10 Best Community Colleges in Texas

Talking of the best community colleges in Texas, Texas is one country with its college enrollment having students from all walks of life, seeking education. The education and training sought by these individuals will not just be relevant for their academic growth but career advancement. 

In America, the National Center for Education Statistics projected that the number of undergraduate students will increase from 16.8 million in 2017 to 17.2 million in 2028. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) also reported that associate degree holders earn around $7000 more than their counterparts with just a high school diploma. In essence, this is to say that you need an educational qualification that is higher than that of a high school diploma and this, you can achieve through community college enrollment and other tertiary educational systems. For sure, if you are with college credentials, you are going to enjoy more career prospects and higher earnings as well as experience lower unemployment conditions.

Reasons to Attend a Community College in Texas

As you pass out from high school, chances are that the next call of action from you is to enroll in a college or any other post-secondary institution. However, you may find the cost of attending a four-year institution quite challenging. Fortunately, more options for you will enable you to fulfill your dreams. However, this more affordable alternative may not lead to a full-time undergraduate degree, but an associate degree that opens the pathway for a degree program. That is, if you choose to. 

Not just that, they will offer career training that aims to equip you for higher demand technical roles in pharmaceutical technology, medical assisting and industrial machinery operations. There are also other options for distance training, dual enrollment opportunities for high school students and noncredit continuing education classes. Overall, most of their acceptance rate is 100%, giving you no condition for competition.

Although it might be daunting to find the best suitability for you if you choose to attend a college in the country, we have compiled the best 10 community colleges in Texas for you. All you need is to go through them and make your choice.

Moreover, each school’s profile contains information like program options, acceptance rate, tuition and other relevant information that would guide your decisions. Moreover, the cost of living in Texas is quite affordable, even in more enhanced cities like Austin. If you also choose to work in Texas after your college education, it may interest you to know that BLS, in 2019, projected that the unemployment rate of Texas is just 3.4% which is lower than the US average of 3.6%. 

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Best Community Colleges in Texas

Without much ado, below is the list of the best community colleges in Texas. Enjoy a great read as you make your choice.

Southwest TEXAS Junior College

This school made its debut entry in 1946 as a vocational school for returning war veterans. However, it did not just stop at that as it has metamorphosed into a comprehensive two-year college with nearly 7000 students at a go. It offers diverse training in associate, adult education, dual enrollment and workforce development programs. 

If you are interested in this college, you can enroll in a general education track or introductory coursework requirements for engineering, game refuge management, ecoutourism conservation science and teaching. As well, the college provides emergency medical services, radiologic technology and aviation maintenance. Also, you may be lucky with the financial aids and scholarship opportunities provided by the school.

Amarillo College

With an acceptance rate of 100%, Amarillo College boasts an enrollment of more than 6000 students across its six campuses. There are various comprehensive certificates and degrees which you can earn in the classroom or online through the Blackboard system. For online programs, you have options in criminal justice, radiation therapy and business management. If you are interested in working as a funeral director or forensic technologist, you may as well enroll in mortuary science to equip you for that. 

Also, as an on-campus student, varieties of options are available for you in fields such as graphic design, dental hygiene, renewable energy, hospitality management and psychology. With the low-cost tuition ($6 0005 per year) and several hundreds of scholarships, you can always have a way to settle your fees.

The student-faculty ratio of Amarillo College is 22:1. The school also ranks #83 in Best Community Colleges in America.

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San Jacinto College

This is another example of the best community colleges in Texas. It operates three campuses and 12 extension centres and serves over 30 000 students. San Jac delivers dual-enrollment opportunities and the students pay only 25% of standard tuition and fees for classes. 

There are also popular majors in the institution in fields such as restaurant management, engineering, technology and maritime management. The school operates an open-door policy with affordable tuition ($8 857 per annum). More so, the acceptance rate of the school is 100%. 37% of the students graduate and move on to earn an average of $30 000 per annum. It also ranks as the #46 in Best Community Colleges in America. 

Texas State Technical College

Located in Waco, Texas State Technical College is a small institution that boasts of enrollment of 4 536 undergraduate students. It has an acceptance rate of 100% and is an above-average public institution. What is more, TSTC hoes Texas to successfully meet the challenges in areas of technology experienced in today’s global economy. This, the college does in partnership with businesses, industries and government agencies. Popular majors in the college include electrical engineering technician, welding and automotive mechanics.

The average tuition is $10 247 per year, with the average total aid award as $6 699 per year. Also, the student-faculty ratio is 12:1. Above and beyond, the graduating rate at the Texas State Technical College is 40%. 

