15 Best College Football Jobs Ranking

There are a lot of different things that make the best college football jobs appealing. We think that its ability to recruit, prestige, fan support, salary, and chances of winning the games. There are several jobs for college football, each with its perks and advantages.

In this article, we’ll review the best college football jobs and their salaries. We would also tell you what each job entails and why it made it to our list. Are you on the lookout for the best jobs for college football?

This article would help you streamline what jobs to apply for and which ones to look away from. Keep reading!

How Much Do the Best Jobs for College Football Pay on Average?

In 2020, the average salary for the best college football jobs was $47,100, but big-time football coaches can make a lot more than that. In 2016, USAToday reported the salaries of the head coaches at over 120 U.S. colleges and universities.

The total pay ranged from $376,044 to $9,004,000. This is when athletic apparel companies, and personal and media appearances got added.  

According to the report, many schools also gave people with these jobs bonuses for having good seasons or getting professional recognition. The study found that schools with top-ranked teams usually pay their football workers more.

USAToday says that assistant coaches and coordinators made much less than the head coach. The salaries of more than 1,000 assistant coaches ranged from $32,000 to $1,588,000.

If you want to work in any of the best jobs for college football, your salary will depend on how long you’ve been doing it. It also depends on how many times the football team wins, and where you work.

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What do the Best Jobs For College Football Entail?

Those who work the best college football jobs are usually in charge of everything and everyone on the football team. To get ready for games, you teach players, come up with game plans, set up practices, look for new players, and watch films about other teams.

The best college football jobs would have you ordering equipment and supplies and keeping track of the team. You could choose to become an offensive or defensive coordinator. You could also coach a certain position or group, like the quarterback, the defensive line, or the special teams.

Some of these jobs let you work with athletes one-on-one to help them improve their skills. Each job on our list of the best college football jobs has its job description, all as important as the other.

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What Skills And Education Do You Need For The Best College Football Jobs?

In most colleges and universities, what you need is a bachelor’s degree. For the least of these jobs, you need your SAT or GRE and for others like being a coach, you may require a master’s degree. Exercise or sports science, physical education, kinesiology, or sports medicine are all good majors for undergrads.

You can also get a master’s degree in kinesiology, sports science, or sports management. You might have to start your coaching career at a high school.

This could mean you need a bachelor’s degree or a degree after your bachelor’s, as well as a license to teach. If you’re new to the best college football jobs, you could start as a volunteer coach for a local youth football program run by a community group.

There may be some jobs that don’t require much or any experience. Some colleges and organizations let you do an internship while you are still in school or after you have finished your degree.

Many colleges hire people who used to play the game and have a lot of experience coaching high school football. Both on and off the field, exposure to the game is important.

What Kinds Of Certifications Are There For The Best College Football Jobs?

Even though there are no industry standards for certification, you should at least get CPR certification. It can be very useful if you get hurt while playing sports. You could also choose to get a Certificate of Completion from the American Football Coaches Association.

It offers a professional development program. The program has conferences and lectures that cover a wide range of topics that are important to those who want to work in this kind of job. They teach leadership, being aware of drug use, and working with the media.

Getting any of these certifications is a way to get your foot in the door. They would help you get any of the best college football jobs faster and easier.

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15 Best College Football Jobs in 2022

#1. Football Analyst

Salary: $54,750

A football analyst does research and looks at the stats of a player or team to learn more about the game and its players. In this job, you will also have to look into and make sense of information to add to the ongoing discussion and know which players are good.

They use software like Sportscode and ProZone to analyze the data.

This software helps them export a report, which is then sent to the coach’s desk. How an analyst works vary from person to person. But if there are five days between games, the analyst usually makes documents and reports on the first day. Football analysts have one of the best college football jobs.

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#2. Coach

Salary: $52,000

Football coaches are in charge of coordinating, teaching, motivating, and organizing their teams. Depending on their experience, skills, and interests, they may work with kids, adults, amateur players, or professional players. Football coaches train players, come up with game plans and strategies, and give players motivation.

Coaches are in charge of putting together a wide range of sports activities and programs for both individuals and teams. Typical duties include teaching relevant skills, strategies, and methods. Coaches have one of the best jobs for college football.

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#3. Assistant Coach

Salary: $48,000

Assistant coaches tend to focus on a few things more. Since they don’t have to be in charge of everything, they can pay more attention to some things. The Assistant Football Coach helps the Head Football Coach get the players to value physical fitness, working as a team, and being a good sport.

