15 Best Driving Schools in Columbia SC Review

Your unique learning requirements will be satisfied, and a qualified driving instructor will ensure you learn more than just the fundamentals of driving.

The driving schools in Columbus SC can help you learn the ideal driving style to correct your flaws and may instruct you on how to react appropriately in various scenarios.

When learning to drive, most people concentrate on passing the driving test, but there are many more important things you need to understand to be a successful driver. 

Professional driving schools in Columbia SC can offer additional assistance in driving well rather than merely teaching you how to drive.

Are you trying to find these accredited professional driving schools in Columbia SC? continue reading this article!

Why Attend Driving Schools?

Enrol in a driving school for many reasons. The many reasons include:

A Good Driving Record

When you learn to drive with a qualified instructor, you develop improved driving habits that contribute to maintaining a spotless driving record. Better auto insurance prices may result from this.

Your driving history heavily influences your auto insurance premiums. You will have to pay more for this kind of protection if it has more mistakes because an insurance company will view you as a higher risk if it finds more mistakes.

They emphasize safety rather than just skill.

Attending a driving school offers benefits beyond only helping you study for your exam and obtain your license. You will learn how to take responsibility for both you and others while operating a vehicle in a driving course.

Along with the fundamentals of parking and navigating a roundabout, one will learn about your numerous duties as a driver and the kinds of bad behaviours you should avoid.

You start by learning about defensive driving.

The prospect of an automobile accident is among the scariest aspects of acquiring your license. However, enrolling in a driving school also teaches defensive driving strategies that significantly lower your chance of being involved in such an incident.

A crucial method of thinking while driving is to drive defensively, which means putting safety first. These driving techniques may help you avoid costly mistakes and save your life!

Your Particular Needs Are Satisfied

Driving schools are well aware that not everyone learns in the same way. Your unique learning requirements will be satisfied, and a qualified driving instructor will ensure you learn more than just the fundamentals of driving.

They may help you learn the ideal driving technique to counter your faults and can teach you how to react appropriately in various scenarios by modelling their driving lessons for you.

Throughout the entire process, you receive support.

The majority of driving schools don’t merely instruct you in driving. They can help you with any step of the license application process, including getting your application ready and coaching you for the written test.

When learning to drive, most individuals only concentrate on passing the driving test, but there are many more important things you need to be aware of. A reputable driving school may offer you additional assistance in driving well rather than merely teaching you how to drive.

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How Much Does A Driving School Cost?

The cost of a driving school can vary depending on a number of factors, including the location, the level of instruction provided, and the type of vehicle used for training. In general, the cost of a driving school can range from around $200 to $800 or more.

Some driving schools may offer a basic package that includes a set number of hours of classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel training, while others may offer more comprehensive packages that include additional services such as practice tests and defensive driving training. The cost of these packages can vary depending on the level of instruction provided.

It’s important to note that the cost of a driving school may also depend on the state or region in which you live. Some states may have specific requirements for driving schools and their instructors, which can affect the cost of the program.

What are the Best Driving Schools In Columbia SC 2023?

List Of The Best Driving Schools In Columbia SC

  • ABC Driver Training School
  • 3J’s Driving School
  • 911 Driving School
  • COPS Driving Academy
  • SAGE Truck Driving School
  • Luckie’s 360 Driving Academy, LLC 
  • Advantage Driving LLC
  • Championship Driving School, LLC
  • Dutch Fork Driving School
  • Lake Murray Driving Academy
  • Potts Driving School LLC
  • Above Average Driving School
  • All Around Driving School, Inc.
  • Americano Driving School
  • Carolina Road Driving

#1. ABC Driver Training School

Since over 50 years ago, ABCABC Driver Training School, located in West Columbia, has been educating individuals from all walks of life on how to drive by emphasizing safety and road awareness while providing thorough, private, professional lessons. This is one of the best driving schools in Columbia SC 2023.

ABC Driver Training School provides solutions to help students and their families learn to drive and obtain a license as easy as possible. Comprehensive teen driver’s education, comprising eight hours in class and six hours behind the wheel, additional behind-the-wheel sessions, 4 Point Reduction lessons, and testing at the local DMV, are all included in ABC’sABC’s services.

