15 Best Driving Schools in New Jersey NJ |  Review

Being a better driver and feeling more in control behind the wheel may be achieved by enrolling in driving schools in New Jersey. Make sure you can locate the best New Jersey driving school accessible for your needs, whether you’re looking for a driving school for yourself or someone you care about.

This article discusses the reasons to attend a driving school in New Jersey and lists the best driving schools in New Jersey.

Read on!

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Reasons to attend Driving Schools in New Jersey NJ?

Consider taking driving lessons for a variety of great benefits. Among the top advantages are:

  • Safer driving: Driving schools teach you how to drive through theoretical instruction and hands-on training.

    Each time you go behind the wheel, your safety will increase due to your acquired knowledge and abilities.

    One of the best decisions you can make for yourself or anyone who wants to become a driver is to enroll in a driving school program.
  • State law education: Since driving regulations vary from state to state in the United States, what is permitted in one state might not be acceptable in another.

    Enrolling in a New Jersey driving school will aid you in better comprehending New Jersey’s traffic rules if you recently relocated there.

    Your driving instructors have experience in New Jersey and may help you grasp any significant variations from your previous driving experiences.
  • Practical experience: Numerous driving schools offer the chance for you to operate a practice vehicle on a closed course.

    This enables you to practice driving under the supervision of a driving expert in a secure environment without having to worry about getting into an accident.

    Your trainer can provide constructive criticism of your driving to enhance your general driving abilities.
  • Improved confidence: It can be frightening to learn to drive for the first time. While completing your practice hours on busy highways, you could feel uneasy maneuvering near other vehicles.

    Enrolling in a driving school in New Jersey can enhance your confidence and make you feel more comfortable behind the wheel.

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How to Choose a Good Driving School

Choosing the best New Jersey driving school is crucial because numerous options are accessible. Keep the following in mind when you search:

1. Do your research: Choosing the most suitable driving school in New Jersey for you while selecting a driving school is crucial. You may choose a driving school that offers top-notch training and satisfies your demands as a driver by researching several possibilities and comparing both their ratings from former students and the courses they provide.

2. Ask about the curriculum: A great option to learn more about the program is to personally get in touch with the potential colleges on your shortlist.

When deciding which New Jersey driving school to enroll in, it might be helpful to understand the subject matter covered in the course and the teaching strategies employed by the instructors.

3. Compare class sizes: The average class size is a crucial factor many driving school students overlook when selecting their New Jersey driving school. The more one-on-one time your instructor can devote to you while you’re studying, the lower the instructor-to-student ratio at the school.

This increases the overall quality of your driving school education and enables you to acquire more in-depth driving instruction.

4. Check for accreditation: It’s crucial to pick a driving school in New Jersey with the necessary certifications and licenses.

To guarantee that you receive an education you can put to use after completing the course, this ensures that the institution you attend fulfils state standards and that the material they teach during classes aligns with New Jersey’s laws and expectations.

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Overview of the Best Driving Schools in New Jersey NJ

Below is an overview of the best driving schools in New Jersey.

  • Braga’s Driving School
  • North Ave Driving School
  • Enterprise Driving School
  • Edison Driving School
  • A-1 Peck Driving School
  • All American Auto Driving School
  • New Jersey Driving School
  • Golden Wheel Driving School
  • Universal Driving School LLC
  • Express Driving School
  • Gedeon Driving School PR
  • Amar Driving School
  • Pushpam Driving School
  • EZ Wheels Driving School
  • South Jersey Driving School

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List of the Best Driving Schools in New Jersey NJ

Below are the best driving schools in New Jersey NJ.

#1. Braga’s Driving School

Location: Martin Building, 1139 E Jersey St SUITE 604, Elizabeth, NJ 07201, United States

Braga’s Driving School is one of the best driving schools in New Jersey.

The school has developed a solid relationship with the residents and students over the years! They try to give their students individualized care that other driving schools and instructors cannot. They put their phones away and concentrate on the students.

Since they began, they have assisted numerous students with impairments and learning issues. They have mastered the art of handling seriously anxious students!!

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#2. North Ave Driving School

Location: 89 Wilson Ave #1, Newark, NJ 07105, United States

In 1995, North Ave Driving School, Inc. was founded. Since then, they have offered top-notch instruction for CDL, motorcycle, and auto tests.

Interestingly, it is among the best driving schools in New Jersey.

They are authorized to give the Written and Vision Tests to 16-year-old students in addition to their Driving School License.

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#3. Enterprise Driving School

Location: 976 Main Ave, Passaic, NJ 07055, United States

With Enterprise Driving School, they hope to meet your unique needs and go above and beyond your expectations by offering driving instruction. They are among the best driving schools in New Jersey.

You can take driving lessons from their experienced, accommodating, and patient driving instructors. They can provide you with all the tools you need for competent and safe driving.

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#4. Edison Driving School

Location: 1967 NJ-27 Suite 14, 3rd Floor, Edison, NJ 08817, United States

A state-certified teacher of driver education is the owner and operator of Edison Professional Driving School. As a full-service school, they also hold a special license that allows them to offer written and eye tests in-person to 16-year-old students.

They save time by not bringing their students to MVC, where they would have to wait in line. They have been in operation for more than 30 years and do not employ instructors on a casual basis.

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#5. A-1 Peck Driving School

Location: 366 State Rte 46, Mine Hill Township, NJ 07803, United States

One of the best driving schools in New Jersey, A-1 Peck Driving School is a family-run business that has been helping residents for more than 55 years.