The Assistant Football Coach helps lead and oversee the team and individual sports. He or she also works closely with the rest of the staff and the U.S.D. administration. They have one of the best jobs for college football.

#4. Football Equipment Assistant

Salary: $41,490

The football equipment assistant has one of the best jobs for college football. They use basic skills while developing some specialized skills in procedures, operations, techniques, tools, materials, and equipment that are appropriate to the area of specialization.

They also do routine or repetitive tasks and make few decisions. The football equipment assistant usually works under close supervision. They have little or no experience and work is usually done within the limits of set procedures and/or clear instructions.

They, however, need a good knowledge of the gear and clothes used in at least two major sports. This could be basketball, volleyball, tennis, gymnastics, track, and field. They have one of the best jobs for college football.

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#5. Team Trainer

Salary: $41,000

Team trainers and athletic trainers are pretty much the same things. Most of the time, they are medical students who are in charge of making sure the athletes are ready to play and in great shape. The team trainers have one of the best college football jobs.

These trainers can do physical therapy with players who have to get hurt and help treat minor injuries after games. They also tell players who need to get in better shape what to eat and how to work out. It does, however, let you be close to the team and play a big part in the success of the team.

#6. Marketing Intern

Salary: $39,100

As a marketing intern, you have to do a lot of hard work that keeps the school’s name in the news. As an intern, it’s your job to come up with marketing plans that help the school get the word out. You can help spread the word about the brand and the logo. You could also help make a Heisman campaign video as the USC Trojans did for wide receiver Marqise Lee last year.

In the college football world of today, where media is so big and social networks are everywhere, marketing is much easier and more important than ever. As recruiting picks up and more kids want to play for the popular and cool school, the marketing team needs to help out in this area in a big way. It is one of the best college football jobs.

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#7. Event Workers

Salary: $39,000

Event workers are people who work in the event management department. Many different jobs and responsibilities can be on the list, and they all help make sure that everything runs smoothly during the games.

You could be a person in this department who hands out stat sheets during the game. You could help the crazy college football fan find his seat as an usher. Just tell him to be careful around the gum that is stuck to the ground.

This also includes working in the promotion department, where students are in charge of getting people to sign up for contests. You could also be the lucky person who gets to use the t-shirt cannon to shoot shirts into the crowd. You can bet that working in the department that plans events is a lot of fun. The events workers have one of the best college football jobs.

#8. Tutor

Salary: $39,000

More and more college football players have to play at the junior college level. This is mostly because they don’t have good enough grades to play at the college level. Even if a player is on a good team and goes to a good school, they must keep their grades at a certain level.

Most tutors have it easy because they can set their hours. They also usually choose where to meet their students. You can also show off your intelligence by trying to teach the star running back how to solve an impossible algebra problem.

At the end of the day, players are still students. We’re sure that more than a few tutors have kept some of the key players on the team at some point. Tutors have one of the best college football jobs.

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#9. Videographers

Salary: $28,178

Working in the video department during the games would be a dream come true for people who love movies or TV. The good news is that some schools do let students work during games and gain valuable experience as a videographer or cameramen while the action is happening. Videographers have one of the best jobs for college football

Even if cameras and movies aren’t your things, this job is better than many of the others on the list. It must be cool to be able to see the game up close and know that you are in charge of what other people see. This job can’t be easy, and there must be a lot of pressure on the person doing it, but it’s still one of the coolest jobs you can have.

#10. Mascot

Salary: $28,100

If you’re not athletic enough to make the team and don’t have the right face to be a cheerleader, you can wear a costume and be the team’s mascot. What an amazing thing that would be!

Being a mascot is a lot of work, and a lot of people try out, but you can count the ones who get the job on one hand. About three to four students usually get the part, and it takes a special kind of person to be funny while dressed as a duck.

The good things about this job are that you get to entertain people. You also get to travel with the team and have one of the best seats at every big event. They have one of the best jobs for college football.

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#11. PA Announcer

Salary: $25,300

This kind of job is usually only available at smaller schools. Programs like Alabama, Oregon, Texas, and many others are on major television so often that students can’t learn how to be play-by-play announcers. Instead, these games get shown every week by guys from CBS or ESPN.