Additionally, the school provides transportation for pupils to the DMV and lets them test in cars. ABC Driver Training School has received the Free Times’ Best of Columbia award three times and is a member of the SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce. The ABC staff is devoted to assisting, teaching, and welcoming international students.

Official Website

#2. 3J’s Driving School

This company offers its services to the communities in and around Columbia. It offers a variety of programs, including those for getting a permit, getting behind-the-wheel instruction, passing a knowledge test, getting points off, and passing a Class D skills test. This is one of the excellent driving schools in Columbia SC.

A new driver package includes classroom instruction, a road test, and a certificate for an insurance discount. The business uses dual-braking Toyota Corolla and Kia Forte vehicles for testing and training purposes. It offers an eight-hour training program on defensive driving methods and safe driving habits.

Official Website

#3. 911 Driving School

For individuals in Columbia, this driving school provides driver education courses. 27 police officers with a combined total of more than 250 years in law enforcement make up the team of teachers skilled in many facets of vehicle control and recent traffic rules. 

Additionally, 911 Driving School has a teacher with more than 20 years of classroom expertise. It is always recognized as one of the safest driving schools in Columbia SC. Defensive driving, teen drivers education, mature drivers course, and adult drivers education are among the courses it provides.

Official Website

#4. COPS Driving Academy

This is also one of the driving schools in Columbia SC. The Columbians can benefit from decades of experience in driver education provided by this driving school. Teens benefit from highly qualified instructors, including two South Carolina Law Enforcement Master Instructors. 

The school is well known for its professional driving instruction, which teaches rules, know-how, and skills above and beyond the competition to produce exceptionally confident and safe teen drivers. Both founders are involved in collision research and reduction programs and are licensed law enforcement officers.

 One of the founders also holds an instructor certification from the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. Every other employee of COPS Driving Academy is a senior certified law enforcement professional who is either retired or still employed and specializes in training, communications, and highway safety.

Official Website

#5. SAGE Truck Driving School

This driving school serves the Columbia metro area. Its staff of instructors provides driving and training courses for anyone looking to work as a truck driver in South Carolina. 

The business provides:

  • Fundamental commercial driver’s license courses.
  • Extensive tractor-trailer training.
  • Top-notch class A CDL instruction.

It also offers class B driver training, refresher classes, and a 10-week externship. Over the past 30 years, SAGE Truck Driving Schools has trained 40,000 students across the US in driving. Feel free to add it to your preferred driving schools in Columbia SC.

Official Website

Best Driving Schools Close Columbia SC

#6. Luckie’s 360 Driving Academy, LLC 

This driving school serves individuals in Columbia. Owner and SCDMV-certified instructor Sell more Luckie has been giving driving lessons for more than five years. He is a retired captain of a state trooper with more than 36 years of experience in law enforcement.

The academy’s curriculum consists of six hours of driving and eight hours in class. After training, the instructor picks up the pupils and drops them off at home, work, or school for their convenience and safety.

Official Website

#7. Advantage Driving LLC

Driving instruction is provided in the Irmo community by this driving school. Eight hours of classroom education can be combined with 6 hours of in-car training for teen drivers, who can learn how to drive on residential streets, rural areas, interstate, and congested areas. 

In addition to offering defensive driving, 4 Point Reduction, and adult driver instruction, the school is an Approved Driving School. Additionally, fleet training courses are offered for Driver Improvement Programs, insurance discounts, or any other custom programs that may be required. 

The school’s instructors, like those of the driving schools in Columbia SC, are all certified by the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles and have all cleared background checks conducted by the SLED. Thousands of pupils have been taught by Advantage Driving, which also accepts third-party testing students and charges an extra fee for specific lesson scheduling.

Official Website

#8. Championship Driving School, LLC

This driving school is operated by Lugoff, which has more than 20 years of expertise. Teenagers from various local high schools can enrol in the driver education course mandated by the State of South Carolina. 

