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People always require the services of a handyman to assist them with resolving minor issues in their homes or offices. You and your team need to have the right gear if you are going to respond to the call. If you don’t have the best tools as a handyman, you could have to refuse jobs or go back to headquarters to get more supplies.

There is not a standard set of services that all handymen can or will provide. Work on landscaping may be more appealing to some, while plumbing and electrical installations may be more appealing to others.

The remaining workers will then complete a variety of tasks, ranging from minor sprinkler repairs to extensive kitchen renovations.

You can provide an infinite number of different service combinations to customers.

This will undoubtedly affect the kinds of tools that are necessary. Having said that, most people who work as handymen end up being responsible for a diverse range of jobs.

This article features a list of the top 10 best handyman tools that can be used for a diverse variety of projects. 

Why Use Tools?

Starting your small-scale handyman service can be a wonderful option if you have a general understanding of carpentry, electrical, and plumbing.

You can start it as a part-time job at first. Once you’ve built up a good customer base, you can turn it into a full-time business.

However, having the necessary abilities is not the sole prerequisite for beginning your own handyman business. You must have at least a basic set of tools to provide handyman services.

You should remember that equipment will most likely account for most of your startup costs. Choose your handyman tools and equipment prudently.

You can save money by purchasing old equipment and tools. Because investing in tools and equipment is a serious matter, you should read reviews and only purchase the best tools.

 This article will provide you with the best tools for a handyman.

Buying a large number of various tools will save you big bucks in handyman beginning fees. Another strategy to save money on starting expenses is to purchase tools as your company grows. 

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Does A Handyman Need A License?

Determining licensure is by a variety of factors, including your state, location, the percentage you charge per service, and the types of work you do.

Handyman license laws differ dramatically from state to city and city to city. Some states do not require any kind of handyman license, but local governments may have their laws and regulations.

In many places, a handyman license is only required if your work is more than a particular amount.

You must get a handyman license in California if you work on works worth more than $500. Minor repairs and carpentry may not necessitate a license in Florida, but structural work must.

Handymen who work on existing structures and earn more than $15,000 a year must get a Remodeler License in Minnesota. 

Handymen who work on minor repairs do not need a license.

Some jurisdictions do not require a license. But, you may still need to register with your state’s contractor board or another entity to conduct business lawfully.

Also, whether or not your state requires it, always verify your county and city rules surrounding handyman licensing.

In New York, handymen do not require a state license; but must apply for a Home Improvement Contractor License.

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Why do you need general liability insurance for a handyman, and how do you get it?

General liability insurance protects a company from the financial implications of third-party bodily harm, property, and personal and advertising damages. It gives you the peace of mind you need to concentrate on growing your company.

Handyman general liability insurance can assist cover the following expenses:

  • 3rd-party property damage

You’re always working on a third-party property like your clients’ homes. You could be held accountable if a piece of drywall falls and damages your client’s property.

  • 3rd-party bodily injury

You work as a handyman to fix shaky surfaces. You could be held liable for a client’s bodily injury if a freshly strengthened staircase buckles beneath their weight.

  • Investigation and Defense

If a client sues you for negligence and property damage, your insurance will investigate what happened. If the lawsuit proceeded to trial, your insurer would also defend you in court.

To begin, you may need to present a Certificate of Insurance (COI) to obtain a handyman license. 

A Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) is a digital or virtual certification. It proves you have a valid, active insurance policy for your clients or business partners. Even if you don’t need a COI, you must provide evidence of insurance to register your business.

Regardless of the laws, purchasing insurance in your line of work is simply a good idea. It is an inherently dangerous job; whether you are working on drywall or utilizing specialized tools, something can go wrong. Without insurance, everything you’ve fought so hard to achieve could be pointless by a single hefty insurance claim.

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An Overview Of Handyman’s Tools.

Not every handyman is capable of or willing to provide the same level of service. Some will be more interested in landscaping, while others will be more concerned with plumbing or electrical issues. 

Buying tools as you need them is the greatest approach to investing in them. Rather than investing thousands of dollars to outfit your work truck completely, start with the basics and update as needed. 

Now, let’s get down to the types of tools used in this field.

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Hand Tools

These will come in handy more often than you think. You can purchase hand tool packages containing basic hand tools in the supermarket.

 Make sure you get a kit that includes screwdrivers, pliers, chisels, files, wrenches, and a hammer. Some of these hand tools make the best tools for a handyman.

Paint Box

Although you may not use one very often, you should have one on hand in case of an emergency. Purchase a box that includes brushes, oils, acrylic method tools, jigsaws, squares, rules, glue and staple guns, and other items.