Still, some schools let students call the starting lineups and introduce the players. Some lucky students even get to call the plays as they happen. At some point, every sports fan in the world wanted this job. If you’re like me, you’ve even practiced your catchphrases in the mirror.

Having this job for a few years not only puts you ahead of the game in the field of communications but also makes any sports fan’s dream come true. It is one of the best jobs for college football.

#12. Journalist

Salary: $25,285

A college journalist won’t get as much attention as Erin Andrews. However, if you want to make a career out of sports writing, the best thing you can do is write for the school paper and cover games.

Everyone who watches sports has an opinion and getting paid to share that opinion is the best thing in the world. Even if you aren’t getting paid by the school and are just writing for experience, it’s worth it to write a few thousand words about the team for a large audience like the whole school.

Journalists not only get to say what they think, but they also get to go to the games. They get close to the players, and sort of become famous on campus. If you want to become a journalist, doing something for your school is a great way to get your career started. They have one of the best jobs for college football.

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#13. Post-Game Cleaning Crew

Salary: $22,146

A cleaning crew after a game is exactly what it sounds like. After everyone leaves and the game is over, you should help clean up the stadium. This isn’t the best job in the world by any means. Think of how most people treat a movie theater, then multiply that mess by a few thousand. The post-game cleaning crew, even though they aren’t paid much, still has one of the best college football jobs.

There are empty cups, sticky wrappers, peanuts, and popcorn all over. Oh, and watch out for that piece of bubble gum that’s stuck to the ground right in front of you. Cleaning up after almost 100,000 people can’t be fun, but if you want to keep complaining, there are plenty of people who would take this job.

#14. Team Manager

Salary: $22,000

The team manager is a much better job for someone who wants to be a part of the team. As a team manager, you have to do all the dirty work and are often very close to the players and coaches. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pick up trash for this job.

Instead, a team manager makes sure everything is ready for practice before the players even get there. They are usually the first ones there and the last ones to leave. Team managers open the gates and equipment sheds and set up everything. From yard markers to pylons, so the coaches don’t have to.

This is probably one of the hardest things a student can have to do, and they don’t get much credit for it. But unless you are a coach or team trainer, this is as close as you can get to affect the team itself. Team managers have one of the best college football jobs.

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#15. Pep Squad Leader

Salary: $20,000

The leader of the pep squad is in charge of a lot of things. The leader doesn’t just show up and do what everyone else has to do. Instead, he or she is almost like a second coach and does a lot of work behind the scenes.

Some of this would be setting up practice times, making almost all of the big decisions, and keeping the peace if some members ever start to fight. On top of all that, the leader is also in charge of calling out and getting ready the cheers for each game. It seems like the person in charge of the cheering squad does more than the coach.

Even if this is true in some cases, at least you don’t have to pick up trash. It’s hard to complain when you see so many beautiful women every day. The Pep Squad Leader has one of the best college football jobs.

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FAQs on Best College Football Jobs

Can you make money in college by playing football?

The American Council on Education (ACE) says it is not true that college sports make money. Even when football does make a profit, that money is often used to pay for other sports.

What are the top five jobs for college football coaches?

There are only a few college football programs that can say they have the best setup for a head coach.
Alabama Crimson Tide.
USC Trojans
Ohio State Buckeyes
Georgia Bulldogs
Michigan Wolverines
Florida Gators
Texas Longhorns
Michigan Wolverines

Who gets the most money for football?

College football head coaches with the most money are-
Lincoln Riley, USC- $ 10 million
Nick Saban, Alabama- $9,753,221
Brian Kelly, LSU- $9.5 million.
Mel Tucker, Michigan State- $9,500,000.

How can I do well as a football player?

Dedicate yourself to the game. Learn everything there is to know about the sport. Train regularly. Run every day. Do exercises to increase your speed. Learn to play with both feet. Learn from the pros. Move up the graduate levels.

How many athletes from d1 go pro?

Less than 2% of NCAA college athletes go on to play in the pros.

How much do football players in Division 1 earn?

Even though ZipRecruiter has seen salaries as high as $73,000 and as low as $12,500, most NCAA football salaries are between $23,500 and $40,000. The highest earners are making $54,000 each year.


When all the pieces are in place for a big win in college football, the results show it. Over the past ten years, no program in the country has shown that level of greatness more than Alabama. And this can is mostly attributed to not just the players, but those who hold the best jobs for college football.

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