Lessons use engaging material, projects, individual and group work, and hands-on learning to develop self-assured, knowledgeable, and safe drivers on the road. 

Students value getting their license in as little as two weeks because the fully certified and bonded school is well known for providing high-quality education from qualified and licensed instructors and inexpensive costs.

 In addition to an insurance reduction course and the permit and driving test, the school also offers these services for the convenience of its students. This is also common with driving schools in Columbia SC. Clients can sign up directly on the corporate website.

Official Website

#9. Dutch Fork Driving School

This driving school handles the Irmo region’s driver education training. Students don’t need to drive to the DMV for their exam because the centre offers the eight hours of classroom instruction that the state mandates, coupled with six hours of practice driving, and is licensed to administer the road test. 

Classroom instruction lasts one full day, while in-car instruction usually spans three separate occasions. The school uses two Mazda Miatas with automatic transmissions for training, and the instructor focuses on apprehensive and inexperienced drivers. Teenagers and adults can take driving lessons, and the proprietor is a retired Navy veteran who also trained his daughters to drive.

Official Website

#10. Lake Murray Driving Academy

In Chapin, there is a driving school. Teen drivers attend the Christian-based school for eight hours of classroom instruction and six hours of actual driving time, where they learn vital skills like parallel parking, backing up at least 100 feet, performing three-point turns, parking a car overnight, and getting ready for the DMV Driver’s License exam. 

The school will arrange for participants to take their driving test there in a vehicle they are already familiar with operating.

Qualified instructors will pick up and drop off pupils for all classes. In addition to being accredited by the SC DMV and for a 4-Point Reduction, Lake Murray Driving Academy employs instructors who are full-time police officers.

Official Website

#11. Potts Driving School LLC

For almost 20 years, there has been a driving school in Sumter. The SCDMV Permit Test, fleet safety training, a defensive driving course, lessons geared at insurance reductions and 4 Point Reductions are all available to students who wish to enrol. 

The building also acts as the SCDMVThird Party Road Test facility. The school provides comprehensive training programs for teenagers and adults, pickup and drop-off services from home, work, or school, and payment plans upon request. 

The proprietor has been instructing defensive driving techniques for several years. He previously worked as a truck driver for 27 years. The school’s state-certified instructors take pride in providing excellent customer service, and Potts Driving School also offers instructor training programs.

Official Website

#12. Above Average Driving School

This driving school serves the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill region and is bonded and insured. Students of various ages, including teenagers and senior adults, can enrol in the institution and receive classroom and on-the-job training. 

The experienced, Department of Motor Vehicles-certified instructors offers a road-ready curriculum that covers instruction on how to effectively use the brakes and come to a complete stop, developing driving techniques to get ready for the DMV test, using turn signals, lane shifting, parking, and defensive driving techniques. 

The best instructors are qualified, bonded, and insured and are patient and considerate. There are teen driver education sessions available Monday through Friday, as well as on Saturday.

Visit School

#13. All Around Driving School, Inc.

This driving school teaches teens and adults how to drive, and it has been in the driver education business for over 35 years. All teachers at the school are trained and certified by the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles and follow a mentor-style teaching methodology.

 To maintain students’ interest in learning the rules of the road, All Around Driving School frequently uses novel and innovative teaching methods in addition to working to provide an enjoyable and comfortable learning environment. 

The patient instructors never yell or raise their voices when driving with students, keeping with the corporate philosophy of “calm, cool, and collected.” All Around Driving School instructors have successfully passed thorough background checks conducted by the federal government, and the company is BBB-accredited.

Official Website

#14. Americano Driving School

Residents of Raleigh and the neighbourhood can use this driving school’s services. It provides eight hours of defensive driving instruction through traffic school, as American courts require. 

Additionally, the business helps clients with minor traffic infractions and DWI offenders. The Americano Driving School also includes board-certified therapists working with customers with addiction-related concerns, such as alcohol or drug dependency. The CEO of the business, Eduardo Rincon, has more than 15 years of experience in traffic safety.