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Plumbing toolbox

You should have one on hand in case of an emergency, even if you don’t use it very often. Brushes, oils, acrylic technique tools, jigsaws, squares, rules, chisels, mallets, precision tools, glue and staple guns, and other items are available in a box.

They also make the best tools for a handyman who does more plumbing.


You may not require saws at first, but as your handyman services company grows, they will become necessary. Cordless circular and reciprocating saws, corded circular saws, corded jigsaws, and blocks are among the best tools for a handyman.

Garden Tools

When you’re providing relevant services, having enough lawn equipment is crucial. Lawnmowers, trimmers, shovels, rakes, and posthole diggers are just a few examples of these tools.

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Ladders are essential since you must climb up to repair things. The most typical ladders for handymen are 4′ and 8′ step ladders and a 20′ extension ladder.


You should have all of the fundamental drills. They are one of the best tools for a handyman. A set of cordless drills would be preferable.

Tools storage

You’ll need a hand tool cabinet with many drawers to arrange hand tools, screwdrivers, wrenches, and nails. A large covered plastic storage container is also required to transport all of the spare parts that tend to accumulate.

You can purchase multiple buckets/storage cabinets to properly organize the tools.

Safety tools and equipment

A tool belt, eye/ear protection, dust masks, knee pads, latex gloves, and other essential safety equipment are all necessary.

Cleaning equipment.

A cordless vacuum and other cleaning supplies are essential components in your toolkit because you cannot leave the customers’ property dirty.

Marketing skills

As a handyman, you’ll have to do a lot of self-promotion. If you understand how people function well, you should have an easier time pitching them your services.

However, the basic rule of thumb is that you should interact with clients in a clear, succinct, and professional manner.

Before approaching a potential client or launching a marketing campaign, be sure your services are well-defined. This will come in handy if you ever have to market your skills on the spot. 

Work on your presentation skills and general manner. If you’re going to work for a client, you’ll need to show that you’re someone they can trust around their home. Respect your clients and listen to their demands, and you’ll be able to demonstrate your worth by providing excellent service.

For me, this is one of, if not the best tool for a handyman.

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10 Best Tools For A Handyman.

When it comes to purchasing instruments for your new business, don’t go hog wild. Start with the basics and add to your collection as you go. Your clients won’t notice the change, but it will affect your profitability.

Some suggest that investing in high-quality instruments will ensure they last longer and are more effective. I agree in many circumstances, such as when purchasing an instrument you will use it on almost every project. When buying precision tools like levels, for example.

However, the inexpensive stuff will suffice in other circumstances, especially for tools you only use once in a while.

As a professional handyman, you’ll acquire a vast list of tools. Start with the basics, add tools as you go, and figure out what system and arrangement work best for you.

There are a few tools that you must have that will make starting your handyman service a lot easier.

Power and hand tools are the two most common tool types. Any instrument that uses a power source, such as a battery or electricity, is a power tool. Each primary type has many diverse tools with unique tasks or objectives.

This article will provide you with the best tools for a handyman in 2022 and their price tags.

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10 best tools for a handyman in 2022 include:

#1. Hammers

There are different kinds of hammers, but they all have the same purpose: to drive or pound something into something. Pounding a nail into wood is a classic example.

Hammers are one of the most ubiquitous instruments used for a variety of tasks, from the home to the workplace. The functions of the many varieties vary, but they’re all used to drive nails through various materials. They’re also utilized to assemble and disassemble parts.

Apart from nails, hammers go with screws, screwdrivers, fasteners, tacks, staples, and gel levelers.

While the hammer is one of the best tools for a handyman, it may also be harmful if not handled correctly. To minimize avoidable injuries, make sure you follow safety procedures.

Price: $ 48.99

Shop now: Amazon 

#2. Wrenches

Like a pair of pliers, a wrench is a useful instrument for loosening and tightening items. You’ll come across many types of wrenches for a wide range of home repair projects. Some models are all-purpose and those are designed to fulfill a specific need.

The measurement standards utilized, the types of materials used, and the sizes employed all differ. The size is the most crucial component in ensuring a good fit when it comes to wrenches.

Price: $79

Shop now: Amazon

#3. Ladders

A ladder is a device that is used to climb higher to reach or climb onto something.

An A-shaped ladder is almost always the first image that comes to mind when we think of ladders. However, a variety of additional types are available, each with its length, weight, use, versatility, and storage.

Price: $289

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#4. Pliers

Pliers are a tool used to hold goods to pull, twist, or turn them.

Pliers are one of the best tools for a handyman because they may be useful in all forms of general maintenance. They’re used to grip, hold, bend, and easily cut a wide range of things.