In terms of ranking, the college is #3 in Best Community Colleges in America and #11 in Best Hispanic-Serving Institution in America. Equally important, the college has several housing options for students such as dorms, apartments and family housing.

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Northwest Vista College

With an amazing lake in the middle, Northwest Vista College is a public college in San Antonio, Texas. It is a small college with an enrollment of 4 735 undergraduate students. The Northwest Vista College has an acceptance rate of 100% and is an above-average college. If you wish to enter the workforce quickly, you can earn certificates in such fields as mathematic, computer science, economics, liberal arts and humanities, early childhood and business. 

That is not all, as one of the best community colleges in Texas, the school provides associate degrees in advanced materials technology, information assurance and cyber-security as well as speech and communication studies. You may likewise be interested in studying peace and conflict studies and get on your way to earn a career in public policy and international affairs. 

At Northwest Vista College, the graduating rate is 41% and the average starting salary of graduates is $28 900 per annum. The college is well-equipped with a lot of resources such as a computer lab, library, math lab, and many more. This small community focuses much on diversity and safety. 

In terms of ranking, the college ranks #34 in Best Community Colleges in America and #43 in Best Hispanic-Serving Institution in America. Moreover, the tuition is $5 353 per year with 74% of the students receiving financial aid. Also, the student-faculty ratio is 31:1 and it offers evening programs for busy students. Many of the college’s associate programs are available online and coordinated by the Canvas course management platforms. It can be best described as an extremely cheap college with a rewarding educational investment.

Lamar Institute of Technology

Established in Beaumont, Texas, Lamar Institute of Technology is a small public institute. With an acceptance rate of 100% and an enrollment of 1 524 undergraduate students, the college is one of the best community colleges in Texas. It has popular majors in the fields of lab technology, instrumentation technology and police and criminal technology. 

Equally important, the average tuition per year is $7 033. The student-faculty ratio is 19:1. The college also offers online and evening programs, with some of the students blending online and on-campus education. With a graduating rate of 37%, the alumni of Lamar Institute of Technology go on to earn an average starting salary of $30 600 per year. 

McLennan Community College

MCC is an above-average community college that can be found in Waco, Texas. It has an enrollment of 2 746 undergraduate students. 

Furthermore, popular majors at the college include liberal arts and humanities, business, biology, mathematics, engineering, criminal justice and safety studies, mathematics and English. On average, the tuition fee is $6 835 per year and 88% of the students receive an average financial aid of $6 062 per year. 

Moreover, the student-faculty ratio is 16:1 and the professors are great. The school made diverse resources available for the students to enable them to study hard and graduate with the best results. Although the college does not provide housing for its students, there are nearby campuses around the school. 

With an acceptance rate is 100% and graduating rate of 29%, the alumni of the college go ahead to earn on average, $26 000 per annum. 

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Laredo Community College

As one of the best community colleges in Texas, Laredo Community College was established in 1947 on the site of McIntosh. It serves over 10 000 students through its associate and certificate programs, including continuing education classes. As a result, the college offers online and on-campus-based programs. It also maintains dual enrollment and dual-credit programs that enable the students to earn college-level credits. 

Popular majors in Laredo Community College include computer science, foreign languages and engineering courses. You can always choose from AA or AS programs such as applied accounting, business tracks and culinary arts. With certificate programs in medical assisting, network and data security as well as automotive technology, you can easily gain skills in in-demand fields.

College of the Mainland

Established in 1967 and currently with an enrollment of over 4 700 students in comprehensive and associate career-training programs. There are also individual courses available to distance learners through the Blackboard platform. 

As one of the best community colleges in Texas, the school provides associate degree programs in fields like bookkeeping, entrepreneurship and firefighting. Among all the community colleges in Texas, COM offers the best fire protection technology courses, with multiple certifications and an associate degree. 

You can also choose from diverse options such as health information management, general studies, graphic arts, teaching and marketing. You can as well enroll in the nursing programs offered by the school which can prepare you to work as a licensed vocational or registered nurse. There is also a wide range of scholarship opportunities to help you offset the cost of attending college. 

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Galveston College

As one of the best community colleges in Texas, Galveston College is a comprehensive two-year educational program that houses over 2000 students in classroom, online and study abroad programs. You can always select from academic transfer programs in vocational nursing dentistry, medicine and veterinary medicine as well as criminal justice, social work and general studies. 

Majorly, the students and working class in the college are prepared for careers in diverse fields. The college also offers diverse merit and need-based scholarships for students to enable them to offset their fees.


Hopefully, any of the above colleges can offer you what you desire in a community college. You can always help us to share the information on this page to enable us to reach a larger audience.


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