Technology

There is no deadline to apply for undergraduate admission to the Florida Institute of Technology. Its rolling admission is the type that accepts and reviews applications throughout the year.

This institute of higher learning also confers degrees in Business, Psychology, Humanities, and Communication.

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#13 Tennessee University

This is one of the best colleges with rolling admission. It does not practice early action and early decision deadlines. Your applications will be reviewed and you’ll be notified of their decision in 3-4 weeks.

Welcome on board.

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#14 North Park University

This institution just like Tennessee also doesn’t do the early action and early decision policy. Students are only notified of their decision after they review your application.

Upon submission of the application, wait to hear from them in about 4 to 5 weeks.

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#15 University Of Alabama

This school’s admission board reviews students’ application and have the sole right of sending you a notification on their decision.

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#16 Baruch College (CUNY)

This College has a February 3rd priority deadline but begins accepting applications from the first week of September. It is a selective institution with a 43% acceptance rate and this makes the admission quite a competitive one.

So, to have an edge, it is best to apply early.

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#17 Creighton University

Although the application process at Creighton can be quite stressful, you are advised to apply early so as not only to double your chances of being considered for admission but also to be considered for financial aid when enrolled.

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When Should You Start Preparing Your Application?

Don’t be fooled by the lack of a closing date! There are nonetheless plenty of pieces on your utility that require months of making plans and coaching. The ones that particularly call for forethought are your SAT/ACT, advice letters, and private essay.

If your faculty has a concern cut-off date in November, then your last chance to take the ACT or SAT could be in September or October of your senior year. Ideally, you’d have your check rankings ready with the aid by the end of your junior year. 

While your school may have rolling admission, you will nonetheless be prepping your application on your junior or even sophomore 12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions On Collges With Rolling Admission

What is rolling admission?

rolling admission is a policy by many colleges to admit freshers into undergraduate programs. Under rolling admission, candidates submit their applications to the university anytime within a large window.

Is rolling admission bad?

It isn’t but you have to take note that waiting too long before you apply can make you lose out on financial aid and scholarship schemes.

How long do rolling admissions usually take?

The average time to wait for a notification of the admission board’s decision is about 4 to 6 weeks.

What are the advantages of applying at colleges with rolling admissions?

Some advantages related to universities having rolling admission deadlines are: 
Getting an aggressive facet over different applicants 
Getting rid of missed application closing dates 
Advantage of non-binding coverage at universities


I hope this piece of information is helpful. Good luck!



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