The plier employs its joint as a fulcrum and its jaws to exert a firm grip as a basic lever. Pliers may be useful for a variety of other tasks.

Price: $19

Shop now: Amazon 

#5. Chisels

A chisel is a flat metal tool with a pointed edge that is used to remove material from a surface.

Woodworkers, masonry workers, and metalworkers all utilize chisels. Each one necessitates the use of a special chisel. Within each field of employment, there are various chisel alternatives.

Chisels have been around for a long time. It’s a basic tool, yet it’s so effective that its design is almost the same through the years.

Price: $15

Shop now: Amazon

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#6. Drills

A drill is a machine that is used to drive a material into something to make an opening or space. Drills are frequently operated by hand but usually use electricity or batteries. These days, the most prevalent drills are battery-powered. There will be no more tinkering with cables.

There are so many drills to pick from that it might make your head spin like a drill bit. There’s no need to spin if you understand why you need this type of power strip equipment. All that’s left is to choose from the three primary drill kinds once you’ve drilled down your purpose.

Price: $159

Shop now: Amazon

#7. Saws

Saws are useful when it comes to cutting through items. A handsaw is the most popular type of saw, but electric, battery, and gasoline-powered power saws are also available.

Wood, tile, concrete, and metal are cut with saws. The form and movement of the blade determine what most saws are meant to cut.

Power saws are, without a doubt, a very popular power tool and make up the best tools for a handyman. Some people own a variety of power saws, including tables, chains, rounded, rounded, and so on

The type of power saw you choose determines the work you’ll be doing. A circular saw, such as the one seen above, is a suitable starting power saw because of its versatility.

There isn’t much a chainsaw can do unless you chop a lot of wood, carve enormous stumps, or build demo buildings.

Price: $49

Shop now: Amazon 

#8. Nail gun

Nail guns are also part of the best tools for a handyman.

A nail gun employs compressed air or gas to drive a nail into something. Nail guns resemble enormous pistols and are useful for connecting wood or plastic components.

The staple gun, which shoots staples instead of nails, is a closely comparable power instrument. A staple gun may be handier for some households.

Price: $264

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#9. Air Tools

Air tools/pneumatic tools are powerful tools that can be useful in construction and home and automobile repairs. These tools are powered by compressed air and are ideal for usage in remote regions with limited access to electricity.

This is one of the best tools for a handyman working remotely.

You’ll need to get the tools once you’ve got the compressor.

You can purchase air tools separately or in sets, which include a drive impact wrench, drive air ratchet, air hammer, and an air grinder.

This excellent air tool starter package comes in a huge case.

This is not for you if you’re a power user. It’s advisable to buy high-end air tools separately so you can receive the specifications and capabilities you require.

Price: $209

Shop now: Amazon 

#10. Power sander

Believe me again if you think using a manual screwdriver instead of a drill is a terrible idea. It’s a no-brainer to sand by hand rather than using a power sander. I’ve sanded a lot of wood by hand, and nothing beats a good old-fashioned power sander.

You can keep your sanity by using a power sander. It effectively sands wood, tile, and metal and is run by electricity or a battery.

Many power tools are now cordless, which is quite convenient. I don’t find it comfortable moving around with a cord wrapped around my legs from a great height.

The problem with cordless power tools is that they must be kept charged. You should increase your power-up system with each new cordless tool so that it works when you reach for it. Your cordless drill or nail gun will be worthless if you don’t have power.

They make the best tools for a handyman with power tools fully powered.

Price: $59

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Frequently Asked Questions

Power tools or hand tools, which is better?

Hand and power tools each have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. As a result, determining which is superior is impossible.

Power tools or hand tools, which is safer to use?

Because of their lack of power and automation, hand tools are safer than power tools. Both sorts of tools, however, have the potential to cause injury. When compared to hand tools, however, power tool injuries are more serious.

Which category has better precision?

Power tools are more precise in repeating the same work, hand instruments are more accurate in their level of control.

What are the safety tips in operating a power tool?

– Recognize what your tool does and how it accomplishes it.
– Give attention to what your body is telling you and respect it.
– Respect your gut instincts and your feeling of danger.
– Read the manual before use

What is the average pay of a handyman?

In the United States, a handyman earns an average of $21.94 per hour and $5,813 in overtime per year. 


A handyman/fixer/handyperson/DIY handyperson is a person who carries a variety of repairs around the house, interiorly, exteriorly, or both. He is often referred to as a jack-of-all-trades.

He plays an important role in maintaining the smooth functioning of businesses.

As a handyman, your companions are your tools. These tools are hand tools and power tools.

Most power tools are now cordless, which makes them convenient for use. But, a power tool without power is just junk. This means that your power tools must be charged at all times.



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