Official Website

#15. Carolina Road Driving

This Raleigh driving school gives both teens and adults individualized instruction. Its driving courses involve both in-class instruction and hands-on practice. During their behind-the-wheel sessions, customers can pick the pickup and drop-off locations. 

The business also offers driving improvement and defensive driving courses. The instructors have worked as teachers and DMVofficers for a combined total of more than 50 years.

Official Website

What Are The Requirements Of Attending A Driving School?

Specifically, driving schools in Columbia SC require just a few things from you. You have to bring your:

  • Birth certificate
  • Social Security card
  • Evidence of domicile
  • Proof of insurance

How Do I Know A Driving School Is Good For Me?

You have various choices on how to obtain your driver’s license. You can enrol in a class taught by a friend or relative, take the test, and then receive your license. 

However, consumers frequently choose driving schools due to the advantages they offer. Here are some guidelines for determining whether driving schools in Columbia SC are right for you:


For driver’s education, different states have varying standards. Choose a school that complies with these standards by contacting the DMV office in your state to find out what they are.

 You can even receive a few names from their list of suggested institutions to start your search here. If you are taking the test for insurance benefits, ask your insurance provider what criteria the business needs to meet for you to be eligible for a cheaper rate.

Seasoned Instructors

You will spend a lot of time with the instructors, so you should be sure they are qualified for the job. These teachers ought to be certified and, more significantly, committed to offering an enjoyable educational experience that will result in responsible drivers.

Check The ratio of students to teachers.

The smaller the class, the better to receive the most individualised education.

Face-to-face discussions with a teacher supporting student involvement are ideal for discussing these skills.

The price

Cost is unquestionably the first factor you need to take into account. You likely have a budget set aside for driving lessons, but now is the time to assess it to determine if you’ve set aside too much or need to increase it slightly. Undoubtedly, costs vary, and not all schools are equally valuable. Higher costs are frequently justified, so keep that in mind, but do your investigation before finding out if any institutions come highly recommended.

Understanding The Curriculum

While some states do not have state-mandated curricula, others do. Whether your state does not have a set curriculum requirement, check to see if a reputable national body has approved it like the American Safety Council or National Safety Council.

View The Automobiles

Examine the vehicles’ condition (many curbs have presumably struck them) and whether they are correctly identified as being used by student drivers. 

Additionally, confirm that the vehicles have recently been inspected because not all states mandate yearly inspections. Epstein continues that the school should have liability insurance to ensure that the pupil is sufficiently protected.

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At What Age Can I Enroll In A Driving School?

Minimum age of fifteen. Driving Schools in Columbia SC, have a 15-year-old age restriction, although other states have varying laws and regulations. To the South Carolina DMV, bring your birth certificate, Social Security card, evidence of domicile, and proof of insurance.

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How Much Does A Driving School In Columbus SC 2023 Cost?

You will need a driver training completion certificate from your high school to take driving classes and pass your permit test. A few driving schools in Columbia SC, typically cost $49.99, and $34.95.

The average cost of a driving school varies considerably between states and localities. The cost of gasoline also influences the cost.

A classroom driving course costs around $30 and $180. Real road training sessions range in price from $50 to $150. Driving schools in Columbus SC, and other US locations often charge between $200 and $800 for an all-inclusive package.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does South Carolina’s driving school last?

The course should last around 15 hours.

Who is required to enrol in a driving school? 

All students under the age of seventeen (17) must complete a driver education program, which must include at least eight (8) hours of classroom instruction and six (6) hours of supervised driving with a qualified instructor, according to the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV).

With a permit, is it legal to drive alone in South Carolina?

South Carolina’s Beginner’s Permit enables 15-year-olds to start driving lessons. According to the terms of the permit, owners must be with a licensed driver at least 21 years old at all times, and they must always sit next to the driver.

Can I obtain my South Carolina permit online?

At SCDMVOnline.com, you can renew your identity card or learner’s permit issued by the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV).


Every student is different, and driving schools in Columbia SC 2023 take this into account while working with each one of their students to meet their individual needs. The DMV of the State of South Carolina has issued them all licenses and certifications.

We hope you can choose the best driving school for you after researching the best driving schools in Columbia SC.



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