The owner’s second generation is a state-licensed driver education instructor with experience in higher education.

Their instructors are kind and competent, and they must also successfully finish a rigorous training program and pass the required state licensure exams.

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#6. All American Auto Driving School

Location: 275 Bloomfield Ave, Caldwell, NJ 07006, United States

All American Auto Driving School is one of the best driving schools in New Jersey.

They provide students with comprehensive driver education programs that help them become safe, confident drivers. Experienced driving instructors offer private driving lessons that meet the defensive driving criteria and prepare students of all ages and skill levels for driving tests.

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#7. New Jersey Driving School

Location: 1135 Clifton Ave Suite 14, Clifton, NJ 07013, United States

New Jersey Driving School offers driving lessons for novice to seasoned drivers looking to advance their driving skills. It is one of the best driving schools in New Jersey.

They are dedicated to promoting responsible driving practices and providing students with a thorough understanding of how to operate a car.

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#8. Golden Wheel Driving School

Location: 75 Broadway, Elmwood Park, NJ 07407, United States

Golden Wheel Driving School is one of the best driving schools in New Jersey. They give each student the knowledge and skills they need to drive safely and responsibly.

Additionally, they offer a supportive learning atmosphere that accommodates each student’s preferred learning methods.

They are aware of and comprehend each student’s assets and limitations.

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#9. Universal Driving School LLC

Location: 588 Clifton Ave, Clifton, NJ 07011, United States

Universal Driving School is one of the best driving schools in New Jersey.

Their mission is to provide their students with the safest possible experience while driving. Because they committed to making American highways places of respect, courtesy, and safety, they are still present today.

The excellent preparation and the abilities of their former students who are currently driving independently speak volumes about the calibre of their services.

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#10. Express Driving School

Location: 13 Frank E Rodgers Blvd N, Harrison, NJ 07029, United States

When you enroll in Express Driving School, you can be confident that the instructors at Express Driving School will put up their best effort to help you become the safest driver possible.

You may expect engaging instruction with exciting discussion, practical problem-solving, and current themes.

The course includes numerous hours of classroom learning in sessions and numerous hours of hands-on driving instruction.

They limit the number of students in each class to ensure the program’s quality. As a result, discussions are facilitated, and the instructor can better gather student data.

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#11. Gedeon Driving School PR

Location: Newark, NJ, 07104

Gedeon Driving School PR is one of the best driving schools in New Jersey. They’ll give you the best chance of passing your driving test, and their driving classes are both educational and enjoyable.

With Gedeon Driving School PR in Newark, NJ, getting high-quality driving instruction from a qualified professional is no longer a problem. Other driving instruction programs can’t compare to the benefits that their teacher, Gregorio, provides.

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#12. Amar Driving School

Location: Jersey City, NJ 07306

One of the best driving schools in New Jersey is Amar Driving School. According to the goals of the students, they modify their instructional plan.

Their lesson plan can assist students in completing the six-hour program for 16-year-olds, post-road test classes, or learning how to drive in their region.

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#13. Pushpam Driving School

Location: 62 Washington Ave #6, Dumont, NJ 07628, United States

Pushpam Driving School is an NJ licensed, insured, and bonded driving school. They have a program to suit your needs for all your driving education requirements, whether young or old, merely attempting to keep your license or wanting to get a new one. And their skilled, qualified, and professionally educated instructors teach everything.

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#14. EZ Wheels Driving School

Location: 954 Main Ave, Passaic, NJ 07055, United States

EZ Wheels Driving School is one of the best driving schools in New Jersey.

Regardless of ethnicity, religion, or gender, they offer their clients the highest caliber driving education, training, and services.

Their fleet complies with all New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) regulations and is built to industry standards.

Their driving instructors are qualified by NJMVC, patient, polite, and well-trained. They work hard to create a welcoming, family-style environment for their clients.

Many clients continue to work with them long after they have finished their training.

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#15. South Jersey Driving School

Location: 300 Chester Ave Suite 206, Moorestown, NJ 08057, United States

South Jersey Driving School staff is dedicated to assisting students in developing safe driving skills. The school offers top-notch driver instruction for the entire family, including lessons for new drivers and refresher courses for students of any grade level.

They try to make the procedure as easy and enjoyable as possible while offering high-quality driving instruction.

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The best driving schools in New Jersey have been listed above. Pick any of your choices to get behind the wheel and obtain your driver’s license in New Jersey.


How much do driving lessons cost in NJ?

A 6-HOUR or 10-HOUR PACKAGE costs $400 or $580 (includes permit fee, written and vision test) – A certificate of insurance (which will qualify for a discount with your insurance company). They teach you everything you need to know in six hours!

How long is NJ driving school?

6 hours

Students must complete six hours of driving instruction in a dual-controlled car with a certified driving instructor. Students must complete the student permit at a motor vehicle agency that conducts driver testing by the driving school, the student, or the parent/guardian. The MVC agency will validate for practice driving after completion.

Can you learn driving in 7 days?

There is no conclusive response to this. Basically, everything is dependent on the individual. While some people need a day or two to feel at ease behind the wheel, others may need weeks or even months before they feel secure enough to drive.

How many times can you take a driver’s test in NJ?

You may take as many road tests as you like, but after six months (180 days), you’ll need to renew your Commercial Learners Permit (CLP) and test receipt.

Can you drive in NY with an NJ permit?

As long as a driver accompanies them with a valid license, New York will accept any valid learner’s permit, subject to any restrictions imposed by the state that issued it.



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